A property employee in Changsha fell down while working, and the owner of the whole building was claimed 810000!

 A property employee in Changsha fell down while working, and the owner of the whole building was claimed 810000!

The family took all the owners of the building to court

Claim 810000 yuan


The peoples Court of Yuelu District reported the civil dispute

The claim of the family members was rejected by the court

Lius accidental death

The blow to the Liu family is undoubtedly heavy

This also brought about a dispute


Lius family members believe that:

Liu was originally an employee of the property company. However, since July 19, 2016, Mr. Liu has been entrusted by all the owners of building a in the community to carry out property management on building a. The relationship between Mr. Liu and the owner of building a is employee employer relationship.

On the day of the accident, because of the rain, there was water on the roof of the building. The owner found Liu and asked him to clean up the water, which led to Lius fall. Therefore, all the owners of a building, as the employer, should be liable for the death of Liu.

The owners believe that:

The main body of community property service is the property company, and Liu has been a property company employees. He and Liu did not directly form a labor relationship, should not be liable for compensation. In order to prove their claims, the owners submitted to the court the receipt of property fee and water and electricity fee with the seal of a property company, a community management office.

In addition, the owners also believe that Liu himself has fault. There is moss on the top of the building, which is wet and slippery in the rain. Police station issued a report that the day of the accident, Liu was wearing slippers on the roof to clean up the water. This shows that Liu as a property management professionals, lack of necessary security awareness.

In a few months, many negotiations between Lius family and owners ended in failure.

In June of the same year, Lius family once again sued all the owners of building a to the court, demanding that the owners bear Lius death compensation, funeral expenses, spiritual solace, etc., totaling more than 810000 yuan.

First instance hearing: there is no labor relationship between men and owners

Finally, the first instance decision: to reject all the claims of Lius family members.

Source: Changsha Evening News all media reporter Liu Shuyuan correspondent Li Jincheng

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