Product design is all eye-catching, but it only wants to be a neglected product

 Product design is all eye-catching, but it only wants to be a neglected product

Tracing back to its roots, the crux lies in being too utilitarian and making products serve the marketing industry market.

Looking at the rising Guochao and Internet brands in recent years, they tend to over hype the concept, cater to marketing, change the appearance style and step on the hot spots, such as pink little series, Guochao style and Zen style, which lack of real attention to users actual use and lack of real innovation in interaction and structure in design.

In addition, there are many designers who take the responsibility of bringing forth the old and bring forth the new, and intend to create a new way of life through design, and lead people to adapt to new things. They take great pains to open their brains. However, the products they design need to make users spend a lot of time and energy to learn and adapt to the products. The threshold is high and the psychological burden is heavy.

In life, many products convey wrong information. For example, the handle seems to be pushing, but actually it needs pulling. The wrong product makes users feel depressed and heavy to use. This is the design problem. Really easy to use design, even if you dont read the manual

It also makes it easy for users to use. Although it is a new product, it makes people feel that it has existed for a long time without any obstacles to use and even does not need manual.

In the final analysis, these products do not feel the designers experience and love for life, and do not take into account the users mood and actual experience.

Part02 how to make design serve users?

Light in size, simple in appearance, color matching, interface layout, opening seams... In general, the discussion of product design always focuses on the parts that we can see at first sight. However, product design does not stop at the exposed parts, but also some invisible parts.

For example, the delicate vibration transmitted to the palm of the palm by tapticengine requires the linear motor inside the fuselage; while the iPhone x achieves a full screen with four equal sides and wide rounded corners, ordinary people will not know the better packaging technology it adopts.

1. Enhance the delicate touch of mobile phone case

When people use products, touch is the fastest and most direct physiological reaction.

The mobile phone case is in close contact with both hands. If the mobile phone case is touched every day for 365 days, it will damage your hands if you touch it every day for 365 days.

Just like the fine vibration transmitted from tapticengine to the palm and the linear motor inside the fuselage, pitaka selects the scarce 600D aramid fiber as the main material of aircase, so that the feel party can experience the climax from comfort to scream.

At the beginning of R & D, pitaka engineers found that most of the mobile phone cases on the market were made of plastic, silica gel, PC and other materials. They felt rough and had no sense of touch. In other words, they never considered the feeling problems and did not realize the care for users.

After trying 100 + kinds of materials and 1000 + experiments, the aramid fiber, which is harmless to the body and rare and high-end, has passed the RoHS and reach certification of EU. After a series of complex processes, such as strict weaving, grease dipping, vacuum molding, precision laser cutting, three times of manual grinding and three times of spraying, the aramid fiber was finally made.

In fact, aramid fibers attempt in the digital field started with the use of aramid fiber in the back cover of overseas palm mobile phones, and then Motorolas Razr blade series also tried on the back cover of mobile phones. These brands value the classic texture appearance, comfortable handle and heat dissipation performance of aramid fiber.

It is a very bold and high-cost attempt to use expensive aramid fiber on the mobile phone case. Pitaka dares to do so because of its deep understanding of aramid fiber materials: the biggest characteristic of aramid fiber is its weight and toughness, its strength is 5-6 times of steel wire, its toughness is 2 times of steel, and its weight is only about 1 / 5 of steel, which is the reason why it is widely used to make bulletproof vests.

Using aramid fiber to make mobile phone case and other portable items can maximize its lightness, hand feel and super durable performance.

At the same time, in order to make our hands feel cared for, we decided to spray the environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly hand feeling coating. After tens of thousands of spraying tests, the mobile phone case feels comfortable to the skin, delicate and smooth, comfortable to hold and good to explosion.

In the small and easily overlooked details, let users feel the design of care and heart.

2. Design of embedded steel sheet in mobile phone case

When the convenient magnetic suction products enter the publics view, the mobile phone can be attached to any object at will, which will become the cool life of everyones dream.

Pitaka makes magezcase by embedding the magnetic sheet into the mobile phone case, which neither increases the thickness nor affects the beauty. Under the premise of embedded steel sheet, it still keeps light texture (0.85mm thick and 16g heavy), which is a great test for process design and production.

Breaking through the industry limit and embedding steel sheet, users can make innovation without seeing, touching and experiencing, and try to eliminate the existence of the product itself, and truly transmit the smooth experience of magnetic suction to users, so that they can truly feel the convenience and cool brought by the product.

If it can be simple, dont be complicated. What users really need is not a product with a high sense of existence, but a product that can be used without instructions, and can be operated subconsciously without a lot of process guidance. Simple, direct and fast, thats what they really want.

3. Solve the pain point of power bank

Since hi is the most easy quagmire designers fall into: do not stand in the users point of view, think that users will like their products. And try to give his works a lot of moral, as if this will be more thought-provoking and persuasive, but it is too deliberate to achieve the effect.

Finding out the users needs, imitating the users operation path and observing the users experience are above all else. Blind self-interest will only lead to failure.

The product designers of pitaka have found that the biggest pain point of users for the power bank is the charging itself: forgetting to bring the power bank, forgetting to charge the power bank, forgetting where to put the power bank, forgetting to bring the charging line / wrong charging line to the charging treasure

Like an umbrella, its just like an umbrella. Its only when you need to use it. So you often forget to charge it. When you go out, the power bank has no power and you have to buy it extra.

So designers in the design time hope that this power bank should not be deliberately charged. As a result, magezjudge, which combines a charging rack with a power bank, appeared.

Its a wireless charger, but not just a charger. Just as its a power bank, its not just a power bank.

If you look at it carefully, you will find that the panel embedded in the bracket can slide up and down and take out.

When the panel is embedded with the bracket, it is a wireless charger, which can charge the mobile phone and the power bank at the same time.

When the panel slides out of the bracket along with the mobile phone, it becomes a mobile power supply (power bank) to help you solve the charging needs during travel.

Magnetic attraction, attached to the phone can immediately start charging, do not need to connect to the charging port of the phone as before, and then aim at the charging port of the mobile phone, and all the extra charging actions will be discarded.

The clean appearance and smooth use experience will create an efficient and cool lifestyle for users.

Part03pitaka: a good product is simple and does not disturb

Throughout the product design of pitaka, its purpose is different from other eye-catching appearance innovative products. On the contrary, it hopes to create some products that can be forgotten. When users need them, they will use them unconsciously; when users dont need them, they will disappear in daily life, simple and undisturbed.

Just as the name of pitaka comes from, in Buddhism, pitaka refers to an ancient basket for holding objects. Users usually pay little attention to the contents of the basket as a container.

Pitaka hopes to use this to imply that its product design concept is like a basket, which can make life easier without disturbing the original appearance of life.

When using the product unconsciously, you can enjoy the smooth use experience in silence, give the user a kind of eh, how do you know I want this and enjoy the convenience brought by the product unconsciously.

When you use it everyday, you cant feel its existence. If you dont use it, your unconscious sense of fluency will be broken, and you will feel strong discomfort immediately. Therefore, you are eager to look for pitaka products that are used to your hands.