What do girls think boys say is particularly greasy?

 What do girls think boys say is particularly greasy?

A single male hair dynamic said, I envy the girl who marries me in the future. She will be very happy.

[email protected]! Quiet

Unfamiliar men open yellow cavity casually, not only greasy, but also disgusting.

As you may remember, we Chinese girls are guarded by our Chinese boys. We Chinese children are not weak enough to even protect our Chinese women. Im sorry. I vomited.

My ex boyfriend said that the 50 yuan is our love fund this month

Playing pornographic edge ball and not too familiar with women to say some think very funny words, let people disgust.

[email protected] upon a time there was a mountain

Hello, beautiful woman. I said that just now that your products have been added.

[email protected]

Hi, beauty.

[email protected] Xiaofeng

If you are married or have a girlfriend, be coquettish to girls who should not be coquettish.

[email protected] Jenny.Ye

With a coquettish tone to say Oh, dont like this really goose bumps are up.

Can you send me a picture of you?

[email protected] Feixia

Beauty, have a drink tonight?

You say that, its no use. Really, listen to my brother. Im a person from the past. If you dont have any culture, you still have everything.

[email protected] Tieying

My dear little baby.

[email protected] Xing

When you dont like people to say love words to you, it will feel greasy.

[email protected]~

Dirty, seize every opportunity to pollute.

Uncle said: everything should be clean, no matter the face, clothes, or mind, thought. Clean is a persons best temperament, is also a persons best accomplishment. May each of us stay away from greasy and keep clean.