Carla is a dog is defaming China? Its just a microcosm of the lives of the lower classes

 Carla is a dog is defaming China? Its just a microcosm of the lives of the lower classes

In the movie Carla is a dog, ge you plays a typical middle-aged loser. He has been muddleheaded for most of his life and seems to be useless in the end.


The second one (played by Ge You) is a mustache with a bow and bent back. He is bony, with soft hair and lying on his head. He looks listless and will be drowned in the crowd.

The life in the factory is simple and boring, and it seems that there is no change at home. It is still a pile of trivial household chores.

The son Liangliang also came to a troublesome adolescence. The second son couldnt stand his sons clothes and manner, and his son could not bear to see Lao Tzus weakness and mediocrity.

In his eyes, the father has never done a thing, and his temper is stubborn.

In this family, the second is the least important. He cant control his wife or son. For a man, he has a sense of frustration.

Although there is no explicit explanation, we can feel that the second brother has no place to relieve his depression. Like most people, he passively accepts the arrangement of life and allows life to move forward.

Compared with the ups and downs of Yu huanshui, the life track of the second son is just like a pool of stagnant water. He has no motive power to move forward, but keeps spinning in a circle.

Kara, a hybrid Jingba, is not worth much money. He got it from Yang Li, a friend who used to play mahjong.

Because she didnt have a dog license, Carla was taken away by the police. She didnt take the license to get the dog before 4:00 p.m. the next day, so Carla would never come back.

But for the second, Carla is his greatest spiritual sustenance, because in front of the dog, he feels like a human.

In front of other people, he has to find ways to make others happy; only Carla changes every day to make him happy, which makes the second feel a strong sense of existence.

Without Carlas presence, it seems that all the energy left in the second brothers body has been drained.

First of all, Liang Liang, a young man with blood, sneaks out of the police station in the middle of the night, hoping to be able to tell the police uncle with emotion and reason, but the police uncle can only say that he has a certificate and everything is easy to say.

Although Yulan also wants the dog back, she can only choose the latter in front of Kara and 5000 yuan.

Maybe many people will say, since there is no money, what kind of dog do you have? Its better to let it go.

But looking around, there are many people who dont have money but have dogs. In fact, most people, like the second son, have more than just dogs. They are just a little bit of hope for life.


In his own words, if he didnt have the dog, he didnt know what was going on at home.

But this is more than the life of the second son. From him, we can see that there are many middle-aged people in reality.

In middle age, those dreams and hopes have become a thing of the past, repeating a single pace of life, hoping to live through retirement and enjoy his old age.

Even after Carla was taken away, the second was just stuffy, expressing his loss and dissatisfaction with silence.

In front of people, he became the poor, submissive man again.

It can be said that Carlas capture is a mixed opportunity, it opened a gap for the hard life of the second.

When Yulan encouraged the second to go to his mother for money to collect the money for the dog license, the second immediately pulled down his face: Im so old, do you have to be thick faced to take money from the old man?

Seeing that the time was approaching the deadline, Liang Liang added fuel to the fire. He was put into the police station because he hurt his classmates by showing up for a friend.

One side is Carla, who is about to be sent away, while the other side is the bright one who is locked up. At this time, is it important to save the dog or the son?

The second one is in a dilemma. Where is the multiple choice question? It is a philosophical problem that makes people headacheu00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7


As a member of the sixth generation of directors, Lu Xuechang continues the sixth generations general concern for small people, reflecting the familiar and unfamiliar social reality in these unpopular characters.

For a long time, many people have a misunderstanding about the sixth generation directors: why do they not talk about so many good things and have to look at the bad and bad aspects of the society? Isnt it a disgrace to China?

But weve seen so many good things and hopes in too many movies, and weve seen too much positive energy. But life is not only sunny, but also has shadow areas that the sun cant shine on.

This is the composition of the real world: there is beauty, there is ugliness; there are birds and flowers, and there is a bad smell.

As Lu Xuechang said, what Chinese film lacks is reality.

Therefore, in Carla is a dog, we can see the polices indifference and aggressiveness in law enforcement, and we can also see that the police stick to the principle and resolutely refuse the bribe of the second.

We also see the rapid development of modern society, but there are also ruins to be demolished and the black market trading of pets hidden in them.

This is the society we live in, a real but extremely complex one.

Why do some people feel that people are inferior to dogs after watching the movie?

Because the dog can wag its tail, obedient, can get the owners favor, the second son also self mockery, mixed up all his life, is not as clever as the dog.

But in this unpredictable society, even if people work hard to please people, they are not necessarily able to make a success.

Ge Yous interpretation of the little people in the film can be regarded as apotheosis. For example, the scene of eating cucumbers is the same as, or even better than, the smoking scenes in Wang Baoqiangs Mr. tree, which is circulated on the Internet. They are all bloody bitterness of small people.

Everyone can find his own shadow from it.

Oh! Life is not easy, but we still stand tall and live well

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