Guangzhous largest uncompleted building suspended for 22 years! Developers turn against owners and get into disputes

 Guangzhous largest uncompleted building suspended for 22 years! Developers turn against owners and get into disputes

Over the past 22 years, Hu Yaozhi, Wu Kaiming and more than 2000 business owners have been entangled with each other due to the Australian villa, which can be described as continuous cutting and chaos. How long will it take to revitalize the largest uncompleted building in Guangzhou? Why cant we find the person who tied the bell? What is the crux of the projects inability to rebuild?

After nearly half a years continuous follow-up investigation, in July this year, the reporter of daily economic news conducted several face-to-face interviews with Wu Kaiming, Hu Yaozhi, and dozens of owners of Australian villa for more than five hours, and obtained nearly 100 materials for the first time, thus clarifying the whole story of the Australian Villa.

From the newly built Jinkeng station of Guangzhou metro line 21, you can overlook the Australian villa. Photo source: by reporter Wu Shuying

A thousand mu market opens the honeymoon period for fellow countrymen

Behind the Australian villa, there are two people whose names have always been intertwined: Hu Yaozhi, Wu Kaiming and their Guangzhou Aomei real estate development company (hereinafter referred to as auspicious company) and Guangzhou Fangxing Real Estate Construction Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fangxing company). They have been working together with more than 2000 owners of Australian villa for more than 20 years Constant cutting and disorderly management.

In 1991, the Guangzhou municipal government flew to Australia to attract investment. Hu Yaozhi, a Chaoshan businessman, was invited to return home to invest and set up a garment factory in Baiyun District of Guangzhou City in the form of Sino foreign joint venture.

As a foreign investor, Hu Yaozhi is responsible for providing funds, while the Guangzhou Economic and technological cooperation office is in charge of technology and recruitment affairs. At that time, Wu Kaiming was a staff member of this office. He was also a fellow Chaoshan fellow. Hu Yaozhi was very kind. The two met. Wu Kaiming joined Hu Yaozhi company as a member of the Chinese delegation.

At the recommendation of Wu Kaiming, Hu Yaozhi bought nearly 1000 mu of land which was later built into the Australian villa at a price of more than 60000 yuan per mu. At the end of 1992, he set up an Australian American company and appointed Wu Kaiming as the deputy general manager. However, he only stayed in this position for three years.

Even now, Australian villa is a super market. Without certain development strength and strategic arrangement, it is difficult to control such Big Mac projects.

As soon as Hu Yaozhi entered the trade, he practiced the market, and the difficulty was conceivable. It was just the beginning of the commercial housing business. He was a crab eater, groping forward and gradually building the Australian villa.

By 1998, more than 2000 households in Australia had been sold, and the sales performance was unique in Guangzhou.

In those days when Hu Yaozhi and Australian villa went from glory to desolation, Wu Kaiming and he had no business contact except meeting at the dinner table. Because of his job transfer, Wu Kaiming left ausco in 1995 and started to do some real estate business. The cooperation between them is related to this.

A building in an Australian villa. Photo source: by reporter Wu Shuying

After a few years, Hu Yaozhi to many powerful developers, hoping to get their help to revitalize the Australian villa. In 2003, Hu Yaozhi and a now top 3 real estate company basically reached an agreement, but the final contract was not carried out as scheduled.

Wu Kaiming also joined the game at this time. After many years, Wu Kaiming and Hu Yaozhi once again met in business because of the Australian villa.

Hu Yaozhi and Wu Kaiming did not agree on the reason why they failed to sign the contract. Wu Kaiming said that because there was a landfill near Australias villa, the other party held down the price at the last moment. Hu Yaozhi was not satisfied. He heard that Lao Hu was going to sell the project, but he felt a pity. He told him, boss, I have money. Dont sell it.. Hu Yaozhi said that Wu Kaiming thinks the real estate enterprise is not a good partner. Wu Kaiming is cooperating with Li Jiacheng, the richest man in China, in Guangzhou International Toy and gift city. He said that he would offer a higher price and there might be opportunities for cooperation.

Of course, Li Ka Shing is good. Id like to cooperate with Li Ka Shing. Hu Yaozhi said.

Wu Kaimings appearance made Hu Yaozhi seem to have caught a life-saving straw. The two men then started cooperation, which was also their honeymoon period.

