Li Kui and Li Gui should be aware of SMS fraud and download Shanzhai app

 Li Kui and Li Gui should be aware of SMS fraud and download Shanzhai app

It is understood that the official app of Jingdong finance is called Jingdong financial app, while the Jingdong Baitiao app downloaded by cheated users through fraudulent SMS channels is not the official app of Jingdong finance, but a fake app designed by lawbreakers, who hope to cheat under the reputation of Jingdong finance. In addition, the illegal elements also impersonate Jingdong financial staff to freeze the users account and ask the user to pay deposit, which is also a fraud against consumers.

Figure: screenshot of Jingdong finances official safety tips

The reporter noted that Jingdong financial app released security tips for the first time to explain the situation to the public, prompting the public to enhance their awareness of anti fraud and prevent the fraud of criminals. Jingdong finance mentioned in the security tips that for the victims of fraud, Jingdong financial shares the same feelings and is very angry with the illegal behavior of criminals. Jingdong finance will fully cooperate with the police to crack down on the fraud of criminals and help users recover losses as much as possible. We are also reporting a case to the relevant departments to investigate the name of the illegal elements caused to our company Reputation influence and economic loss.

At the beginning of this year, the epidemic hit the real economy greatly, and many small and micro enterprises were under increasing pressure. As a result, criminals also targeted these users and took advantage of the epidemic situation to rob and defraud money. According to the data released by the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate, in the first half of 2020, telecom network fraud crimes increased by 77.1%. Therefore, in the first half of this year, many financial technology companies are constantly strengthening risk tips, hoping that consumers will be more vigilant, enhance their awareness of prevention and avoid being deceived.

Under such circumstances, Jingdong finance especially provides prevention methods for consumers, reminding users that Jingdong finance will not contact users in the name of freezing account, canceling loan and loan cancellation group, and customer service personnel will not ask users to pay service fees, deposit or require users to transfer money in any form.

Financial practitioners said that consumers need to be alert to any payment items when borrowing money, and financial service providers should also strengthen the publicity and implementation of compliance service process to consumers, so as to effectively combat fraud. At the same time, the person also suggested that consumers should download app through regular channels when they have loan demand, and should not trust SMS download links. They should be particularly vigilant against copycat apps with similar names. If in doubt, they must call customer service for verification.