Carina Lau and his wife hold 1.3 billion property and refuse to sell luxury house in memory of Zhang Guorong

 Carina Lau and his wife hold 1.3 billion property and refuse to sell luxury house in memory of Zhang Guorong

It is understood that Liang Zhaowei now owns a mountain top mansion worth 350 million yuan, a Haifeng garden unit of Qianshui Bay, and two high-rise units of about 100 million yuan in huangzhukeng. In addition, there are three shops of about 50 million yuan. So he owns more than 500 million properties, so even if one shop loses money, Liang will not care too much. In addition to Liang Chaoweis more than 500 million properties, the number and value of Carina Laus properties are much higher. According to Hong Kong media reports, the property value of Carina Laus name has reached more than 700 million. In addition to her many properties in Hong Kong, she also has valuable luxury houses in Shanghai and her hometown in Suzhou.

Carina Lau also specially hired Wang Jiawei to design the luxury house with Zhang Shuping, the imperial beauty index, to make the house as perfect as possible. At present, in addition to the 150 million buildings in Qingyun street, Wanchai, Hong Kong, there are also 100 million Deep Bay units with a market value of 100 million yuan and a 100 million mansion in Mei Road, Banshan. The luxury houses in Shanghai are worth 400 million yuan, and those in Suzhou are worth 10 million yuan. In this way, the couple have a total of 1.3 billion properties.

Apart from acting as the agent of her husband, Leung Chiu Wai, Carina Laus main job now is sports and parties with friends. The party house is the one in mid mountain Mei Road, which has been exposed for many times. The interior decoration is decorated in the color and way that Carina Lau likes, and the decoration is retro exquisite.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that this mansion is not only used for entertaining guests, but also has special significance. It is reported that in the early years, Carina Lau and Zhang Guorong were neighbors. At that time, Carina Lau was in a bad mood because of various things. As a neighbor, Zhang Guorong often went to her home to accompany her and walk out of the pain with her, and bought a peach blossom for her during the lunar new year. After Zhang Guorongs death in 2003, Carina Lau bought one and put it at home to mourn her old friend before the lunar new year. Now the value of the luxury house is rising, but she is reluctant to sell the Mansion because she misses her old friends. She attaches great importance to love and righteousness.

It is reported that Carina Lau and Liang Chaowei ended their love affair in 2008 and married in Bhutan. Carina Lau, who had previously been interviewed by the media, admitted that it was not good to see Liang for the first time, I think he is a prodigal son. It makes me think youre something. I hate him because I think hes very proud After that, Carina Lau sighed that her husband was like a mountain to rely on, even if there is no world, there is still him to rely on. Liang Zhaowei once said such a thing to Liu Jialing: this circle is so complicated, lets leave. I will accompany you wherever you want to go. The two people are very close to each other. They are really a pair of enviable fairies.

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