Capital market witness the integration of central enterprises and private enterprises: 91 equity transfer marriages during the year

 Capital market witness the integration of central enterprises and private enterprises: 91 equity transfer marriages during the year

Zhang Chunxiao, a researcher at the Central Party School (National Academy of administration), believes that central enterprises can make full use of the four links of production, distribution, circulation and consumption, especially in production and circulation.

Zhang Chunxiao further explained that in the operation of the industrial chain, the vast majority of central enterprises are the leading backbone enterprises in the industrial chain. Generally speaking, leading backbone enterprises have absolute advantages in capital, technology, management, standards, product quality requirements and other aspects of the industrial chain in which they are located. They can transfer their own advantages to related enterprises in the same industrial chain in various ways, so as to promote the development of relevant enterprises and improve the level of relevant enterprises. It can be said that the leading enterprises are the power source of the industrial chain. Economic empirical analysis shows that the leading enterprises play a role in the industrial chain is the effect of geometric progression. For example, if a leading enterprise in the industrial chain has 10000 people working, it may lead to the work of about 100000 people in the relevant enterprises in the industrial chain, and then promote the employment of about 1 million people in the surrounding areas, which is probably such a geometric progression of development. Therefore, strengthening the cooperation between central enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises will undoubtedly provide more assistance for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

According to the Ifind data statistics of tonghuashun, as of August 11 this year, excluding transaction failure cases, 498 equity transfer cases have been launched in the A-share market. From the perspective of the nature of enterprises of both the transferors and the transferees, there are 91 cases of listed state-owned enterprises (including state-owned assets holding by state-owned enterprises, holding by state-owned assets supervision and Administration Commission under provincial government, state-owned assets holding by local cities and other state-owned enterprises).

From the perspective of general competitive areas, the corresponding technical and capital thresholds are lower, so it is easier for SMEs to participate. In these areas, central enterprises have certain comparative advantages in technology and capital. Therefore, it will be easier for SMEs to enhance the deep integration and collaborative development of central enterprises and SMEs in the competitive field To develop and build a good operation platform, so as to better promote the sustained, healthy and coordinated development of the national economy. Zhang Chunxiao believes that the current reform in the competitive field of state-owned enterprises is gradually absorbing enterprises of other natures into its industrial chain to seek common development, so as to achieve the purpose of extending the industrial chain, strengthening the industrial chain and upgrading the value chain.

In fact, the ongoing reform of state-owned enterprises has further opened the operating space for central enterprises to join hands with small and medium-sized enterprises.

Liu Xingguo believes that on the one hand, the mixed reform provides an opportunity for the non-public economy to share the dividend of the reform and development of central enterprises, and this kind of capital level cooperation will inevitably bring about the cooperation and development of the capital side business level; on the other hand, the market-oriented reform carried out by the central enterprises also creates a good cooperation environment for the market-oriented cooperation with small and medium-sized enterprises, which helps to promote the central enterprises to be more active We will cooperate with small and medium-sized enterprises more open. Generally speaking, the current reform of central enterprises in the competitive field has not only stimulated the endogenous development vitality of the central enterprises in the competitive field to a great extent, but also made an important contribution to the improvement of the development quality of the central enterprises by introducing more flexible system and mechanism of the private enterprises.

Source of this article: Yang Qian, editor in charge of Securities Daily_ NF4425