Vice Foreign Minister: some American politicians play up the red threat crazily against the Communist Party

 Vice Foreign Minister: some American politicians play up the red threat crazily against the Communist Party

Observer: senior officials of the U.S. government have been attacking China frequently recently, wantonly discrediting, slandering, and fighting against China. Some American politicians abandon the basic legal rules, diplomatic norms and political morality, showing full political hooliganism. How do you feel about the depravity of American politicians?

Le Yucheng: your question immediately points out two major characteristics of the behavior of some American politicians: one is to lie and open ones mouth; the other is to violate the law and do ordinary things.

Dont lie, this is the minimum rule of conduct, let alone senior government officials and senior diplomats. You can have different opinions, express dissatisfaction or opposition, or simply no comment, but you cant ignore the facts and create something out of nothing. But now some American politicians often lie a lot, especially when they slander and discredit China. When they talk about lies, their faces are not red and their hearts do not jump. The United States has rebuilt China, China will rule the United States, and the United States and China will suffer losses in doing business. The new coronavirus is artificially synthesized by Wuhan Virus Research Institute. China has stolen the intellectual property rights of the new coronavirus vaccine in the United States. Huawei, tiktok and other enterprises directly provide personal data to Chinas national security organs. 1.4 billion Chinese people are monitored and persecuted in China The governments religious persecution, genocide and so on in Xinjiang sounds like a fable. It makes people laugh and laugh. Even a three-year-old child cant cheat him. Some enthusiastic netizens are collecting their political lies and intend to compile them into a volume, which will be a good negative teaching material for the whole world.

Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng said in an interview with that Chinas principle is very clear: no trouble, no fear of trouble

Another is breaking the law.. As is known to all, the United States has always applied international law when it is compatible with it and abandoned if it does not conform to it. It speaks highly of international law to others, and to itself, the United States is exceptional and distinguished from others, which can take precedence over international law. The U.S. crackdown on China is totally unfounded by law. From trade tax increases, cutting off supplies to Huawei, banning tiktok, seizing and detaining Chinese personnel, to selling weapons to Taiwan, imposing sanctions on officials of the Chinese government and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, closing the Chinese Consulate General in Houston, and so on, none of them conforms to international law. For a long time, the United States has instigated color revolution everywhere, interfered in the internal affairs of other countries, arbitrarily carried out long arm jurisdiction, threat of force and even beheading, which is lawless. The United States has withdrawn from more than a dozen international treaties and international organizations, becoming the world champion of withdrawing from the group and breaking the treaty. Especially at the critical moment of global cooperation in the fight against the epidemic, the United States attacks and withdraws from the World Health Organization (who) for no reason and stops providing funds to the organization. This is like everyone is busy fighting a fire, but the United States has cut off the water pipe. This completely breaks through the moral bottom line of international relations and completely violates the basic principles of international law and the Charter of the United Nations. The United States has always said that it wants to establish an international order based on rules, and the rules of the United States are powers and privileges to act arbitrarily. Ms. jovanovich, former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, said that Americas immoral diplomacy is unsustainable and doomed to failure.

Observer website: a small number of American politicians will oppose China when they meet China. They try their best to stir up ideological confrontation between China and the United States, demanding that other countries should choose their sides for the Anti China policy of the United States. A series of countries and regions are listed as if they are all pawns or followers of the United States. Do you think it is feasible to let other countries act as cannon fodder for their policies? Is the United States going to bring Sino US relations into the new cold war trap?

