5 yuan was deducted from the 8.5 yuan meal fee of primary school students, and the director of the general affairs department was greedy for 1.31 million yuan a year

 5 yuan was deducted from the 8.5 yuan meal fee of primary school students, and the director of the general affairs department was greedy for 1.31 million yuan a year

In May 2018, an article reflecting the lunch problem of SHANGUAN Experimental Primary School in Jiangyin caused heated discussion. According to the investigation, Gong Xiujuan, then director of the general affairs department, embezzled 1.31 million yuan of students food expenses for more than a year by taking advantage of her position, which was equivalent to 8.5 yuan per student per day for lunch, and 5 yuan was deducted. In January 2019, Gong Xiujuan was sentenced for five years and fined 300000 yuan. The reporter noted that after Gong Xiujuan was sentenced, Wuxi Municipal Party committee made a special inspection on 671 canteens of 568 public primary and secondary school kindergartens in the city. In May 2019, the inspection results showed that eight people including Zhao Aimin, Secretary of the Party branch and President of Jiangyin Huashi experimental middle school, were put on file for investigation for the same canteen corruption problem.

Food material procurement is most likely to breed corruption. In this regard, Wuxi carried out school canteen governance reform, established a wholly-owned state-owned distribution company, and established a distribution system of unified procurement, unified processing, unified distribution, unified price, unified quality standards, and unified service standards. While strengthening the daily supervision, Wuxi discipline inspection and supervision organs urge relevant functional departments to fulfill the main responsibility and strengthen the supervision of food material procurement. By may 2020, 95% of schools have implemented centralized distribution.

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Henan Tanghe reported teachers eat empty pay incident: many principals will be punished

Beijing, Nanyang, August 7 (Xinhua) reporters learned on the 7th that more than one teacher in dahetun Town, Tanghe County, Henan Province was reported to have empty pay. Local officials responded that after investigation, a total of 5 teachers had empty pay problems, and three teachers asked for leave procedures were not standardized. The local government confiscated the salary of the 8 teachers and turned them over to the finance department and gave them punishment. At the same time, it is proposed to give corresponding punishment to the principals of the schools involved.

On August 6, Tanghe official released a notice through the official website of the county government that, according to the instructions of the leaders of the county Party committee, the supervision committee of the county discipline inspection commission formed an investigation group to investigate and implement the problem of empty pay of some school teachers in dahetun town reflected on the mass Internet.

According to the investigation, Yang Malong, a teacher of No.1 Middle School in dahetun Town, failed to go through the leave procedures as required due to his illness. He did not teach for 90 days in autumn of 2019 and spring of 2020, and stayed in Shenzhen; Zhang, a teacher of cheaidian primary school, failed to go through the leave procedures according to the regulations due to his sons illness, and did not teach for 69 days in the autumn of 2019; Hao Xiaozhuang primary school teacher, due to illness, failed to comply with the requirements They are required to go through the leave procedures, and have not taught for 29 days in the autumn of 2019.

At the same time, the school principals of No.1 junior high school in dahetun Town, where the off-duty teacher Yang Yilong is from, Wang Xingmou, principal of fayunsi primary school, Li xuechong, principal of wanglaozhuang Primary School of Zhao, Hao Mou of cheaidian Primary School of Zhang and Wang, Wang of Xiaozhuang Primary School of Hao Zhaoju, Hao of haomazhuang Primary School of Li, and Cao of Xiagang Primary School of Cao Qing, in the daily management of the school, the management of the teachers is loose, dereliction of duty and dereliction of duty, resulting in the problem of teachers leaving their posts and empty pay in the school. They plan to give Yang, Wang, Li, Hao, Wang, Hao and Cao.

For dahetun Town Central School, the staff of fayunsi primary school, wanglaozhuang primary school, wanglaozhuang primary school, Xiaozhuang and haomazhuang primary school staff, Zhang, Xiagang primary school, jiaoyanshan and chenmaoyuan, respectively, failed to find and correct the empty pay and leave of teachers in the subcontracting schools in the daily management For the nonstandard problem of leaving the post, Xiao, Wang, Zhang, Jiao and Chen were admonished to deal with the problem.

In addition, the headmaster of dahetun Town Central School, Yang Yiwei, was negligent in his work and failed to investigate the problem of pay for nothing of teachers in the District, which had a negative impact on the society. Yang will be given demerit recording punishment.

According to the circular, education administrative departments at all levels in the county should draw lessons from the above-mentioned cases, draw lessons from them, carry out the work of cleaning up and rectifying teachers who are paid for nothing and borrowed teachers, seriously investigate the employment management and attendance of primary and secondary school teachers, further strengthen the organization and personnel discipline, and strictly regulate the organizational structure and personnel management of cadres u201dIllegal behaviors and personnel such as empty pay and illegal occupation of the establishment should be investigated and dealt with in strict accordance with the law.

Embezzle school fees and take bribes! The former principal and vice principal of a school in Guangxi were sentenced

In January 2010, the municipal No.1 Vocational School and Yulin Normal University jointly run a school. The tuition fees are collected first and then distributed according to the agreed proportion. At the end of 2012, Zhang, the vice president of a vocational middle school, was responsible for the joint school running, and determined to transfer the joint school running expenses to Zhangs personal account for unified management. At the end of 2016, after discussion, Shen Dehai, Huang Shanrong and other four decided to take 80000 yuan out of the joint school running expenses managed by Zhang, and each of them would get 20000 yuan.

From 2013 to 2016, the defendant, Huang Shanrong, took advantage of his position as vice president of Central Plains, accepted the request of others, took care of student labor dispatch in winter and summer vacation every year, sought benefits for others, and received a total of 440000 yuan from ye and other three people.

The defendant Shen Dehai was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of six months and a fine of 100000 yuan for the crime of corruption; he was sentenced to five years imprisonment and a fine of 350000 yuan for the crime of accepting bribes. He decided to carry out fixed-term imprisonment of five years and three months, and was also fined 450000 yuan.

The defendant, Huang Shanrong, was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of two years and six months and a fine of 200000 yuan for the crime of corruption; he was sentenced to one year and ten months of fixed-term imprisonment and a fine of 120000 yuan for the crime of accepting bribes. He decided to carry out four years imprisonment and a fine of 320000 yuan.

The illegal income of embezzlement withdrawn by the two persons shall be returned to Yulin No.1 Vocational secondary vocational school, the victim; the illegal income from bribery shall be confiscated according to law and turned over to the state treasury.

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