How to wear basic white T-shirt? Song Yanfei matches all seasons

 How to wear basic white T-shirt? Song Yanfei matches all seasons

Leaving the script, I found that in private, song Yanfei also likes to wear white T-shirts all the year round, so the utility rate is quite high!

In summer, song Yanfeis white T-shirt is basically single, and the irregular hem is not as rigid as in the play. The split ends make the piece very designed. A simple pair of black shorts can be very fashionable. Its cool and breathable to go out in hot weather.

White T with knee skirt is also commonly used in summer, which can naturally show long legs; Song Yanfei steps on small leather boots and small shoes to add cool force to the shape, which is more personalized than the same small white shoes.

Song Yanfei likes some colorful pieces. Whether its bright red bottoms or contrast checked pants, they can be used to match white T to avoid boredom; handbags and pants are the same color, so they dont look too fancy. A girl in her twenties should be more lively~

Plain pants and white T combination are equally durable, and the Khaki cloud bag is beautiful and practical. There are only two colors in the whole body, which makes people understand it at a glance.

T-shirt + casual pants are also the main white, song Yanfei chose a short jacket to lift the waistline, so that the baggy trousers do not press the height. If the hem is too long, she will roll the hem in and manually transform it into a bare navel dress.

You can also insert the hem from the side, which is what she used to wear when she was exercising. The loose version of the top becomes a slim fit version. The hem will not run around and affect her exercise.

Recently, on the reality show 720 trend manager, song Yanfei also demonstrated a more simple and crude way to transform white T - cut off half of the hem!

Good clothes can be cut as soon as they are cut. Although this wave of operation makes me feel a little distressed, I have to admit that after her cutting, the waistline has come out, and the overall modeling sense has really improved. You can try with cheap old T-shirts first.

Overlapping is an element she uses every autumn. Its autumn, and the temperature difference in many places is getting bigger. You can add a shirt to the T-shirt, which not only solves the problem of cold weather in the morning and night, but also makes the simple black-and-white match more hierarchical.

In addition to white and black, usually easy to wear, not easy to make mistakes, like brown and its similar color, but also very practical. Now the temperature suit vest is just right, which is very suitable for early autumn collocation.

Change the vest into a long windbreaker. Song Yanfeis mix and match has a high tolerance for temperature. When its hot, she can take off her coat. When shes cold, shell button up her skirt. She wont catch cold in early autumn.

Song Yanfei in the windbreaker and white T, add a cotton padded jacket, it becomes a proper winter clothes, warm at the same time also wont let people feel very bloated. Of course, this kind of clothing is only suitable for those cities in the south, which are not too cold in winter.

The upper body of the silhouette bread jacket is warmer, and the bright yellow bag is slung at the waist, which makes the highlight of the whole shape clear at a glance.

The same routine, and then put on the shirt and coat outside, blue and green color contrast cool and eye-catching; the combination of large inside and small outside is special style.

I found that song Yanfei usually likes to use necklaces to add details to her modeling. Sometimes she wears several necklaces to match the gold earrings. I can give full marks for this detail.

Generally speaking, the utilization rate of simple white T-shirt on Song Yanfei is very high in four seasons. Therefore, I unilaterally declare that she is the fashion blogger who can wear white T most in my mind~


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