Le Yucheng: a series of recent actions of the United States against China are provoking ideological confrontation and reviving the cold war in the 21st century, which makes people feel that the specter of McCarthyism reappears in the United States. In the 1950s, there was a frenzied anti Communist wave in the United States. Tens of thousands of Chinese Americans were suspected of being spies. More than 20 million people accepted the so-called inventory, and even three-year-old children had to sign a pledge of loyalty. For this absurd behavior, there is a sentence in English called found the beds, which means find the red molecules under the bed. At present, the United States is engaged in witch hunting operations against Chinese scientists, harassing and arresting Chinese students at will, which is very similar to the McCarthy era. Chinese scientists, professors and scholars in the United States, as well as the Americans who support cooperation with China, are now in a state of silence. They are in danger of being interviewed, searched or even arrested by the FBI at any time. It is very dangerous to draw a line by race and ideology. Dont forget that Hitler fascist started from the anti Republican persecution of Jews, and we cant help but learn from it.

These politicians in the United States are crazy against the Communist Party and exaggerating the red threat. In fact, they are trying to define Sino US relations with ideological confrontation, cover up their strategic intention to contain China, and set up an arrow board for them to set up the so-called Liberal Democratic Alliance in the international community and build a small circle to suppress China. However, American politicians have made a mistake in time and space and seem to have forgotten that the world has already walked out of the cold war and mankind has entered the era of globalization in the 21st century. With the exception of one or two small followers, most countries refuse to be tied to the chariot of the United States. What we want is how to work together to overcome the epidemic situation, save lives and restore the economy. We are not interested in ideological confrontation and instigating a new cold war, or even very disgusted with it. A few days ago, former politicians, experts and scholars from 48 countries launched a global conference on any new cold war against China is against the interests of mankind, and issued a joint statement of rejecting the new cold war in 14 languages, which can be said to be a powerful deterrent to the United States actions of forming cliques and splitting the world. U.S. Secretary of state pompeio himself acknowledged that it was difficult to form an international alliance against Beijing and was surprised and disappointed that so many countries supported China.

Observer tiktok: recently the US threat to close TikTok tiktok has asked us to sell us business in 45 days and sign two administrative orders to suppress the jitter and WeChats parent company. Senior U.S. officials have also frequently taken sanctions against Chinese companies such as Huawei and application software. What does the United States intend to do?

Le Yucheng: your question reminds me of a cartoon in my circle of friends a few days ago: there is an American signboard at the entrance of a main road, which says free market. A lovely tiktok piggy is eating while walking. When it grows to be fat and strong, when it comes to the end, Uncle Sam is ready to slaughter it with a knife. This is a vivid portrayal of the current situation of Chinese enterprises in the United States.

In recent days, there has been a lot of fighting against tiktok in the United States. In the absence of any evidence, the US government made a presumption of guilt on tiktok and threatened to force the sale or ban of tiktok within 45 days. In order to survive, tiktok has been communicating with the U.S. side for nearly a year, and even refuses to compromise. It includes that all the management employs Americans, user data is stored in the United States and Singapore, publicly reviews the source code of policies and algorithms, employs 1500 American employees, and promises to create 10000 jobs, etc. Almost all the demands of the US side have been met, but tiktok is still doomed, and even if it is acquired, it will have to hand over a large amount of money to the U.S. government. What is the art of trading? Clearly is the logic of bandits, open fire robbery!

Whats wrong with tiktok? It is a platform to provide leisure and entertainment, talent display, exchange and sharing for the American people, which has nothing to do with national security. However, Pifu is not guilty. Tiktok sells blood and breaks his arm. The United States still wants to kill him, even if he has to exchange blood. The only real reason is that it has Chinese origin. Chinese netizens commented that the U.S. authorities eat too ugly.. For a private enterprise in China, from the president to various powerful government departments all rushed forward, just like a few tigers clawing around a rabbit. People all over the world look at it, and they dont like this kind of usurpation of the United States.

This also reminds me of what happened to Huawei. The United States also uses the pretext of no reason to kill Huawei in the world. Even Meng Wanzhou, a weak woman, has been under house arrest in Canada for more than 600 days. Many Chinese companies are scared, and executives dare not set foot in the United States. People cant help asking: where are the free markets, competitive neutrality and the rule of law that the United States has always boasted? Some international media commented that the United States has committed a serious acrophobia, that is, it is afraid of other countries high-tech, so it does not hesitate to adopt the digital gunboat policy. The United States, with its own stains, has also turned the Internet into a U.S. unilateral network for other countries.

