Unmanned support drill of army service academy: exoskeleton and unmanned vehicle

 Unmanned support drill of army service academy: exoskeleton and unmanned vehicle

Drone swarm flying in the sky

The ant colony of unmanned vehicle shuttles through the storehouse.

Soldiers wear human exoskeletons like iron man

Easily pick up a box of hundreds of Jin

One box is stacked neatly

Its a science fiction scene

It appeared in a practical logistics support drill in the army service academy.

Source of this article: Peoples army micro signal

The rear roads were destroyed by the enemy

Vehicles supplying supplies to our department were unable to arrive

Your department told you to go immediately

Forward position, batch forward military supplies

Material raising team operates UAV

Formation of UAV formation to launch

A fleet of four unmanned vehicles

Its also under the escort of security personnel

After reaching the forward position, the UAV releases smoke bombs to cover

Two soldiers were wearing exoskeleton devices

Transport hundreds of kilograms of materials to UAVs and unmanned vehicles

After the task is completed, we quickly and covertly return

Unmanned intelligent material supply system

Drone colony support mode

The UAV adopts automatic and autonomous material airdrop

It can carry 30kg materials

With supply, investigation, full perception, visual control and other functions

It can realize all-weather and all terrain projection, and has unique advantages under high-intensity confrontation

It can load 350 kg materials with no personnel supply vehicle

The single driving distance can reach 20km

It has the function of semi self driving and perception positioning

Forward delivery can realize air ground coordination support

The human exoskeleton support mode adopts the load-bearing exoskeleton

Wearing it can enhance the load capacity of 50-80kg

It is reported that there will be no intelligent material supply system

It is an exploratory pilot project to be incorporated into the college graduation comprehensive exercise

In the past, when supplies could not be reached

It needs manpower to transport materials back to the allocation area, which is greatly threatened by the enemy, and the work efficiency is not high

Nowadays, unmanned and intelligent equipment is used to construct unmanned material supply system

It effectively solved the problem of the last kilometer

I believe that in the near future, more equipment with full sense of science and technology will appear in actual combat

Look forward to it!

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