Li Xiaoli, a 41 year old sexy goddess, is still at the top of the Korean circle after retiring

 Li Xiaoli, a 41 year old sexy goddess, is still at the top of the Korean circle after retiring

Although Li Xiaoli is 41 years old this year, her business level and stage style are still so steady that people can scream. Even rain, the king of heaven, is willing to squat aside and concentrate on being a little fan of blowing wind for his sister~

Li Xiaoli, once the national spirit, is now in her 40s, but her figure and shape are still very young. Who can see the traces of years in her body? Li Xiaoli, who recently appeared on the cover of a fashion magazine, let everyone marvel that the goddess of the past has come back.

Ssak3, a combination of Li Xiaoli, rain and Liu Zaishi, has attracted strong attention and heated discussion from the outside world since it was formed. The variety show what do you do when youre idle by the three people has gained super high ratings.

Although Li Xiaoli made her debut as a member of the womens group, she has been active in the entertainment industry as a solo female singer for so many years. Even when she was alone, her popularity was no less than that of her team activities.

When the national goddess returned as a singing and dancing group again, her well maintained sexy figure became a hot topic. In an interview with fashion media, Li Xiaoli shared his 7 tips on weight loss and maintenance:

Li Xiaoli said that his choice of staple food, rather than eating rice, pasta and other starch food, more inclined to intake protein to supplement the nutrition needed by the body. However, Li Xiaoli said that he did not eat cattle, chickens, pigs, and other land animals, so the choice of protein in the choice of more low-fat seafood.

Tip 2: never cut off food!

There are many ways to lose weight on the market. Li Xiaoli himself has tried the lemonade diet, which is popular in South Korea. He just drinks lemonade instead of food. Although this method made her lose weight obviously in a short time, it also caused a lot of side effects of physical health, including low energy, easy fatigue, etc., and even the whole persons complexion seems to be a lot of vicissitudes.

Tip 3: a cup of tea a day

Instead of just drinking lemonade, Li Xiaoli now drinks a cup of hot tea immediately after he gets up to help his organs recover their vitality and speed up their metabolism.

At the same time, Li Xiaoli also said that as an artist, if she needed to lose weight in a short time, she would rely on the raw food weight loss method. She confessed that she once relied on this method to lose five kilograms in a week. Raw diet diet refers to eating only the original, not overcooked, no seasoning of natural food, mostly vegetables or nuts. This way can not only maintain adequate fiber nutrition in the body, but also help metabolism.

Tip 4: practice yoga every day

If you have ever seen the Korean variety show Xiaolis homestay, you must know that Li Xiaoli has the habit of practicing yoga for a long time. No matter how late she went to bed the day before, she would still get up early and practice yoga the next day. Yoga can not only soothe the body and mind, help to lose weight, but also can shape body lines and maintain good posture.

Tip 5: find a sport that suits you.

Li Xiaoli, who usually loves dancing, practices dancing in private even during non work activities. She regards dancing as a part of sports and life, which shows how important it is to find a sport that you enjoy and enjoy!

Tip 6: its important to be young

The most important thing to keep fit is, of course, to maintain a positive attitude and to face everything in life with a positive and optimistic attitude. Psychological age reduced, appearance and body will also follow young up, this really need to learn more from the goddess Li Xiaoli!

Source: Netease fashion editor: Liu Xu_ NQ7809