Observer network: the United States is engaged in unilateralism in the international arena, and frequently withdraws from the group and breaks the treaty, which has become the biggest destructive factor of global governance, bringing great uncertainty to global stability and development. What do you think of this? What role can China play in global governance?

Le Yucheng: the United States is engaged in splittism, creating confrontation and suppressing dissidents in the international arena, for fear that the world will not be in chaos, which will put the United Nations, WTO, who and other international institutions into trouble, and all kinds of agenda conducive to global governance and international cooperation can not be carried out. What the United States has done is to create an exclusive unipolar world, turn globalization into Americanization, and turn global co governance into American hegemony. It is obviously against the trend, against the general trend and against public opinion. It is not feasible.

In essence, the contradiction between China and the United States on international order and global governance is not the dispute between authoritarian autocracy and liberal democracy as some American politicians call it, but the dispute between multilateralism and unilateralism, fairness and justice and hegemony, and the fight between the world for the public and the priority of the United States. The whole world can see clearly which road is the right path in the world and represents the correct direction of history. People who love peace and justice all over the world should dare to say no to the unilateral power of the United States, and work together to promote the United States to uphold justice, abide by the law and follow the right path.

On March 26, Chinese ambassador to Bangladesh Li Jiming (fifth from left) delivered aid materials to Bangladesh in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh. Photo by Liu Chuntao, a reporter from Xinhua News Agency

Observer website: in various speeches and actions, Trumps ruling team has maliciously attacked the Communist Party of China and severed the flesh and blood ties between the Communist Party of China and the Chinese people, but claimed to be together with the Chinese people. Whats your comment?

Le Yucheng: the anti Communist remarks of some American politicians fully reflect their ignorance of Chinas national conditions and the Communist Party of China. China Chinese Communist Party China related by flesh and blood. Chairman Xi Jinpings famous saying I will not have me, not the people fully expressed the deep feelings of the Chinese Communists for the people.

Lets take a look at these years. Whenever the people encounter difficulties and disasters, the Communist Party members always rush to the front line to take the lead. In the face of novel coronavirus pneumonia, about 39000000 party members and cadres in the country fought in the forefront of anti epidemic. 80% of the medical workers supporting the epidemic in Wuhan were members of the Communist Party. The main force of poverty alleviation is also Communist Party members. We have selected nearly 3 million first secretaries or cadres stationed in villages. Nearly 800 poverty alleviation cadres have died in the battle field of poverty alleviation. Among them, Huang Wenxiu, the first Secretary of a poverty alleviation village in Guangxi, who was only 30 years old, died on the road of poverty alleviation. Southern China has just experienced floods, and it is the Communist Party members who are fighting in the front line of flood fighting and disaster relief. Chen Lu, a political instructor of a fire rescue team in Anhui Province, died bravely while searching for the trapped people. With his flesh and blood, he fulfilled the Communist Party members oath of charging in front of the people when they need it most. There are countless examples.

Chinas Communist Party has the final say whether China is doing well or not, but it is not the individual anti American elements in the US, but the Chinese people themselves. Recently, many scholars in the United States believe that under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese government promotes economic development and responds quickly to peoples concerns. The vast majority of Chinese people support and are proud of the Chinese Communist Party. According to recent data from several US pollsters, the support rate of the Communist Party of China among the Chinese people is as high as 95%. It is rare, if not the only party in the world, to have such a high level of popular support.

