0-3 humiliating defeat! TEDA has sounded the security alert. New foreign aid will arrive in September

 0-3 humiliating defeat! TEDA has sounded the security alert. New foreign aid will arrive in September

The number of foreign aid exposed gap

In the first three rounds of the Chinese Super League, Tianjin TEDA team drew 1 and lost 2, but the strength of the whole team was not clear. In the first three rounds, there were two fights with the strong teams, and it seemed reasonable to lose; it seemed acceptable to draw with Chongqing Contemporary team of all China class. After all, Tianjin TEDA team lost foreign aid Jonathan in that game. Therefore, Shijiazhuang Yongchang team has become the best touchstone of Tianjin TEDA team.

The result was a blow to TEDA - through this game, we can see where the team is in this group. Although the fans have high expectations for Tianjin TEDA team to score points, the reality that Tianjin TEDA team has to face is that Shijiazhuang Yongchang team has five foreign aid, and only one foreign aid is in our starting lineup (above). The gap in the number of foreign aid also makes the strength of the two teams significantly higher than the other.

To make matters worse, Tianjin TEDA team lost the ball too early. Only 8 minutes after the opening, murich instigated an offensive, Zhong Jiyu outflanked the goal, and Shijiazhuang Yongchang team took the lead. After the game, Tianjin TEDA team head coach stiglick commented that there were two key points in the game, the first is to lose the ball quickly after the opening, which disrupted our pre game plan.

At the beginning of the second half, stiglick tried to change the formation and send Bastians to the court. Rong Hao, who had a strong momentum, appeared in the midfield to strengthen the attack. However, in the 60th minute, the game came to the second critical time point mentioned by stiglick. Zhao honglue got the second yellow card for his tackle and was sent off the field. Tianjin TEDA team was in the situation of one person less on the field. The sultry weather in Suzhou has made the players physically overdrawn, and the situation of one less person makes the whole team unable to turn the tables. Subsequently, Shijiazhuang Yongchang team presented defensive and counter attack tactics, Zang Yifeng and murich scored the goal successively and finally set the score at 3:0.

From the perspective of the two teams play, Tianjin TEDA team has no clear tactical routine on the field. Although the possession rate of the whole game is dominant, the attack can never give the opponent too much threat. It is worth noting that after Bastians appearance, the defense of Tianjin TEDA team has improved, which shows that foreign aid is quite helpful to the improvement of the overall strength of the team. At present, the biggest problem of Tianjin TEDA team is the serious shortage of foreign aid, especially in the background of Jonathans lack of war, it is far from enough to rely on achimpon in the middle and front court.

At present, Tianjin TEDA football club is speeding up the introduction of foreign aid. Lima is stepping up visa and air tickets, if all goes well, he will end isolation in early September and formally join the whole team.

Too much psychological pressure on the players

After the game, Shijiazhuang Yongchang team head coach gutby said that this is a sweet victory. Stiglick, by contrast, looks sad. When it comes to the reasons for the loss, the manager concluded: when we played Guoan and Shanghong Kong, the players didnt have so much pressure and were relatively relaxed, so the game was also very wonderful. Against Chongqing and Shijiazhuang, the outside world is looking forward to Tianjin TEDA team to win. The psychological pressure of the team members is too big, they do not have enough faith, no absolute ability, and no absolute confidence to win the game

Since taking charge of Tianjin TEDA team, stiglick seldom reminds the players to forget the game as soon as possible after losing. However, this time, he said in the Lounge: after the game, we should calm down and think about the problems and read less comments on the players on the Internet. I dont want you to be affected by the outside world. I hope you can settle down and do better in the future

At the press conference after the game, stiglick could not help but said: they are very good professional players, they will defend the honor of the whole team, want to work hard to run, are very good.

To some extent, stiglicks attitude after the game also proved his helplessness and vulnerability. In the absence of foreign aid, Tianjin TEDA team can be said to be the worst team in Suzhou. No matter how the formation and the starting line-up are adjusted, it is difficult to help the whole team change this reality. Whats more, in the next few games, the personnel situation of Tianjin TEDA team will not be improved. Lima needs to wait until the second half of the journey to join. Running in also takes time. Everything is full of unknown.

In the current situation, Tianjin TEDA team should be able to give up the goal of rushing into the top four of the group. It is not bad for this team to be more rational.

Source: editor in charge of tonights newspaper: Feng Haotian_ NSJS2656