Xiaomi deputy leader standing behind Lei Jun: running naked for the company with a fortune of 33 billion

 Xiaomi deputy leader standing behind Lei Jun: running naked for the company with a fortune of 33 billion

However, Lin bin, the co-founder, vice chairman and President of Xiaomi, who is known as the man behind Lei Jun, has always kept a low profile.

In 2018, in Xiaomis prospectus submitted to the HKEx, Lin bin held 13.33% of the shares: he was the only founder of Xiaomi technology to hold double-digit shares in addition to Lei Jun. In the 2020 Hurun global rich list, he ranked 524th with 33 billion yuan of wealth.

If an enterprise needs a specific image, for Xiaomi, Lei Jun can represent the spiritual connotation of the enterprise, while Lin bin needs to set up a camp behind the scenes to handle affairs. As Xiaomis second leader, Lin bin is irreplaceable in the development of Xiaomi science and technology. From building a strong team in the early stage, to online sales, and finally to building and improving Xiaomis home, Lin bin has been a qualified deputy leader from operation management to online and offline sales.

Lin bin, who started to contact the Internet in the 1990s and worked for Microsoft and Google, is also a legend.

Lin bin, co founder, vice chairman and President of Xiaomi

In the third year of junior high school, his mother saved money and bought him an old computer to learn programming. From then on, Lin bin fell in love with programming. With this antique memory of 4K, Lin bin wrote a simple game by himself. After that, he took part in many computer programming competitions and won the first prize.

In the third year of senior high school, he was directly recommended to the Department of electronics of Sun Yat sen University because of his excellent results.

In 1990, Lin bin, 22, graduated from the Department of electronics and went to Drexel University to study computer science. Even after 30 years, this degree is still very dazzling.

In 2019, Lin bin visited Yihe primary school in Rongcheng District, Jieyang

After graduation, Lin bin worked as a software engineer in an ordinary company for three years.

But it took Lin bin only two hours to make the decision to go to Microsoft.

Lin bin didnt have the ability to predict the future. He didnt know that Microsoft would become the Microsoft of today. He just liked programming and felt that he could learn the most powerful programming technology in Microsoft.

Then, his family moved to Seattle, where he worked for 11 years at Microsoft. From a software development engineer to an engineering director, he met Kaifu Lee.

In 2000, Kaifu Li personally went to the headquarters of Microsoft to find Lin bin and wanted him to join his team and return to China as the R & D Manager of Microsoft Asia Research Institute. At that time, Microsoft Asia Research Institute was founded just over a year ago, and it was in urgent need of talents. At this time, Lin bin also had the intention to return to China. Coupled with Li Kaifus sincere attitude, Lin bin decided to accept the invitation.

Under the promotion of Lin bin, the research institute has completed more than 70 technology transfer in three years, covering multimedia, voice, digital ink, graphics, wireless communication and Internet applications, and has made outstanding technical contributions to more than 10 Microsoft products. Not only that, Lin bin and Zhang Yaqin established Microsoft Asia Engineering Institute together. Until Lin bin left Microsoft in 2006, he had grown the engineering institute from a team of more than 30 people to more than 400 people.

Lin bin, Zhang Yaqin, Shen Xiangyang, Zhang Hongjiang and Wang Jian are known as the five disciples of Li Kaifu. In July 2005, Kaifu Lee left Microsoft China to join Google as global vice president and President of Greater China.

Once again, Li Kaifu, who started the team, found Lin bin and hoped that Lin bin would join the team. At the end of 2006, Lin bin followed Lee Kai Fu and joined Google. Responsible for the team building and engineering research and development of Googles mobile search and service in China, especially in the music & mobile project. Three years later, Kaifu Lee left Google to set up an Innovation workshop, but Lin bin didnt leave.

Sell Google, Microsoft stock, take money into Xiaomi

Lei Jun and Lin bin got to know each other in 2009. This year, Lin bin was still at Google, hoping to promote the cooperation between Google and UCWEB. At that time, Lei Jun was already an angel investor, and UCWEB was the company he invested in.

This is how Lin bin and Lei Jun got to know each other.

Lin bin and Lei Jun

Lin Bins love for the products from the bottom of his heart made Lei Jun find like-minded partners, so chatting became their daily life. At that time, the two men often chatted together until one or two oclock in the morning. Chatting and chatting, they became good friends from their partners.

