U.S. ban may make apple and Google off the shelf tiktok will not be able to put advertising

 U.S. ban may make apple and Google off the shelf tiktok will not be able to put advertising

Reuters exclusive report: White House documents show that the U.S. ban on tiktok may cut off its links with app stores and advertisers

On August 6, local time, trump signed an administrative order, saying that the mobile phone applications tiktok and wechat pose a threat to the national security of the United States, and will prohibit any enterprise or individual subject to the jurisdiction of the United States from conducting any transaction with the byte skipping of tiktok parent company, or any transaction related to wechat with Tencent and its subsidiaries after 45 days. However, how to prohibit and the scope of the prohibition are not specified in the administrative order.

But according to the White House document quoted by Reuters on the 12th, the U.S. government is considering cracking down on key aspects of tiktoks operations and funding. According to the document, prohibited transactions may include, for example, the provision of the tiktok application protocol on the app store Advertise on tiktok and accept the terms of service for downloading the tiktok application to the users device. A kind of

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On the authenticity of the White House document, Reuters said a source familiar with the documents confirmed it. But tiktok did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In addition, in response to the possible impact of the move, Reuters quoted technology industry experts as saying that it may seriously damage the future development of tiktok. This will kill tiktok in the United States, James Lewis, a cyber security expert at the US Center for strategic and international studies, was quoted as saying. If they want to develop, these Regulations are a huge obstacle. But he added that the U.S. government may not be able to prevent Americans from downloading tiktok from foreign websites.

However, according to the White House document, it is not clear whether the United States will impose a similar crackdown on wechat, a social media application owned by Chinas Tencent holdings, and trump tried to ban wechat in an executive order last week, Reuters said.

After trump signed the executive order last week, the byte of tiktoks parent company jumped. Later, in a statement sent to the global times global network, it said it was shocked that the latest executive order issued by the US president did not follow due process of law. In the statement, byte beat reiterated that tiktok had never shared user data with the Chinese government and had never reviewed content on request, saying that the U.S. government could not give fair treatment and would resort to U.S. courts.

In addition, the US National Public Radio (NPR) 8 quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that tiktok plans to file a federal lawsuit against the trump government as soon as 11. The lawsuit will go to the Federal District Court for the Southern District of California, where tiktoks U.S. operations are based. According to the report, tiktok will accuse trump of directly signing the executive order in the lawsuit, which is suspected of violating the U.S. Constitution, that the accusation of tiktok in the executive order is groundless, and trump has overstepped his power.

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The fate of Tik tok is not just a byte beating, it has become an inevitable part of the politics of great powers. The founders, shareholders and management should see that Tik tok has been inevitably involved in the vortex center. Its choice will not only affect the fate of this platform, the fate of byte hopping, but also the fate of Chinese enterprises and the development of the game between China and the United States. To a large extent, it is even bound up with the National Games: it is not only the result of the National Games, but also affects the National Games. As a Chinese enterprise, it is a part of our national transportation.

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