Liao media: there is a gap in all aspects, and the Liaoning basketball team should not be discouraged

 Liao media: there is a gap in all aspects, and the Liaoning basketball team should not be discouraged

Rebounds 45:47, assists 13:24, steals 6:16, blocks 3:10, mistakes 18:10 When a games technical statistics are all backward, there will be no suspense about the outcome. On August 11, in the first match of the CBA finals in the 2019-2020 season, Liaoning mens basketball team, despite all its efforts, lost to Guangdong team by 88:110.

To be fair to say, the Liao basketball team has overfulfilled the task to be able to reach the finals, so there should be no psychological burden. However, after the start of the game, the Liao basketball players still showed a tense mood, and missed three-point shots. On the contrary, Guangdong team seems to be at ease, always controlling the rhythm of the game. Although the first half of the Liaoning basketball team was only 50:55 behind, but from the on-the-spot play and tactical execution, both sides are not in the same level. Its only a matter of time before Guangdong team wants to open the score.

In the third quarter, Guangdong team gradually expanded the leading edge, Liaoning mens basketball team finally sounded the counterattack horn, played a wave of 11:0. At the end of this section, Cong Mingchen hit his third three-point in this game, and the Liao basketball team surpassed the score by 73:72. This is the last time that Liaoning basketball team saw the dawn of victory. In the next 15 minutes, Liaoning mens basketball team only got 15 points. Guangdong team used counterattack to play a smooth cooperation, and finally won by 22 points.

In this game, Yi Jianlian was obviously troubled by injuries and his shooting rate was extremely low. He only made one of seven shots and missed all two free throws, only getting 2 points and 9 rebounds. In addition to protecting the rebounds, Yi Jianlians 26 minutes of playing is more significant in encouraging his teammates. But under the condition of Yi Jianlians poor condition and limited playing time, the Liao basketball team did not strengthen the breakthrough to create casualties, nor did it make good use of Han Dejuns strong point to make an article. When the Arab League breaks off the field, it is almost impossible to beat Guangdong team.

On the defensive side, compared with Guangdong teams semi-final opponent Beijing team, the Liao basketball team obviously did not do well enough. Almost none of the 9 three-point shots of Guangdong team in this game were forced to make a shot. All of them were making use of cover to create space opportunities, and their positions were basically the bottom corners. For such obvious tactical intention, Liao basketball did not make a good response in the defense. When Williamss breakthrough in the Liao basketball defense line split, Liao basketball did not consider to change the defensive strategy, with joint defense to limit. No matter in strategy or tactics, Liaoning mens basketball team suffered a complete defeat.

Because the finals are three games and two wins, so the Liaoning basketball team has not yet to give up. According to the schedule, the two sides will play the second match on the 13th. If the Liaoning basketball team wins, the two sides will have a decisive match on the 15th; if they lose, Guangdong team will become the ten champion. What Liaoning mens basketball team has to do now is to pack up a good mood, completely put down all the burden, play their real level in the competition on the 13th, and try their best to drag the finals into the decisive field.

Source: Liaoning Daily Author: Li Xiang, editor in charge: Wang Mengfei_ NBJS10260