Once, Lin bin and Lei Jun were chatting in the office every day. Lin bin inadvertently said, I want to start my own business and do an internet music project. What do you think? Lei Jun heard that like-minded friends and he had the same idea of starting a business, he said to Lin Bin: dont make music. We can invest some money in music. Its boring. Lets do something bigger together

In this way, Lin bin decisively sold his accumulated shares in Microsoft and Google for many years, and started to establish Xiaomi with Lei Jun. At that time, people affectionately called him Bin Lin bin, who was the first to board the Xiaomi warship of Lei Jun and became the president of Xiaomi. In the early days of Xiaomis founding, he was mainly responsible for the recruitment, team organization and basic operation of the company.

A man who can run naked for Xiaomi

In order to understand the needs of users, Lin bin also works as a part-time new media operator, immersing himself in forums and microblogs for a long time, interacting with users and collecting feedback information.

After Li Wanqiang closed down in 2014, Lin Bin took over Xiaomis e-commerce system. He had never had sales experience. In 2015 rice noodle festival, he created a miracle of sales of 2.11 million mobile phones, and set a Guinness record of the largest number of mobile phones sold in 24 hours on a single online platform, bringing Xiaomis fan marketing and hunger marketing strategies into full play.

In order to do a good job in marketing, Lin bin even did not hesitate to run naked to attract public attention.

After the online sales system gradually matures, Xiaomi has fallen into a low ebb in 16 years, so it has to explore new sales channels -- start to practice new retail, focus on building Xiaomis home and make efforts offline. As the project leader, Lin bin has made 12 efforts to open stores, find stores and publicize, leading Xiaomi out of the growth dilemma, and finally handed over the answer sheet of opening 100 stores a year and increasing mobile phone shipment against the market. After the pigs on the wind can fly craze, the concept of new retail is also popular on the Internet, and friends have followed suit.

In the process of building Xiaomis home, Lin bin is the first line. He inherited Lei Juns spirit of model worker. There is a saying in Xiaomi company: Lei Jun doesnt sleep, Lin bin doesnt eat. According to the memories of Xiaomis employees, Lin Bins most exaggerated trip to Chongqing did not have breakfast when he was on a plane. As a result, he was not busy until midnight when he said that Chongqing should have hot pot, so he had his first meal with his employees. In October 2017, Xiaomi completed the goal of 200 Xiaomi houses in 2017 set by Lei Jun ahead of schedule.

Lin bin can be regarded as Xiaomis qualified man behind the scenes in terms of the formation of the behind the scenes team, suggestions and suggestions on marketing strategies, and even the online and offline sales paving of the team.

Lin Xiaobin and Lin Xiaobin complement each other

Some people compare the relationship between Lin bin and Xiaomi as fish and water, which are complementary and inseparable.

As for Lin bin, he is used to the days when Microsoft and Google are comfortable, wealthy and unchanging. Even if he has the idea of starting a business one day, if there is no reliable partner and entrepreneurial idea, it can not be realized eventually. If it fails, it means starting over again. Fortunately, Xiaomi takes him to success.

For Xiaomi, there are good entrepreneurial ideas and capital, without excellent original team and management, no matter how good the outlet will be wasted. Lei Jun is Xiaomis external business card, and Lin bin is Xiaomis internal cardiotonic.

Lin bin and Lei Jun

As the man behind Lei Jun, Lin bin has been very low-key, and his position was not revealed until the prospectus before Xiaomis IPO in 2018: he is the only founder of Xiaomi technology who holds double-digit shares in addition to Lei Jun, with a total of 13.33% of the shares.

From the programmer who was addicted to programming at Microsoft and Google at the beginning, to the helmsman who recruited talents and learned to operate, Lin bin completed the multi-dimensional transformation from a technology giant to an enterprise manager. Among them, the most important thing is that Lin bin used his commercial talent to bring Xiaomi into a new battlefield and began to compete with the real first-line mobile phone brands. From the initial use of starvation marketing to accumulate the first batch of seed users to win word-of-mouth, and then to increase production capacity, the whole line of explosive marketing was launched, which helped Xiaomi realize the transformation from a grass-roots brand to a first-line mobile phone brand. Today, Xiaomi has become a large group with a market value of over HK $286.9 billion.

It is often said that Apples best talents are jobs and cook, mostly because they are responsible for all important occasions that need to be in public. What the public often ignores is the other talents hidden behind these public figures. And Lin bin is such a person.

As a hot comment goes:

Behind Xiaomis listing, Lei Jun stands; beside Lei Jun, the thin Lin bin is also shining.

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