In the past 50 years of Sino US exchanges, the Communist Party of China has never been an obstacle to bilateral relations, but a leader and driving force for mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries. I dont understand where the hostility of American politicians towards the Chinese Communist Party comes from? We should know that it was the CPC leaders who shook hands with Nixon across the Pacific Ocean, and the leaders of the CPC who reached the three Sino US joint communiques with the United States. Officials of the White House and the State Department of the United States are dealing with CPC members almost every day. How can the CPC suddenly become a threat and challenge to the United States? The fact that the Chinese Communist Party has not changed shows that the problem lies with American politicians themselves. there are two opinions on the United States wanton suppression and containment of China. One is that we should bear with it and do not take the same view with the Anti China politicians of the United States, which will lead them into the trap of confrontation. There is also a view that we should not show weakness, we should resolutely fight back, tit for tat. Which view do you prefer?

Our principle is very clear, not to cause trouble, but also not afraid of things, will not dance with the villains, but we must not allow them to act foolishly. We never fired the first shot. Every step was a back attack, a defensive counterattack and a Jedi counterattack. Whats more, we havent seen any big waves and gunfire since the founding of the Communist Party of China for nearly 100 years and the founding of new China for more than 70 years. In history, the United States has carried out various kinds of containment and sanctions against us, and we have survived. Moreover, the road is wider and wider, and the future is more and more bright. As Comrade Xiaoping said, it is China that is most afraid of isolation, blockade and sanctions in the world.. Recently, the United States announced sanctions against 11 officials of the Chinese central government and the Hong Kong SAR government, which did not scare us. On the contrary, they all think it is a great honor to be on the US sanctions list. The U.S. sanctions list has become a praise list..

Some people say that Chinas diplomacy is more powerful and aggressive internationally, which is an important reason for the tension between China and the United States. I dont agree with that. It is not Chinas cultural tradition to expand and dominate the world. However, as China has developed and progressed, it is natural for China to do more to fulfill its responsibilities and make more contributions to the international community, which is also a universal call of the international community. For example, Chinas share of UN expenses has increased from 1% 20 years ago to 12.5% now, and the proportion of its peacekeeping budget has increased to 15%. We have the largest number of peacekeepers among the five permanent members of the United Nations, and our assistance to developing countries has also increased significantly. Whats wrong with that? What is to blame? In the past, some people in the United States criticized China for free riding, but when China contributed money and contributed to the world to provide more public goods, they were also accused of strategic intention and ambition for hegemony. Is this contradictory?

Observer: Sino US relations are getting more and more severe. How long do you think this grim situation will last? What is the most urgent problem to be solved?

Le Yucheng: how China and the United States get along is not only related to the well-being of 1.7 billion people in both countries, but also related to the future of more than 7 billion people in the world. As for Sino US relations, we should not just look at the present, nor be misled by a small number of Anti China forces. China US relations should be viewed against the background of the great changes in the world that have not taken place in a century, and in the context of the general trend of world peace and development. Some problems may not be solved in a year or two, but we should shoulder the historical responsibility, look forward to the long term, jump out of the current election politics, step out of emotional thinking, return to rational and pragmatic, and start with the implementation of the three lists proposed by State Councilor Wang Yi.

First of all, we should have dialogue and communication. The dialogue should not be interrupted, especially the diplomatic departments of the two countries should not fall into radio silence. No matter how difficult and complex a problem is, we should talk about it on the table. How can we solve it without communication? I am ready to talk to my American counterparts at any time. Second, we should focus on cooperation. There are many areas that can and should cooperate. Cooperation in the fight against epidemic diseases should be a top priority, and cooperation is essential. In addition, there is still a lot of room for coordination and cooperation between the two sides in the bilateral fields of economy and trade, law enforcement, drug control and local governments, global governance issues such as climate change and poverty reduction, and hot issues such as the North Korean nuclear issue, the Middle East and Afghanistan. Third, we need to manage differences. It is normal for the two countries to have differences, but we should deal with them in a rational and pragmatic manner. In particular, we should not artificially widen differences, let alone create new ones. There are enough problems for both sides. We cant add any more, but we should find a way to subtract. The next few months are crucial. We need to maintain our determination, not be dominated by various extremist forces, firmly grasp the correct direction of bilateral relations, and ensure that they do not get out of control or derail.

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