I like relationships that dont have to guess.

 I like relationships that dont have to guess.

Male sex is too good, wind up the circle of friends, can have more than 30 girls message.

Its girlfriends, friends, business partners

I think so, too tired of emotional drag is also consumption.

What kind of feelings make people feel secure?

Before going out, he gently told his girlfriend:

Go home on time at 9 oclock, the box number will be sent to you, and you can check the post at any time;

No drinking, just tea. All the men are present.

Seeing his girlfriends reluctant eyes, he pulled over.

What is the sense of security that women want?

In fact, they dont want much and are easy to satisfy.

When she comes to you, she responds to everything.

Not every second, but dont perfunctorily.

If all these men are like this, the divorce rate will be low.

What would you do if your ex suddenly contacted you?

Zhang Jin gave his answeru2014u2014

When he was in love with CAI Shaofen, he received a phone call from his predecessor:

In front of CAI Shaofen, he said to the other end of the phone:

No, Im in another relationship now.

Even though there have been all kinds of beautiful memories on the other end of the phone.

But thats in the past. I wish I had you for the rest of the day.

She is an ordinary salesman. She thought she had got love.

But after marriage, her husbands indifference and masculinity almost let her mood fall to the bottom.

At family dinners, no one cared about what she said, only treated her as a vase to clean the house.

Her husband often works late and never shows her his mobile phone.

She has gone from a woman who takes care of her garden to be moody.

Peaceful life and money are not enough to define stability.

The real security is caring, accompanying, understanding and even gentleness.

For a woman, compared to the one who gives her freshness and palpitation.

She cares more about the person who makes her feel at ease and wants to find her all the time.

Other friends joked, it doesnt matter if its a minute late.

He specially seriously replied: once a year birthday, I said to accompany her can not break the appointment.

The feeling of security in the feelings is like a palace, which is built by one tree and one column.

You promised her to chat with her after work, and you did it;

You said you would go to the supermarket this weekend morning and you did it;

You promised to learn a dessert for her, and you did.

Live up to every trust, is the best tenderness in the feelings.

Married a man who looks ordinary and not so interesting.

Hes not a romantic. The only thing he can do is refuse.

He had no girlfriends, and he would not be anyones.

Do not deliberately show love, but holding her hand in public, social circles have her shadow.

Will not suddenly play disappear, will not ignore people for no reason;

His friends all know you, your friends are assured of his conduct;

No matter how sharp the questions are, he will answer them honestly and will not change the topic.

Someone can eat, drink and have fun with you.

Im tired and I like you, but I cant afford to wait.

When a person enters an intimate relationship, the trauma in an intimate relationship is more likely to double than that in an ordinary interpersonal relationship.

Love someone who doesnt understand you can make you feel more depressed when you are not cared about.

Those who easily dare not open their hearts, most of them are because they once really loved and were really disappointed.

Usually you are a navigator. If you have him, you will become a road fool;

Usually you are the chef. You cant even cut the dishes well with him;

Usually you are the coldest. You will become a child with him.

When he goes out, you can leave his wechat alone.

Do not play mobile phone together, not together seconds return information;

Love before and after the same attitude, there must be a future plan for you.

Put you in a very important position and think about how you feel.

By his side, you know you will never be left behind.

You know that no matter what happens, as long as he is there, he will protect you.

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The one who can make you love safely is the one who is worth it.