Listen to Fengming: Jun Linyuan and Fengwu spend the night together, saying a lot of love words that girls want to hear

 Listen to Fengming: Jun Linyuan and Fengwu spend the night together, saying a lot of love words that girls want to hear

In listen to the Fengming starred by Yang Chaoyue, her CP Jun Lin Yuan is just like this. As the son of the sage king who is the head of the family, he is a graceful and excellent rich second generation.

Of course, there are many girls who like him. Feng Wu, a gifted girl who had an engagement with him, had to live in hiding after being plotted against.

Therefore, the engagement of the two people stopped, and it was said that Jun Linyuan had broken the contract. In fact, this should not be the meaning of Jun Linyuan. They were childhood sweethearts and never met each other when they grew up.

These two clearly expressed that they like Feng dance, which made Jun Linyuan, who was originally high and cold, quickened the pace of seeing his heart, and realized that he still liked Feng dance and didnt want to be robbed.

These snatches, these love enemies, also inspired him not to let people take away his fiancee psychology. So he endured the erosion and injury of the heartless Cup in his body, and he could not help but be moved by Feng dance again and again.

One is that Feng Xun is drunk and says that Feng Wu likes Jun Lin Yuan, and the other is that he wants to take advantage of Feng dances fat son.

Jun Lin Yuanben came to Fengwus room to express her love. As a result, Feng dance was bullied. Later, Feng dance would lose her innocence.

Scared into a group of Feng dance, let Jun Linyuan heartache. He had just learned that she had been bullied and was not doing well. At that moment, he probably regretted that he was late.

He hugged her, comforted her, and said the simple and moving love words: all the things that annoy you will pass away. Dont be afraid. I will be in everything...

Originally drunk Jun Lin Yuan, said this fall asleep. Left to listen to this Fengwu alone moved, this is obviously deeply moved her.

She has been wronged for so long, and suddenly understood, understood and confessed by people who have good feelings for her. Naturally, she is very touched.

Then he saw that Jun Linyuan had fallen asleep, so he lay beside him and spent the night together. It must have been the best night for Feng dance.

After all, a girl wants to have someone to rely on, and also wants someone to protect herself. She is naturally at ease and down-to-earth with people like that.

When watching this scene, her eyes were wet. No matter how strong a girl looks, no matter how fearless she is, she also has the elements of camouflage.

After all, its not easy to carry the gas upstairs, change the light bulb, do any physical work, make a living, and take care of the family, which is not easy. Most of the time, we just cant do it.

Like Feng dance, her mother and Qiuling are old and small, so she can only support this family, protect them and feed them.

If she has good ability and strong self-confidence, it will be easy. But for her who has lost her spiritual cultivation, she is just like a person who lives in real life without any physical skills, and her life is not easy.

It looks careless, but its just that theres no dependence, so dont cry for pain.

There are many such women around us. They are strong and used to, sometimes forget tears, because they know that no one will wipe tears, and people who rely on themselves will worry.

So she always lives with a smile and always pretends that everything is easy. One day, when I met the one who saw through his disguise, his grievance poured out and his tears and snot poured out.

A person gritted his teeth and walked for a long time, and suddenly a person he liked said he would carry you, hold you, or hold you. Naturally, he would be moved in a mess, and he would naturally feel happy.

Feng dance is undoubtedly lucky. In reality, there are many girls, that is, children without umbrellas. They may have to support their families early and have people to protect and take care of.

They will be very hard-working, will be very strong, they are not afraid to become a desperate girl, but a person running for a long time, will also be eager to meet people who can let themselves rest, who can pamper themselves, who can shelter themselves from the wind and rain.

If you are such a girl, I hope you can all meet such a person, meet the person who says everything is with me, and after that person will not bring you wind and rain instead.