Thirty only: Gu Jias father meets Lin you sometimes and gives her a correct view of love

 Thirty only: Gu Jias father meets Lin you sometimes and gives her a correct view of love

Even though Xu Huashan still loved her and begged her to forgive her, she did not dare to accept it because she was afraid that she would never be as good as before. But if the family is to be scattered and her son is still young, she will still be hesitant and frightened.

Hearing these, she will still be moved, will be sad, will impulsively get up to prepare to turn back, but turned around and sober up, feel cant accept that man again.

In a dilemma, she went to see her father and told him she didnt know what to do.

His father was a man of special understanding and affection. After losing Gu Jias mother, he never found another partner. He made an appointment with Lin youyou and wanted to talk to her.

In fact, it also means to persuade her to leave. She should not be entangled in other peoples family. Let her step out and live her own life.

Lin youyou said, I cant quit. Ill meet someone I love so much.

Dont drown yourself in a puddle before you see the sea, Gu said. Other peoples families belong to others, so it may not be good to rob them.

I feel that I will only love him all my life. I cant love others any more. I cant meet anyone who loves so much. Or feel that I will never meet such a good person again.

These ideas, in fact, are absolute and wrong. And Gus advice is the correct view of love.

Before we saw the sea, we thought that the small puddle was all, and that the reflection inside was the beautiful scenery. Yu Shishou refused to go, even if the puddle did not belong to us at all.

Of course, to let you leave the puddle and move forward, is not to let you look at a mountain high.

If the puddle belongs to you, you can stay in it all your life. If it doesnt belong to you, theres no need to hold on or rob.

Because as you get older, you have more experience, more knowledge, wider circle, continuous learning, continuous growth, the more roads you go and the more people you meet, you will find that there are many high-quality objects you meet.

Just like leaving a small puddle, you will find that there are streams, rivers, big rivers and sea outside. If you have more choices, you will understand how ridiculous you used to think that only love that person, you will not love others any more.

What you miss, what you cant let go, what you love is just the old time, or the self of that time, or you think that what you cant get, what you cant go back to is the best.

Its easy for you to encounter these thoughts which are harmful to you, such as the past, the present and the future.

Or because you cant get through that puddle, and you cant get it completely, you just linger around, you dont want to go ahead, you forget to go, and you wont make any progress or change. You will waste time, step in the same place, wasted time, depressed.

If you can wake up early and realize that there is a wider world, more people, and better love outside, you will not suffer for someone, or be sad and miserable for him.

This is not to let you not be infatuated, nor to let you go all the way to compare, but to let you look open, think far, do not imagine that person who does not belong to you is too perfect, so as to hold on, tiring yourself.

As Mr. Gu said, go to see the sea, and then think about the small puddle. Compare and confirm, will you still want to go back? Are you still in love?

Of course, to see the sea, or to have a connection with the sea, you also need to have the ability and conditions to get close to it.

But in the absence of efforts before, not before, or not for the sake of the love in front of the wrong person too sad.