Dont wear these 4 dresses in early autumn! How fashionable the wife is!

 Dont wear these 4 dresses in early autumn! How fashionable the wife is!


The emergence of dress can be traced back to the first World War. At that time, in Europe, the mainstream of women was always dress, but the style was limited.

As a group favorite dress, this autumn still live up to expectations, deduce more fashionable feeling, the baby wants to know the most popular dress style in early autumn? Let your aunt take your tray.

Printed Dress

There are many printed dresses on the show in autumn and winter. Isnt this the romantic autumn garden wardrobe? Designers have given the printed dress a romantic atmosphere, which makes people fascinated.



If you like a girl, you can choose a ruffled skirt.

Compared with other colors, the blue printed skirt is more fresh and elegant.

I dont know if the babies have found that in recent years, retro elements such as bubble sleeves or leg sleeves have returned strongly and won the favor of fashion bloggers. Bubble sleeves are good news for the meat fairies.

In fact, the combination of leg sleeves and love collar is also very good-looking, revealing a trace of retro elegance, showing a high-level sense of fashion.

If you prefer animal patterns, try animal print dresses.

Confidence in their own body of the baby, might as well try to wrap a split dress, sexy charm.

Plaid Dress

With the resurgence of retro elements, a large number of grid elements return strongly, and the grid is well matched, enough to break the depression of autumn.



As a representative of freshness, it is not inferior to broken flowers at all. The A-shaped skirt can well modify the leg shape.

In fact, with black short boots, sports and street feel full.

For the baby with good figure, the tight model can better show the body line, beautiful and moving.

That if the baby has a special love for small fresh, fresh lattice must be a good choice.

Whether its holiday or daily.

Even if its cold, its fashionable to wear a shirt with suspenders.

If you think the white shirt is too monotonous, why not try the striped shirt? The vertical line also has the visual effect of stretching, which is extremely high.

Jersey dress

Throughout the show, you will find that this years autumn and winter knitted dress frequency is also very high, and many street photos also have appeared, the degree of fashion is no less than other pieces.



In fact, its also a good choice to go with your pocket.

Compared with the black knitted dress, small part of red, red and black collocation is deeply loved by aunt, and high street fashion.

Or choose the color of knitted dress, the color is absolutely no less than black, and not easy to bump into the shirt.

If you feel too hot in early autumn, you might as well choose a short sleeve style, feel cold at night, you can also wear a coat of the same color, high-level sense.

Its not difficult to find that this years perspective skirt is also very popular. Add a perspective skirt in the shirt dress, sexy and elegant.

The popularity of knitted dress is not just about talking about it. There are pictures of knitted dress on the streets of major fashion weeks.

Asymmetric dress

As one of the fashions favorite styles, this years major brands show, as expected, will asymmetry play a new realm, the modern sense of explosion.


I dont know if you have found that the dress with asymmetric design often breaks the Convention and brings different fashionable atmosphere.

In fact, there are many possibilities for the sleeveless asymmetric dress. If you feel cold in autumn, add a sweater inside, and you can get out of the street with full marks for visual effect.

And black and white, unique in the sense of fashion.

Of course, the plaid asymmetric dress has more artistic flavor.

Or choose retro color, fresh and refined, but also exudes a trace of elegance.

If you are a cool baby, you might as well wear black high-heeled boots.

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