Why was Li Zhiying arrested at this time? Why let him out? Expert interpretation

 Why was Li Zhiying arrested at this time? Why let him out? Expert interpretation

Li Zhiying (data map / Wenhui)

Why was Li Zhiying arrested at this time?

In addition to Li Zhiying, Li Zhiyings two sons, Zhang Jianhong, chief executive officer of one media, and Zhou Daquan, chief operating officer and chief financial officer of one media, were arrested on the same day. Lis right-hand hand, American Mark Simon, was raided by the Hong Kong police. He has a close relationship with Li and was once the advertising director of one media. In July 2014, it was reported that Li had secretly donated more than HK $40 million to a number of opposition political groups and core members. Some of the donations were donated by Li in the name of mark Simon.

Li Zhiying was arrested by the police just a day after the United States announced sanctions against 11 Hong Kong officials and former officials, which makes people think that there is a connection between the two. But in fact, it is not. First, we do not know when the United States will take action, and this large-scale action should have been prepared in advance; second, China has also sanctioned 11 American people, and the principle of reciprocity has always been our diplomatic action program. Therefore, the motive of this action against one media should not be to respond to the US sanctions against Hong Kong officials.

However, one thing is certain: after the United States announced sanctions, the Hong Kong government and the police did not stop the operation and responded strongly to the US government. It can be seen that after more than a year of tempering, the political consciousness of the officials in the special administrative region has been improved, and it is no longer the harmonious as it was last year.

Therefore, we should still give the SAR government some recognition on the police action against one media.

After the arrest of relevant persons of one media on the morning of October 10, the police action was still not over. They arrested Li Zongze, a former member of the academic trend of thought, Li Yuxuan, a member of Hong Kong story, and Zhou Ting, a member of Hong Kong peoples aspirations.

Zhou Ting arrested (photo from Hong Kong media)

With the coming into force of the national security law, its role has gradually come into play. It can be expected that this law will play an important role in stabilizing Hong Kong. However, it was not a days cold. Hong Kongs problems were not caused by only one media or several organizations. It is impossible to eradicate the source of the problem by a single action of the police.

From the events in Hong Kong in the past year, we can see that Hong Kong is suffering from all aspects of the society. The focus comes from all levels of society, classes and industries, including ideological aspects such as values and ideology, and even the actual aspects of interest distribution and power struggle. Therefore, this operation should be the first step to get Hong Kong back on track, and there is still a long way to go.

First of all, from his involvement in secret donations of more than HK $40 million to a number of opposition groups, we can see that he is one of the main funders of the opposition. If the money is paid by himself, if he is convicted, the opposition will immediately lose an important sponsor; if the money comes from foreign anti china forces, the foreign country should find another credible person to replace Lis position. This should take some time, and the opposition has lost a reliable financial guarantee during this period. Therefore, Li Zhiyings arrest means that the opposition is likely to lose an important sponsor directly or indirectly.

The second is seismic action. After the enactment of Hong Kongs national security law, the opposition is still waiting to see whether the government will strictly implement the law enforcement level. In fact, to fight the tiger at once is to show the opposition the determination of the central government and the SAR government. We should know that Li Zhiying is often tied with key opposition figures such as Martin Lee and Anson Chan. The latter two have indicated that they have withdrawn from Hong Kongs political arena. Li Zhiying is now the only one. Therefore, the police take Li Zhiying as the target and have a psychological purpose.

Double label five eyes logic

At the international level, the United States immediately expressed its dissatisfaction. Some even claimed that Li Zhiying was patriotic. In fact, it is also right for Li Zhiying to be patriotic, because he is British, and what he has done in Hong Kong may also be beneficial to Britain. However, if you look at the recent sanctions imposed by the five eye alliance on Hong Kong, you can see that they have double standards. For example, they say that Hong Kong has a national security law, which weakens Hong Kongs autonomy. They also say that delaying the election of the Legislative Council in Hong Kong will also affect Hong Kongs democracy. But is that the case?

We should know that Hong Kong is a part of China and has a high degree of autonomy, but not a complete autonomy. The central government has been waiting for 23 years for Hong Kong to enact its own local laws on Article 23 of the basic law. Unfortunately, Hong Kong has failed to do so. As a result, the central government has taken the initiative to put Hong Kongs national security law into Annex III of the basic law of Hong Kong.

The second point concerns the postponement of the election of the Legislative Council.

Maybe there are two kinds of logic in this world, one is the logic of normal people, the other is five eyes logic.

Five eyes Alliance (resource map / Wikipedia)

According to statistics, in the first half of this year alone, nearly 6000 Americans have given up their American citizenship. What is this concept? In the whole of 2019, only about 2000 people gave up their US citizenship. In the first half of this year alone, the number of people who gave up their US citizenship was three times that of the whole year last year.

Of course, taking the overall population of the United States as the base, 6000 people are not much, but judging from the growth rate, we can feel how dissatisfied they are with their own country. Because if they are only dissatisfied with the current president, they can wait until the election results at the end of the year before deciding whether to give up their American nationality. The current group of people who have given up vote of no confidence in the future of the United States with their feet, so they decide not to have the nationality of this country now, and they will not wait for the election at the end of the year.

Nevertheless, trump has not put domestic affairs in the first place. In order to suppress China in an all-round way, I believe he will continue to take measures in Hong Kong. On August 11, the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress formally decided to postpone the election of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong and extend the term of office of the current members for at least one year. It is estimated that the United States will make further efforts in Hong Kong, such as expanding the list of sanctions officials. However, as the officials of the Special Administrative Region who have been subject to sanctions have said, they are not afraid of being punished at all, and this means only proves that the United States has fewer and fewer measures.

In fact, such hegemonic sanctions do not only happen in China.

Recently, the United States threatened to punish the responsible Danish engineering team in order to destroy the gas pipeline laying project between Germany and Russia. As a result, after the Danish team had no choice but to withdraw, Russia sent its own personnel to take over the rest of the project to ensure that the project could be completed on schedule.

But when two Russian engineering ships arrived at the construction base in mukran port, Germany, the United States warned Germany that all enterprises and individuals serving Russia in the port had the opportunity to be subject to us economic sanctions. At that time, the brother in the port snack bar may have to ask the nationality of the comers before selling sandwiches. Otherwise, it would be really wrong to sell them to the Russian crew and be punished by the United States.

Maybe we should congratulate Germany for successfully unlocking it. After all, being sanctioned by the United States can prove that you are a normal human logic, not a five eye logic.

Those who did not kill me will make me stronger.

From a positive point of view, it is also an opportunity for China to grow rapidly. As the only superpower in the world, the United States has a lot of cards to play, and it has the advantage of initiative and forerunner. At present, China is faced with all-round suppression from the United States and its allies. It can only do what it needs to do, focus on its own development and do what it should do. For example, in Hong Kong, when a strong response is made to sanctions, it is necessary to take measures to deal with national security affairs.

In conclusion, Nietzsche said, those who did not kill me will make me stronger. I hope China can say to the United States in ten years, thank you for not killing me. I am stronger today than ten years ago!