Early autumn leisure literature and art style demonstration, comfortable, casual and good-looking

 Early autumn leisure literature and art style demonstration, comfortable, casual and good-looking

Elegant lace skirt and elegant chiffon skirt are indispensable items in the daily wear of gentle girls. It is gentle, energetic and full of high-level feeling by using gray bean paste powder with gentle rice apricot color. Shoes can choose shallow flat shoes with the same color as skirt, which is convenient to walk and elegant. The same color is used to highlight the taste from the details. The knitted top, Pleated Chiffon Skirt, leather shoes and leather bags are overlapped with different materials, which is very simple and does not feel monotonous.

Travel do not want to wear too cumbersome, style and versatile T-shirt is the best choice, full of youth sense of printed T-shirt, simple pattern with fresh background color, will show the texture. If you want to be a lady and be more artistic, you can use the printed T-shirt to match the gentle Knee Skirt and canvas shoes, close the waist and put it to highlight the waistline. Whether you are a little fat girl or a small girl, you can wear it comfortably and beautifully.

If you are on holiday, you cant miss a romantic floral skirt. Its the safest way to wear a flower that is difficult to control in the lower part of your body. Fresh daisies and poetic oil painting flowers present different styles. No matter how complicated or dark the patterns are, you can use canvas shoes to match them. The leisure sense and academic atmosphere of canvas shoes can just neutralize the sweetness of floral skirt Greasy feeling makes the whole match more durable.

Although autumn has begun, it is necessary to wear large area of white to cool the vision in hot weather from time to time. The pink + white color is refreshing, healing and girlish. When wearing a striped T-shirt with jumping colors, a small white skirt and white sports shoes are used. It is leisure, gentle, fashionable and eye-catching. It is also a necessary bag for going out Choose canvas bag, it seems more relaxed and comfortable.

It doesnt take too much thought to wear a dress. When you go to a date and wear a pink dress, you will feel the air is full of sweet taste. The pure white dress is the favorite of literary girls. The collar and cuff are carefully covered with wooden ear, and the simple white skirt is not boring. Put on the chiffon dress with grid elements and a hair hoop of the same color, She incarnates as a girl of rural literature and art. She can also take photos very well.

In the morning and evening when the weather is chilly, light cardigans and summer shirts are undoubtedly the best pieces to wear. The low-key and elegant stripes and check patterns break the boredom, which is most suitable for creating a gentle and quiet literary style. You can wear T-shirts, vests, suspenders, a Khaki Skirt, a curly long hair with delicate make-up. Leisure literature and art also has the flavor of light and mature women, simple and clear Its nice and comfortable.

If you want to run freely, you still need to wear pants. You can wear a lazy solid color T-shirt, floral shirt, loose wide leg jeans and small white shoes. You can wear a comfortable and casual holiday style. Its easy and simple. Its very beautiful.

Or put yourself in a loose and comfortable t-shirt to enjoy the leisure time in the holiday. If you want to go out for a walk, you can wear a pair of denim shorts, sports shoes and medium hose. You can wear the vitality of a young girl. You can also have a cool style of literature and art. It looks very comfortable.

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