Dont wear a shirt like this, madam. Its very fashionable!

 Dont wear a shirt like this, madam. Its very fashionable!

White shirt is absolutely the white moonlight in the clothing. As long as you build it well, you can unlock a variety of fashionable and practical supermodel styles in summer. Shirt or that shirt, but the way you wear it can change rapidly. Lets see whats new in white shirt this year?

Open the neckline a little wider

Shirt in this season, the most important thing is to open the neckline big. The large neckline can visually modify the face shape, but also can fully extend the neck line, charming swan neck easy to wear out.

The essence of the dark V white shirt is to tuck the hem of the shirt into the pants to create a visual sense of short top and long bottom and a relaxed and superior body proportion.

You can also cross the front of the shirt and tuck the hem into the pants without button button, which is more modeling and friendly to big chest.

Pull the neckline into a strapless dress, pure and lustrous, sexy max.

Of course, when the neckline is widened, the neck will feel empty. You can use accessories to embellish it, so that the overall shape is more layered. Among the bloggers, the metal necklace is the most popular one. It can be worn alone, and can be folded in multiple layers, which can make the whole body shape more exquisite.

Or with a silk scarf, can be literature and art, romantic, full of French style.

Just two or three buttons

Do you want fashion people to wear shirts? Its very difficult. No, its still very popular this year. You can only tie two or three buttons in the middle of the shirt. You can create a V-neck and free up the hem, showing a little bit of small waist, which not only shows the waist is thin, but also shows the legs are long.

Or directly with shorts, cool and casual.

Shirt to coat

The more the buttons are untied, its better to untie all the buttons of the shirt, and it will become a coat. With all kinds of summer small sling, vest, croptop, you can easily cover the flesh of your arm, lazy and sexy.

A white shirt that can be used as a coat usually has the following characteristics. First of all, it is over sized. If you insist on wearing a slim shirt as a coat, it will be very cramped.

Linen, chiffon and other materials are more suitable for sunscreen shirts. Its not very convenient to wear small skirts and swimsuits on holiday.

A practical and lazy white shirt, which can be worn in combination with the suspender skirt, can be worn in a variety of ways. It can not only make full use of the advantages and avoid the disadvantages, but also can switch freely between the sweet and classic high-grade ones!

Hem knotting

The way of knotting the bottom of the shirt is becoming popular again. Knotting can not only lining the waistline, but also make the original boring basic shirt more design sense, set with casual uninhibited and yuppie SA Shuai in a body, more show the unique sex appeal.

The shirt knotting mix and match skirt is exquisite in laziness, breaking the formal sense of shirt, but still can be elegant and charming!

If you want to be more sexy, you can roll up the hem two times when you tie a knot, so that the knot moves to the front of your chest. If you mix and match high waist pants, you can not only make up for the body defects exposed by the jacket, but also perfectly deduce the lazy and casual French charm!