Retro style brings you the fashion feast of the last century

 Retro style brings you the fashion feast of the last century

Blue shirt + grey suit coat emphasizes color matching

The yellow and blue flat pattern suit with white high waist suspender is cool and durable; the jacket shoulder pad and short sleeve design increase the middle sex appeal; the pants of the lower body choose the wide leg type, which is comfortable and can modify the body; the high waist design can lengthen the leg shape, which can make the body tall.

The black velvet suit coat is gentle and handsome, and the loose sleeve design can lengthen the arm lines, cover the meat on the arm, and have more Aura; the lower body chooses the wide leg casual pants, unifies the overall color, black durable and classic; the accessories choose the bright black dark grain shopping bag, and the large volume accessories increase the aura of the overall shape.

The butterfly suit jacket is made of chiffon material, which reduces the heavy feeling of modeling and makes it more ethereal and light; the accessories are white envelope bag, which is fresh and gentle with Morandi color suit, and is supported by Vintage Necklace, which gives out a sense of retro.

The sequined V-neck top is sexy and eye-catching, with the outline of song Yanfeis eyebrows, it is more eye-catching; the lower body chooses a purple hip skirt, the outer layer is the same color light yarn, plus the split design, the overall shape emphasizes the hazy feeling, which is very suitable for the little sister with perfect leg shape and body shape.

The peach pink dress is covered with cherry print and overlapped V-neck design, which is full of fairy temperament; it is matched with pink flip flop to highlight the holiday feeling; the accessories are white wide-band envelope bag, which is versatile and durable.

The light brown suit coat is elegant and durable, and the small suit top is designed with high waist, which makes the body more slender; the straight tube type design with less leg type is selected for the suit pants, which is more elegant with the upper body; the pointed flat shoes are selected for the shoes, and the classic shoe shape plus simple hardware decoration is thought-provoking.

The mature and sexy black velvet dress has a very high requirement for the figure

Matcha green is full of youthful feeling. With the design of one shoulder, it is very suitable for small sisters with white skin and tall stature. The one shoulder design has high requirements on the neck and shoulder lines. Song Yanfei immediately shows a gentle princess style when she wears this dress. Her white skin and red lip makeup look like a fairy coming out of a pictorial.

Pure girl feeling and sexy are all reflected incisively and vividly. Avocado Green is suitable for fairies with dark skin, which can show a transparent skin.

Dark line suit cover with light color shirt, this kind of collocation is mature and charming, and immediately shows the temperament of light mature woman; with micro roll bangs and low ball head, it is charming and elegant.

The classic small fragrance suit and plaid collide, the effect is doubled, durable and eye-catching; this set of small fragrance suit selects red lattice elements, plus lace piping design, with dark blue lace pantyhose and bee pattern white saddle bag, classic elements meet, the whole set of look gives people a sense of harmony.

The green high waisted suspender top matches with the same color buttock skirt, which is comfortable and durable; the shoes are silver high-heeled shoes, showing the instep, showing a more tall figure.


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