At that time, Lao Hu was in the most difficult time. He was unable to pay wages for the workers in the villa, and even could not afford to pay the water and electricity charges of the villa. I told Wu Kaiming that I would cooperate with you. Now that I am in such a difficult situation, you should lend me some money first. He borrowed 500000 yuan to pay the electricity bill, and he also borrowed money to pay wages. At that time, the contract had not been officially signed. Thats because I am grateful.

In December 2004, Hu Yaozhi decided to transfer a total of 340 mu of land to Fangxing company under Wu Kaiming from the four land certificates of Zeng Guo Yong (1995) Zi te No. 018, No. 022, No. 024 and No. 026.

As for why there is such a big difference, Wu Kaiming said, Lao Hu added a zero.. Hu Yaozhi said that in order to reduce the amount of taxes and fees generated in the transaction process, the bid price in the contract is the cost price at the time of land acquisition, and the actual transaction price is paid according to 300000 yuan / Mu. Later, he also asked Wu Kaiming to sign a contract with real transaction price.

According to the daily economic news reporter obtained the transfer contract, at that time, there were four contracts transferred. The price of the three contracts signed on December 23, 2004 was indeed 38000 yuan / mu and 50000 yuan / mu, while the contract price signed on December 30, 2004 was 300000 yuan / mu, with a total price of 102 million yuan. According to the 2007 local tax return provided by Australia and the United States company, the total amount of tax declared by the company is 102 million yuan.

A year later, Li Jiacheng arrived as promised.. In February 2006, Changjiang Industrial Co., Ltd. and Hutchison Whampoa, a subsidiary of Li Ka Shing, jointly announced that they would jointly invest and form a joint venture with Fangxing company to jointly develop four residential land plots in Guangzhou.

According to the announcement, the total land area of Changshi and Hehuang is over 220000 square meters, and the registered capital of the joint venture company is 1.04 billion yuan. Among them, Changshi and Hehuang contributed 476 million yuan in cash, accounting for 45.7% of the companys registered capital; Guangzhou Fangxing contributed 564 million yuan by land, equivalent to 54.3% of the companys registered capital.

A roofed building and its interior in the Australian villa. Photo source: by reporter Wu Shuying

At that time, Wu Kaiming and Hu Yaozhi had their own plans.

That is to say, in 2006, Fuding Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fuding company) was established on behalf of Aomei company and Fangxing company.

By resorting to arbitration, Wu Kaiming won three more parcels of land

In 2007, Wu Kaiming pushed forward his plan in an orderly manner.

In June of this year, Guangzhou Arbitration Commission accepted the application for arbitration of loan contract dispute between Fuding company, Fangxing company and the respondent, Aomei company and Jinqiao company.

In 2000, Liwan branch of Bank of China transferred the creditors right to Dongfang asset company. In 2005, Dongfang assets continued to transfer the creditors rights to Shenzhen Jinghong Investment Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jinghong company).

In May 2007, Jinghong company signed the creditors rights transfer agreement with Fangxing company and Fuding company. As a result, Fuding company and Fangxing company obtained the debt.

Villa in Australia villa. Photo source: by reporter Wu Shuying

According to the opinion of the arbitration tribunal, the two defendants, Jinqiao company and Aomei company, had no objection to the claims and factual reasons put forward by Fuding company and Fangxing company. After negotiation, both parties voluntarily reached a mediation agreement.

The arbitration tribunal finally ruled that the respondent, Aomei company, should compensate the applicant for the loan of RMB 16.91 million to the applicant in accordance with the procedures and requirements of laws and regulations within days from the date when this award was served on both parties, in accordance with the procedures and requirements of laws and regulations.

In December 2007, Fangxing company applied to Guangzhou Arbitration Commission as an independent subject for filing an arbitration case. Similar to the first arbitration case, Fangxing and Aomei signed an agreement in June 2007, in which Aomei company was required to repay 10.784 million yuan of debts to Fangxing company, but Aomei failed to pay off the debts as agreed. Therefore, Fangxing company requested that Australia and the United States pay it 10.784 million yuan.

In this arbitration, Aomei not only had no objection to the facts and the arbitration claim stated by the other party, but also said that because of the difficulties in the operation of Aomei company, it was willing to accept the request of Fangxing company to repay the debts with the land of zengggyy (1995) di te 020 owned by Aomei company.

According to the arbitration award (2007) No. 3833 (hereinafter referred to as No. 3833), Aomei company will set the price of the land under the right to use the state-owned land (i.e. land No. 020, Australia Villa) to Fangxing company to compensate the debt.

