Trump: if I lose, China will have the United States. You have to start learning Chinese

 Trump: if I lose, China will have the United States. You have to start learning Chinese

Trump talks to Hugh Hewitt radio

Bates also said that trump created a power vacuum in the world, which China filled. This, he added, is precisely why many in China openly support Trumps victory, and why Americans cant afford that outcome..

Trump and Biden have been trying to fight who is going to be tougher on China for the upcoming election. However, CNN noted that although the U.S. government is increasing pressure on China recently, trump has not specifically and fiercely condemned China in many public occasions, in addition to saying that he is strong against China, which is different from Secretary of state pompeios daily talk about Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other issues.

You know, this is part, this is part, when you look at it, I mean look at the map, it (Hong Kong) is attached to China. So in some ways, its a little tricky. But if we dont have a good competitor, we will do well. I think this competitor will be a much smaller one.

On June 29, the U.S. Department of Commerce cancelled Hong Kongs special status treatment and suspended preferential treatment for Hong Kong better than that of mainland China, including exemption from export licenses. However, different from Trumps statement, the chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Mrs Carrie Lam, said that the impact on Hong Kong was very small.

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Just now, the word Chinese plague suddenly appeared on the list of hot search words on the US social network Twitter.

And behind this is because US President trump just sent a ridiculous tweet tonight.

As shown in the figure below, in this post posted at 8:33 p.m. Beijing time on August 11, trump said this:

More new coronavirus testing, while a good thing (and we are the most tested in the world), is also the emergence of more cases, which will provide ammunition for the fake news media, which will be used to discredit the great work of Americans in dealing with the plague in China.

Of course, trump will say this because with the further deterioration of the new epidemic in the United States, many mainstream media in the United States believe that Trumps government has not done its due responsibilities, and that he should carry out more testing work, so as to detect and isolate the infected cases early. At the same time, with the approaching of the U.S. election, the number of infected people has exceeded 5 million, and more than 160000 people have died, which also makes his re-election prospects very dim.

China Chinas novel coronavirus pneumonia is a Chinese plague. It is a false impression that China is attacking the United States by creating a national epidemic in the United States. It is a false impression that China is attacking the United States by provoking the nationalism of the United States. Trump is not only absurdly convinced that these media are demanding more tests for his ugly.

Although many netizens on the list of plague in the United States have been approved by many netizens, Trumps comments on Chinas list were not approved by trump.

(the picture shows Trumps post that led to the word Chinese plague on the twitter hot search list)

The third largest semiconductor company in the world, Hisilicon, owned by Huawei, has been listed in the top 10 foreign media. The details of tiktok ban in the U.S. may not be done. The deed tax law of the peoples Republic of China will come into force on September 1, 2021. Source: editor in charge: Chen Hequn_ NB12679