Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng: cracking down on tiktok makes us eat too bad

 Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng: cracking down on tiktok makes us eat too bad

Some American politicians will oppose China and try to stir up ideological confrontation between China and the United States. Le Yucheng believes that a series of recent US actions against China are the revival of the cold war in the 21st century, which makes people feel that the spectre of McCarthyism reappears in the United States. At present, the United States is engaged in witch hunting operations against Chinese scientists, harassing and arresting Chinese students at will, which is very similar to the McCarthy era. It is dangerous to draw lines of race and ideology. These politicians in the United States are crazy against the Communist Party and exaggerating the red threat. In fact, they are trying to define Sino US relations with ideological confrontation, cover up their strategic intention to contain China, and set up an arrow board for them to set up the so-called Liberal Democratic Alliance in the international community and build a small circle to suppress China. However, the vast majority of countries refuse to be tied to the chariot by the United States and are not interested in, or even very disgusted with, ideological confrontation and new cold war.

Suppress tiktok, American food is too ugly

Tiktok said that the US government did not hide its attempts to seize the TikTok (overseas version). Yue Yucheng said that the US government could not commit any conclusive evidence to the TikTok, and presumed it was guilty. It threatened to sell or disable it within 45 days. Even if TikTok was acquired, it would give the US government a lot of money. What is the art of trading? Clearly is the logic of bandits, open fire robbery! Tiktok has nothing to do with national security. However, Pifu is not guilty. Tiktok sells blood and breaks his arm. The United States still wants to kill him, even if he has to exchange blood. The only real reason is that it has Chinese origin. Chinese netizens commented that the U.S. authorities eat too ugly.. For a private enterprise in China, from the president to various powerful government departments all rushed forward, just like a few tigers clawing around a rabbit. The United States also uses the pretext of no reason to kill Huawei in the world. Even Meng Wanzhou, a weak woman, is not spared. People cant help asking: where are the free markets, competitive neutrality and the rule of law that the United States has always boasted? Some international media have commented that the United States has committed a serious acrophobia, that is, it is afraid of other countries high-tech. therefore, it does not hesitate to adopt the digital gunboat policy, which is stained with its own stains, and what clean network is being carried out against other countries to turn the Internet into a U.S. unilateral network.

In an interview, Le Yucheng said that the Chinese people have always been open-minded and honest with others, and will not be aggressive or bully others. However, being modest and polite does not mean that we should not talk about right and wrong and give up the principle. We have no way out when it comes to issues involving the core interests and dignity of the country. If we give up, they will ask for a retreat and press step by step in the way of cutting sausages, which will endlessly damage the sovereignty and dignity of our country. Our principle is very clear, not to cause trouble, but also not afraid of things, will not dance with the villains, but we must not allow them to act foolishly. We never fired the first shot. Every step was a back attack, a defensive counterattack and a Jedi counterattack. It has been nearly 100 years since the founding of the Communist Party of China and more than 70 years since the founding of new China. In history, the United States has carried out various kinds of containment and sanctions against us, and we have survived. Moreover, the road is wider and wider, and the future is more and more bright. Recently, the United States announced sanctions against 11 officials of the Chinese central government and the Hong Kong SAR government, which did not scare us. On the contrary, they all think it is a great honor to be on the US sanctions list. The U.S. sanctions list has become a praise list..

I am ready to talk to my American counterparts at any time.

Le Yucheng believes that China US relations should not be viewed only at present, nor be misled by a small number of Anti China forces. We should shoulder the historical responsibility, look forward to the long term, jump out of the current election politics, step out of emotional thinking, return to rational and pragmatic, and start from the implementation of the three lists proposed by State Councilor Wang Yi, it is not difficult to find a way out. First of all, we should have dialogue and communication. The dialogue should not be interrupted, especially the diplomatic departments of the two countries should not fall into radio silence. No matter how difficult and complex a problem is, we should talk about it on the table. I am ready to talk to my American counterparts at any time. Second, we should focus on cooperation. Cooperation in the fight against epidemic diseases should be a top priority, and cooperation is essential. There is still much room for coordination and cooperation between the two sides in practical fields such as economy and trade, global governance and regional hot spots. Third, we need to manage differences. It is normal for the two countries to have differences, but we should deal with them in a rational and pragmatic manner. In particular, we should not artificially widen differences, let alone create new ones. There are enough problems for both sides. We cant add any more, but we should find a way to subtract. The next few months are crucial. We need to maintain our determination, not be dominated by various extremist forces, firmly grasp the correct direction of bilateral relations, and ensure that they do not get out of control or derail. Source: editor in charge: Chen Hequn_ NB12679