A persons best state: others on right and wrong, you have not heard

 A persons best state: others on right and wrong, you have not heard

In the letter received by Mingyi, many friends have confided in such troubles: when people sit at home, disaster comes from heaven..

For example, Mr. A was poor in his early years, and his parents died one after another. He and his brother were in a high school and a university. Their relatives were afraid that they might implicate them, so they closed their doors one after another. The two brothers worked hard and lived hard. After 20 years, they started their own businesses and made a fortune. Their days were getting better. However, relatives who had not contacted for decades came to visit and borrowed money and asked for help Not to agree, they will be scolded by relatives, no conscience, we did not help in those years, how did you grow up? Even those who do not know really think that their relatives helped them in those years. They even accused them of being kind, which made Mr. a angry and funny. Relatives who have broken ties for more than 20 years suddenly come to our homes after we grow up and make so many right and wrong. Are you cold hearted?

For example, Ms. B is kind-hearted to help a new colleague who has just entered the workplace. As a result, the other party constantly stabbed her in the back and told her private affairs as a joke to everyone. Her heart was broken. She said, seeing her, I seem to see myself being teased by others when I first enter the workplace. I just want her to avoid detours, but she takes my private affairs to please other colleagues. Do you really think I am a fool?

My heart to the moon, but the moon shines on the ditch.

In your life, you must have had such a story of trying not to please?

When it happens to someone else, you look at him pitifully. Once it happens to yourself, you will doubt that it is really so difficult for the whole world and people to live?

There is a saying Mingyi especially like: not confused in the heart, not trapped in love.

When a person is faced with right and wrong, his heart is quiet, everything is not in disorder, and his love is firm. Who can trap you?

The most inspiring story I ever heard was that a person living on the first floor could hear a hateful neighbor outside the window every day saying that he was not good, that was not right, and there was a lot of right and wrong. He could not help but open the window and yell at each other, and then he was in a bad mood for several days. Later, when he moved to the second floor, he heard some people speak ill of himself downstairs. However, he was angry. He threw a basin of water through the window, and a neighborhood war broke out.

Finally, he moved to the fourth floor, and the voice of the downstairs became weaker and weaker. Occasionally, he could only guess whether the other party was talking about himself by his voice. However, there was no real evidence, so he could only meet his face in the shade to show his dissatisfaction, but he could not quarrel Until a few years later, the community moved. Although he was still living in the same neighborhood with his hateful neighbor, he moved to the 20th floor. He could not even see whether the neighbors were passing by from the downstairs. All of the discussions and arguments that had been made suddenly disappeared, and his mood naturally improved.

When you are promoted, you cant hear the right and wrong of others.

And the best state of a person is that you dont hear others talk about right and wrong.

Behind this, is that you keep trying, the harder, the more upward, the more far away.

We should not be confused because it is just a happy moment. We should always strive to improve ourselves faster and higher. When others look to you, it is not whether they have the opportunity to talk about you, but whether you are willing to bow down to see him.

Ma Weidu once said that a persons best state is: his eyes are full of stories, but he has a smile on his face. He is not sad in his heart, but indifferent to sadness, not confused in his heart, not trapped in feelings, not reading the past, not afraid of the future.

In fact, life is not so complicated, as long as you always know, as long as you are willing to work hard.

Efforts are for themselves, but also to stay away from those unnecessary right and wrong.