Brother youhela upgraded to be a father and named his daughter after her sister

 Brother youhela upgraded to be a father and named his daughter after her sister

According to Taiwan media reports, South Korean actress rohora died at the age of 29 at the end of November 2019, Netease Entertainment Daily reported on August 12. During the funeral ceremony, his elder brother, you Haoren, once promised that she would be born as his daughter. Unexpectedly, his wife became pregnant. On the 10th, his daughter was born safely. He reported the happy news on the social networking website and showed his daughters cute photo, which made many fans pour in messages to wish him a blessing.

It is reported that you Haoren once promised that she could be reincarnated into her own daughter. Unexpectedly, his wife became pregnant afterwards, and after examination, he found that the gender was female: the name is Helin, which you said is very nice. Please protect your niece from being born and growing up healthily... Finally, he could not help but feel sad and said, if I had known about this one week earlier, would it have happened?? Sorry, I miss you so much...

On the 10th, you Haoren posted cute photos of her daughter on the social networking website, and wrote in the text, at 14:38 on August 10, 2020, Im Ju Helin. Because think of my sister cant help but shed a lot of tears, thank you for your blessing, many fans also poured into the post blessing: the name and face are like Hora, Holly wants to grow up healthily! Hora must be happy too and my brother will always be happy in the future.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395