Hong Kong media: Li Zhiying is suspected of subsidizing the black gold of the soliciting speculation team as high as 10 million yuan

 Hong Kong media: Li Zhiying is suspected of subsidizing the black gold of the soliciting speculation team as high as 10 million yuan

The national security office of the Hong Kong police arrested 10 people including Li Zhiying, founder of one media, on suspicion of colluding with foreign or foreign forces to endanger national security. Li Zhiying left Mong Kok police station in the early morning of this (12th) morning after being detained for nearly 40 hours. The amount of bail includes cash of $300000 (Hong Kong dollar, the same below) and $200000 personnel guarantee. It is also learned that Li Zhiyings assets of $50 million have been frozen.

Li Zhiying (China) was released on bail on the morning of 12

Hong Kong police reported Li Zhiyings arrest case on the evening of October 10, saying that senior media officials sought foreign sanctions against Hong Kong through foreign account financing gangs. According to the circular, the Hongkong police Guoan office investigated a group of 2 men and 1 women who had actively requested foreign sanctions or blocked Hongkong, and found that a number of media executives were using foreign accounts to provide financial support to the organization. Five men and one woman were arrested after the implementation of the national security law.

According to the Star Island daily, there are nine directors of the fund, including Zhang Jianhong, chief executive officer and President of Apple Daily, who were arrested the day before yesterday, and Zhou Daquan, chief financial officer of one media. The latter is also one of the founding directors of the fund. On the 11th, the media pointed out that the reporter of the newspaper had helped those suspected of participating in anti amendment demonstrations to successfully apply for the fund, and some of them have now left Hong Kong.

Hong Kongs Star Island daily

The group also claimed that the funds of the team had been properly kept in foreign banks for a long time, and would continue to organize and support counter attacks around the world, and demanded the real-time release of those arrested.

The organization I want to solicit speculation has threatened to actively promote soliciting speculation to save Hong Kong. According to the information searched by Xingdao daily, its members launched the crowdfunding plan of Chongguang Hong Kong Plan - morning after speculation on gofundme website at the end of May this year. The target is to raise 1.75 million US dollars (about 13.65 million Hong Kong dollars), and has raised more than 1.68 million US dollars (about 13.1 million Hong Kong dollars), which is close to the standard u3002

On October 10, spokesmen of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council and the Liaison Office of the Central Peoples Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region respectively made speeches, saying that they firmly support the police of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and arrested Li Zhiying and others on the same day according to law, and stressed that anti Chinese elements who collude with foreign or foreign forces and endanger national security must be severely punished according to law.

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