Song Xi is so good at wearing it! A white gauze skirt is fresh and gentle, worthy of walking in the fashion end of the woman

 Song Xi is so good at wearing it! A white gauze skirt is fresh and gentle, worthy of walking in the fashion end of the woman

No matter what version of the small white skirt, as long as there is skin exposure design, it will not be easy to wear a dull feeling. Appropriate skin exposure can not only get rid of the singleness of the small white skirt, but also add highlights to the shape while showing the figure, so that the fresh small white skirt can wear a simple and elegant sexy style. In order to avoid the appearance of gaudiness in the shape, the exposed skin design should not be too much, otherwise it is easy to reduce the temperament. For example, Song Xis white gauze skirt shows the lines of shoulder and neck through the bra design, so that the fresh temperament exudes the sexy feminine flavor.

The important thing of small white skirt is to highlight the fresh and elegant temperament, but in order to avoid the monotony of modeling, some fashionable elements can be appropriately added in the design to reduce the visual but boring. For example, retro elegant wave point elements, choose the playful and sweet wavelet points to enrich the fashion sense of small white skirt, and control the density of wave points will not appear messy and vulgar. Like Song Xis small white skirt, the color of the wavelet points scattered in the skirt body, fresh and sweet and slightly elegant style.

There are many styles of small white skirt, and the wearing method is also changeable. The small white skirt is usually directly worn alone, which can highlight the fresh and elegant temperament, but the fashion sense of the double wearing method is not bad, especially in autumn and winter, if you want to wear a small white skirt and be afraid of being too cold, you might as well try the way of folding the sweater, so that the pure temperament of the small white skirt and the youthful vitality of the sweater are combined together, and the rate of return is absolutely high. Like Song Xis look is just like this. Its full of vitality and looks like the lady next door. Its so beautiful.

If you want to create a different style of small white skirt, try the small white skirt with knitted style. With the popularity of retro style, the market rate of all kinds of knitted fabrics is also increasing. The soft fabric gives people a delicate and gentle feeling. It is elastic and super inclusive, which can make the wearer look thinner and more fashionable. For example, Song Xis style is wearing a cream white knitted skirt. Different knitting shapes combine together to create a sense of fashion, which makes her temperament more and more advanced.

Song Xis fashion is really more and more fierce, this is also too good to wear! Even simple white gauze skirt can wear a fairy temperament, worthy of walking in the forefront of fashion. The style of skirt is changeable, but the most easy to control is the small white skirt of non basic color. The fresh and elegant style is simply the embodiment of temperament. After reading the content shared by enterprise Emperor today, dont say that you cant wear a small white skirt. Its hard to learn from coach song.