The thinner, the uglier! Why some face thin, but not good-looking?

 The thinner, the uglier! Why some face thin, but not good-looking?

Thin but not good-looking people, no more than a feature: thin show old.

What facial condition person thin easy show old?


Zygomatic height and zygomatic arch enlargement

How to judge whether their cheekbones are high or not, zygomatic arch does not extend outside, maybe many people rely on feeling.

Here we teach you a simple judgment skills: zygomatic height from the side, zygomatic arch expansion from the front. If there is obvious prominence on the whole facial line, then it means you have been hit.

For Asians, high cheekbones do not necessarily extend the zygomatic arch, but zygomatic ectasia generally has high zygomatic bones.

Peoples impression of Yu Feihong has always been a mature and intellectual beauty, mainly due to her high cheekbones.

Therefore, people with high cheekbones and zygomatic arch should not let their faces be too thin, and they need to keep their soft tissues round. Because after losing weight, the sunken feeling under cheekbones is more obvious, which will aggravate the sense of age.

Liu Taos image in Ode to joy is obviously more mature than the legend of the white snake. But there were no obvious wrinkles around her eyes and face, and even her skin color was whiter. In fact, this sense of age comes from the more obvious cheekbones, but it is also quite in line with the president.

Its the same for girls and boys.

It is generally acknowledged that the peak of xuanbins beauty is my name is Jin Sanshun. At this stage, his face soft tissue is quite full, even if there is a slight expansion of zygomatic arch, he is still full of juvenile feeling without facial depression.

Later, xuanbin, who turned to be a tough guy, deliberately lost weight and gained muscle. Because its cheekbones are more existential, after becoming thin, the lower half of the face inward depression is obvious, more mature mans charm.

For men, zygomatic bone is a powerful weapon to build a mature and strong image. But for girls, it is hard to avoid, and it is inevitable to show old age. About how to improve through make-up, click here to review!


Now its flat

Some peoples cheekbones are not high, even before losing weight, cheekbones have no sense of existence. However, when you lose a little bit of weight, the cheekbones become very obvious, which is actually because it is flat at the moment.

Lin Yuns cheekbones are very smooth. From the front and side, the words high cheekbones and zygomatic arch expansion have nothing to do with her.

But notice that Lin Yuns immediate position is a slightly sunken state.

From the side, it is more obvious. Pay attention to the height of the immediate part, slightly lower than the cheekbones.

At the beginning of his career, Lin Yun didnt deliberately lose weight. He was just right. At this time, she, apple muscle is also very full, now flat characteristics did not show, cheekbones also have no sense of existence. The whole persons temperament is vigorous and lively.

Here to mention one more thing, many people think that Lin Yun this is the emergence of a tooth mask face..

Braces face: teeth cant chew food normally because they wear braces, resulting in facial muscle atrophy and facial depression

However, after a careful inquiry, I came to the conclusion that Lin Yun should have worn braces for a period of time in the early stage and used porcelain teeth to correct teeth, but in recent years, he did not wear braces. And Lin Yun has never seen photos of wearing braces, not even those of invisible braces. So I still prefer to lose weight.

We should pay attention to distinguish the depression in the current flat surface, the concave place is completely different. Lin Yun is flat at present, but the height in the surface is enough;

The big S is the depression in the face (which is significantly lower than the forehead and chin).

People who are depressed in the face should not be fat. Because of the soft tissue, there is not enough bone in the face to support, so it is easier to have striation.

Just talking about facial features, of course, big S is beautiful


Deep eye socket

Sunken eye socket is an important sign of aging.

Deep eye socket after weight loss, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of depression above the eye, the aging of both visual sense.

Why are European and American people more mature and older than their Asian counterparts? Deep eye socket is an important reason.

Millie Bobby Brown shot the cover of the ad the other day. She was 16

Yuan Quan is always mistaken for a half breed, because her eyebrows and eyes are very three-dimensional and profound.

To sum up, childrens shoes with high cheekbones, wide zygomatic arch, flat eyes and deep eye sockets should be careful to lose weight. Otherwise, they will not be as beautiful as their faces after suffering from bitter pain. This is a sad thing.

Dont worry. Losing weight is not the same thing. Face cant be thin, well find a way to lose weight

If you think the flesh on your body is much better than that on your face, it means that you are not really fat, you are just puffy! You can calculate your BMI. Generally speaking, in this case, your weight is in the normal part.

Since we want to shape, we must rely on sports. There is no need to reduce the amount of food, but to do a variety of body shaping exercises. In the condition of not affecting the face as much as possible, throw away all the body fat!

Zhao Liying belongs to the right small meat face, and her figure is also very slim. She doesnt need to lose any weight at all.

Via: qianchundu

In order to better shape her body, Zhao Liying has been working hard to keep fit. Some time ago hair muscle photo is really amazing to me!

Many girls are really blind pursuit of thin, always feel that their face is not small enough, and choose to play thin face needle.

The principle of the thin face needle is to block the nerve impulse of the nerve and muscle, paralyze the overdeveloped masseter muscle, achieve the purpose of disability atrophy, make the original hypertrophic muscle shrink, and achieve the effect of small face.

In other words, if your face is really caused by masseter muscle hypertrophy, then the needle can really help you thin face.

In some people, the masseter muscle is not hypertrophic, but simply because of more meat, or mandibular angle caused by the big face, if this situation blindly choose a thin needle, atrophy is the normal facial muscles, but lead to cheek depression, others think that your family has been in famine for three years.

If your face is big because of masseter muscle or fat, please go to a regular public hospital or plastic surgery hospital, and let professional doctors identify it.

Some beauty salons or Putian hospitals will only lie in order to make money. No matter whether you are masseter hypertrophy or not, they will trick you into taking a dose of facial acupuncture. With botulinum toxin to toss normal facial muscles, waiting for you may be facial depression, stiffness, wrinkles and other sequelae.

Lin Yichen is a fleshy face, Li Yuchun is a bony square face. After many years of their debut, they have never done plastic surgery to conform to the public aesthetic, but they are still very good-looking!

Or that sentence, do not blindly pursue small face, thin face, beauty is diverse, there is no standard. Most of the troubles are found by yourself. Maybe you are beautiful enough in the eyes of others!

Well, thats all for todays article

The little sister in the studio said that she didnt know why she was not as good-looking as before after losing weight. She was trying to eat it back!

If you have the same problems as her, do you agree with the facial features mentioned in the article? If so, get back to your diet and do some exercise! Ill see you next time