Barnes 25 + 8 king captured Pelican Bogdan 16 + 6 + 7 Bauer 16 + 4

 Barnes 25 + 8 king captured Pelican Bogdan 16 + 6 + 7 Bauer 16 + 4

Both pelicans and kings are out of the playoffs, with star players on the rotation. Ingram, Zion, hollerty and fox are all absent. After the start of the game, the two teams took the lead, Bogdanovic and Barnes joined hands for 4 points, and the kings led 20-17. Bauer responded to three points, he led the team to 9 points in a row, the pelicans realized the reverse super. Parker hit the jump shot, Bogdanovic scored three more points, they led the team to pursue another 7 points, the kings lead 27-26. Jacksons three points ended the first quarter with the pelicans leading 29-27.

Bogdanovic of the kings scored 11 points in the first half, while Moore of the pelicans scored 10.

Both sides in the third quarter after a few rounds, Bogdanovic scored two more goals, Barnes also shot three points, the kings lead by 76-69 7 points. Moore responded with three points for the team to stop bleeding temporarily, Barnes remained aggressive and got 5 points, Giles cut layup, and the kings led 87-75 with 2:30 left in this section. Williams broke through, hilds three points, Walker returned three points, okafu got the layup, and pelicans were down 10 points 84-94 at the end of the third quarter.

Pelicans starting lineup: Bauer, Hart, Moore, Murray, Hayes

Kings starting lineup: Joseph, Bogdanovic, Barnes, beliza, Ryan