Gu Jia tells you: women only want to be the power bank of her husband? And then they got divorced

 Gu Jia tells you: women only want to be the power bank of her husband? And then they got divorced


Zhong Xiaoqin is the happiest woman in thirty. But I believe you dont want to live as Zhong Xiaoqin. The real life will force you to grow up quickly. There are too few examples of Zhong Xiaoqin being protected by her parents in the first half of her life and her husbands protection in the second half of her life. Even if divorced in the middle, its just a small ripple in life. Do other women, after divorce, there will be small fresh meat chasing 18 streets? Can you remarry smoothly after divorce? The odds are too small, so you can do it - please, dont believe it.

Wang Mani, blame yourself. I just dont understand, this struggle for eight years still cant save money or moonlight, this is what concept? What is she going to do for the next eight years? Whats more, its been the best and most youthful years of life - in other words, the best eight years to make money. The rest of the day is bound to be more difficult. Or that sentence, the writer will do what he likes. People are more realistic. Gu Jia is too realistic. He is willing to stay behind the scenes when his condition is so good. Act as a military adviser and give full support to my husband. What happened? Its still rejected.


Gu Jia is a fundamental mistake, which also reminds many women. She also made the best summary: before, I thought that every fireworks display by Xu Huashan was for me, for the sake of this family, I was really ridiculous. I just want to be his power bank. I know more than he knows. Let him talk to me forever. What I do will become his pressure? You still have a power bank. Why not a perpetual motion machine. Gu Jia did not have self-knowledge, but did not know peoples wisdom. Cant she see what kind of man her husband is?

Some men, he longed for his wife can bring the greatest help in his career. So, its very suitable for you to be a power bank. A man can get the financial aid and intelligent assistance he wants from you. The three cobblers are better than Zhuge Liang. Moreover, the husband and wife have the same heart and their profits cut off gold. If you are not a power bank, men will think how you are like this. Whose wife, how powerful and powerful. You want to be able to help yourself. Those who are insidious should also be good internal helpers in various ways.


Some men, he does not like his wife to interfere too much. For one thing, its not convenient to tell people who live next to them. Second, there is a clear distinction between public and private. Career work that is outside things, dont take home, not to worry with his wife. Some men are very manly and dont like womens opinions. Even if it was reasonable, he felt that he could not live up to his face. In this way, your power bank is really useless. Moreover, it will cause conflicts between husband and wife anytime and anywhere. The pressure you give him cant change his motivation, instead, he has accumulated resentment.