Guangdong Media: Hongyuan won the first prize with Liaoning team and 12 people won the first battle

 Guangdong Media: Hongyuan won the first prize with Liaoning team and 12 people won the first battle

Last night, the CBA finals started, Guangdong Hongyuan won the first game with 110-88, the game let people have a kind of intense, not suspense feeling. After the game, from Hongyuan coach Du Feng to every player seemed very calm, because they all know that under the system of two wins in three sets, it is still one victory away from the final goal of the team this season.

Victory in the first battle

With one minute left in the game, Hongyuan led 110-87. Liaoning team executive coach Martinez made a personnel adjustment, he replaced foreign aid Mayo, replaced several young players; and Hongyuan also replaced the last rotation player Wan Shengwei, Hongyuans 12 players all got the opportunity to play in this game. Just a few minutes ago, Hongyuan had already replaced foreign aid Williams and core Yi Jianlian, and the game had lost its suspense at that time.

Its not easy! Its a fierce fight on both sides. After the game, Du Feng briefly concluded, we are a bit lucky in this game, so we should seriously prepare for the second game. We played three games in five days before, and we were really tired

For technical tactics, Du Feng did not have too much analysis after the game, because Hongyuan has always been the one who controls the rhythm in this competition. In the vast majority of the time of the game, Hongyuan attacked the attack and defense system of Liaoning team, and cleverly used a lot of misplaced attacks and made use of the advantages of players personal ability to play a lot of simple individual attacks. Zhou Peng, Zhao Rui, Ren Junfei and WEIMS all got a lot of opportunities of dislocation attack in the fast running and sharing.

Liaoning team executive coach Martinez also knows where the problems of his team. I looked at the technical statistics, Guangdong team had 24 assists, while we only had 11. Teams that share the ball better are more likely to win Said Martinez.

Du Feng denies the performance of Arab League is inaccurate

In the last round of the semi-final against Beijing team, Yi Jianlians performance and role can be regarded as the winner or loser of the game. However, in the first game of the finals, Yi Jianlian was questioned by the outside world because he made only one of seven shots and only got two points. Some reporters also believe that Yi Jianlians game is inaccurate.

However, Hongyuan coach Du Feng believes that this view is very one-sided: I dont think the Arab League is inaccurate. He is creating opportunities for his peers, covering, grabbing rebounds, and contributing his due value to the team. Without him, there wont be so many rebounds, blocks and strong defensive control

In fact, Las contributed a total of 9 rebounds, 2 steals and 1 block in this game. When he put a lot of energy into the defense, its normal that the offensive hand is not ideal.

Du Feng will play all 12 players in this game, this kind of operation may be common in the regular season. In the finals, the rotation of 12 players undoubtedly shows that the teams rotation lineup reflects a greater role, and young players can take responsibility.

Wang Xingkai, a surprise soldier sent by Hongyuan in the semi-final, continued to play his strong points yesterday. He was like a sniper rifle with well-organized procedures, and carried out long-range sniping at a fixed point. He made three-point shots, three-way shots and five rebounds. Hu Mingxuan, Xu Jie and Du runwang also contributed 20 points.

Zhao Rui, who had been unsteady in the last series, found a sense in this game. He got 16 points, 6 rebounds, 9 assists and 5 amazing steals.

We have a strong target for the Liaoning teams defense, but I think we still have some problems in many details. Zhao Rui said seriously after the game, I hope I can take a good look back at the game, solve some problems and do better.

When talking about his recovery, Zhao Rui confidently said: everyone is encouraging me, everyone believes me, why cant I believe myself? So I am determined to play more confident and play my own characteristics

Although won the first battle, Hongyuan also has worries, that is, the internal rotation of the tight. Su Wei, who did well in the semi-final, was sent off for two violations of sportsmanship. According to league rules, he will also be suspended in the next match.

In the face of Liaoning team led by Han Dejuns strong inside line, I am afraid that the second battle Hongyuans internal line will also encounter a greater test. The team also needs to calm down and continue to fight with the attitude, in order to continue the pace of victory.

Source: Guangzhou Daily, author: Huang Wei, editor in charge: Wang Mengfei_ NBJS10260