May the days be clean and gentle when you look up

 May the days be clean and gentle when you look up

This is uncles notes. Its 9:30 every night

Accompany you through your years, warm and cold, cure you are in the line

All hard work is a gift.

How strong I can be, I dont have more hearts than others.

People, sometimes really need a spiritual sustenance, do anything will have more confidence.

In this world, except barren and aging can be effortless, everything else you want needs you to work hard.

Wear warm make-up, meet the people you like, and dream of yearning. Strive to make every day happy and meaningful, not for others, only for themselves.

Sideburns whisper: very vulgar, he and I are the first time in love, he said: hand out, I have something for you, and then he took my hand, it was summer, holding a hand of sweat, not willing to let go.

Hot noentry_ We went for a walk with him. On the dam of the reservoir, the street lights were dim and there was no one around. I stopped to hold him. He was a head taller than me. After the embrace, we looked at each other for a while. He lowered his head and gave me a light, light kiss on my forehead. (treated so gently for the first time)