He who counsels people to take care of his excrement will pull a strong bow

 He who counsels people to take care of his excrement will pull a strong bow

Tiktok is probably not a vibrant prisoner anymore, but his brother spends two hours a day to row and row. Many people think that the tiktok is poisonous. I dont think its a big problem to spend a fixed amount of time every day.

Of course, you cant eat too much. If you eat too much, its easy to die.

From the perspective of tiktoks popularity among young people in the United States, the spiritual and cultural life of the American people is indeed very poor. I am worried about them. They have Hollywood, McDonalds and Disney, but tiktok has only been there for two years, and it has become the most downloaded app.

What does that mean? American loneliness is in urgent need of rescue. Loneliness is a silent thing. We cant resist it, and Americans cant refuse it even more. Such a good product, now the president of the United States is shouting to kill. I am really ashamed that he is a man of the earth.

I remember many years ago, a strange phenomenon was often found in China. Tobacco and wine produced in one place could not be sold in another area, which was called local protectionism.

The American way of doing things is no different.

American authorities think tiktok is threatening them. My second brother didnt expect that Americans who show their muscles every day suddenly become so insecure. Ask: you are so self-confident, what do those lackeys do? Have you ever thought about it?

To be sure, some people will say that every other line is like a mountain. You dont understand!

The difficulty of understanding and cognition between people is not only separated by a mountain? Its separated by countless mountains. This kind of strangeness, even if it is colleagues, classmates, father and son, brother, is also completely can happen.

There is a famous saying in the West: there are no forever friends, only permanent interests. In fact, the deeper meaning of this is that only permanent interests can have permanent friends.

The great man once said, who is our friend and who is our enemy is the first question of revolution. This question has never been out of date.

What were the benefits of tightening the belt and supporting the distant beacon of Europe plan? Help the righteous! Be at home! There are also small countries in Southeast Asia, which, after receiving all kinds of aid, have turned against each other in the end.

At this time, the use of no forever friends, only permanent interests to round the field is really wrong. We should forgive ourselves in this way: at that time, we didnt know what the eternal interest was. We made friends and were a little bohemian. Its like the title of an online novel [when we were young, we didnt understand love].

So you see, temporary friendship by expedient measures will not be forever friends. The so-called core interests will change with time, and friends will always abandon.

The eternal interests are universal and long-term, and the friends in need are also close to forever.

As a big strategic country, from staff officers to peddlers, even if the four operations are not easy, they all like to play with the art of war.

The obscene man who seems to be submissive will tell the truth when he drinks too much: he is pretending to be a grandson.

In the heart of every grandson, there is a strategy of if you cant bear it, you will make a big plan.. Some non-governmental diplomats can explain any senseless trick: there are no forever friends, only permanent interests. This is the only diplomatic golden phrase they have.

Of course, if you are full of lust and lust, if you are rich, you will have strong demands. If you are rich, you will have to make enemies. The drama code has changed, and the plot has gone up and down. It needs the former friends to change roles and play the part of the enemy.

Its just like letting a vegetarian second brother eat meat. Its hard to be a friend.

Therefore, before understanding the eternal interests, there are only temporary friends, but permanent enemies, and the eternal heart of death will not die.