Why is the Chinese restaurant, which returns to Shenzhou and takes pictures of the Yangtze River, been criticized as a hot search?

 Why is the Chinese restaurant, which returns to Shenzhou and takes pictures of the Yangtze River, been criticized as a hot search?

Chinese restaurant was expected a lot before the fourth season, because it was not only Zhao Liyings first variety show after her comeback, but also a variety show that returned to mainland China because of the epidemic.

This time, Chinese restaurant is no longer going far away to bring Chinese food culture to foreign friends. Instead, it chooses Hubei, the epicenter of the epidemic, to take the Yangtze River as the route and Wuhan as the terminal station, so as to lead the world to appreciate the features of Hubei and the Yangtze river.

It is reasonable to say that such a patriotic love of the Yangtze River theme and content, how can it win some popularity, but unexpectedly, once the program was broadcast, it was scolded on the hot search, in the end, why?

The problem lies in the editing. In order to stir up enthusiasm, there are more malicious clips in the early stage. Zhao Liyings fans point out that because of the problems in the early stage of editing, she was scolded by the whole network. Zhao Liyings working pictures were cut clean. She did nothing, did nothing, and had a temper. There is also a scene of picking up a few chopsticks and bowls while eating. He is scolded by the keyboard man for being ungracious and ungracious. Im surprised. If you dont chop a few of these soup rich dishes, how can you find them? As for such a high-level line?

To clarify, Im not a fan of Zhao Liying. I just cant watch the malicious editing by the program group. I understand that in a variety show, every artist has its own set-up. For example, Zhang Liangs Chinese restaurant has its own set-up, such as chatterbox, funny responsibility and cool joke talent, but it doesnt push the artists to a point where they need to be reviled. This way of doing this is too ugly.

In addition to the hype, the content of the first issue is also very fascinating. Just carrying boxes is about half an hour long. There are many stairs. Its really hard for them to move up and down. However, we always let the audience watch them carry things. Apart from seeing Huang Xiaomings tired heart, I dont know what the meaning of this period of time is.

The latter content is even more fascinating. For example, when preparing dishes, chef Lin makes all kinds of shopping regardless of the starting price of 2000 yuan. People are professional chefs. Ah, dont you know how important money is to the team? If this does not count, after all, chef Lin has enough confidence to earn the money back. Then its hard to say about the menu planning. Zhao Liyings anxiety about the menu, chef Lins gag with Zhang Liang, and Huang Xiaomings indifference make people feel disobeyed.

With so many seasons of Chinese restaurant, there is no reason to make such low-level mistakes. Obviously, the program team has set up these bridges to create conflicts.

Besides, Huang Xiaoming has lost the momentum of the last season. I dont know if he was baptized by the elder sister of riding the wind and waves. This season, he basically no longer has such hegemonic words as I dont want you to think, I want me to feel, but he has a little more comfort and consideration for everyone. To tell you the truth, I would like to see Huang Xiaoming who is full of momentum. To be honest, after all, you are the store manager, and all the overall planning needs to be carried out seriously. To put it bluntly, it is necessary to have a backbone and a leader. If it is such a loving style, I might as well go to see yearning for life.

On the whole, if the score is low this season, the editor should back the pot, because there are too many moths.

In other words, the purpose of this season is to carry forward the positive energy of Chinese food and promote Hubei. However, how many local customs and customs of Hubei are really poor. The shocking scene of the Three Gorges is very good, which not only embodies Chinas national important equipment, but also embodies the countrys people-friendly project. While feeling the Great Three Gorges, we also call on you to go Three Gorges to experience in person. Unfortunately, there are not many such scenes at present.

In fact, if the program group is not eager to show the chatter and hard work of every star in the early stage, but to record the Hubei Province after the epidemic, maybe the program will be upgraded to a higher level, pay attention to the peoples livelihood and the peoples feelings, so as to better serve the people in Hubei, rather than visiting the house and chatting with each other. It seems silly.

As for the trend of the later stage program, and look at the performance of the later stage. Dont make malicious editing for gimmicks. Maybe there will be surprise. After all, its a return journey. Hope to be more tolerant!