In 2011, Fangxing company and Fuding company applied for arbitration again. According to the arbitration statement, under the auspices of the arbitration tribunal, both parties reached a mediation agreement through friendly negotiation, and requested the arbitration tribunal to make an award according to the content of the mediation agreement.

(2010) Suizhong case No. 2829 (hereinafter referred to as the No. 2829 case), the respondent transferred all the land-use rights under the state-owned land use certificate of zengyy (1995) di te 017 (i.e. land No. 017 of Australia Villa) to the two applicants in accordance with the procedures and requirements stipulated by laws and regulations within 30 days after the ruling takes effect.

After the arbitration came into effect, land 020 and land 0021 were transferred one after another, while land 017 was temporarily shelved. Land No. 020 and land 0021 were subsequently replaced with land certificates No. 10 Guo Yong (05) 000038 and 08 Guo Yong (05) No. 000049.

The reason for not transferring the ownership is that Hu Yaozhi has explained to the owner that there is no building on this land, so it is suitable to be a resettlement house. It is believed that he can mobilize the owner. Wu Kaiming thinks, it makes sense. Anyway, you are yours, and I am mine. If the two brothers have business and quantity, it is easy to handle.

Up to now, only Zeng Guo Yong (1995) di te 023, Zeng Guo Yong (1995) di te 019, Zeng Guo Yong (1995) di te 0021 (part of which 133.86 Mu has been transferred to Fangxing company, the remaining 80.68 mu) and suifuguo Yong (2012) 05000135 are left under Hu Yaozhis name, with a total of 278.71 mu of land, most of which are covered with buildings and located on the mountain. Fangxing company holds 370.93 mu of land, located at the foot of the mountain.

The waves rise again, and former brothers become enemies

After the arbitration case was concluded, the reconstruction work was carried out step by step. Guangzhou municipal government and relevant departments of Huangpu District (including Zengcheng City and Luogang district where the plot once belonged) also planned to promote the reconstruction work.

Before the reconstruction plan was passed, Fuding company also changed its shareholders contribution. Daily economic news reporter obtained the shareholder transfer investment contract shows that on February 20, 2013, Zhong Kezhi and Jiang Datong respectively transferred their shares to Wu Kaiming and Tan Jianqiang (subordinates of Wu Kaiming).

Notice of Guangzhou task force on dealing with uncompleted buildings on printing and distributing the work plan for revitalization and reconstruction of Australian Villa

Wu Kaiming said that the transfer was due to the fact that (Hu Yaozhi) had no money to contribute and was old, so he signed a transfer agreement to withdraw. Hu Yaozhi said that it was Wu Kaiming who suggested him to do this. At that time, the relationship was good, and what he said was what he said.

In any case, Hu Yaozhi has no connection with Fuding company since then, and Wu Kaiming has completely mastered the initiative.

According to the reconstruction plan, the government of Luogang district thinks that in order to completely solve the problems left over by history, it is a better way to re plan the project and demolish and rebuild the houses that do not conform to the plan. Ausco also hopes to take this way to revitalize. More than 1300 owners have basically agreed to the demolition and reconstruction plan.

In the reconstruction plan, Australia and the United States introduced Fangxing company and Fuding company to jointly develop and help solve the capital problem.

The cooperative parties intend to use 100000 square meters of undeveloped land near Guangshan road for the construction of the project start-up area, and plan to build more than 300000 square meters of residential and related commercial supporting facilities. Fangxing company said at that time that it agreed to use the projects housing resources and withdrawal funds for rolling development.

For the arrangement of house owners, ausco will sign a letter of consent for demolition and reconstruction and relevant resettlement compensation agreements with all the house owners. For the owners who do not agree with the demolition and reconstruction plan, the status quo of their housing cases should be retained; for the owners who can not be contacted, the equal area houses and property preservation work should be reserved in the start-up area.

This part of the work will be in the charge of Aomei company, with the cooperation of Fangxing company and Fuding company, and under the guidance of Luogang district government.

However, the two sides did not explicitly agree on the way of future profit distribution. Hu Yaozhi said that Wu Kaiming had verbally promised him that both sides would earn half of the money in the future, while Wu Kaiming said that Hu Yaozhi has a hint, but he cant understand it..

Design renderings of Australian villa reconstruction provided by Wu Kaiming

This is the closest to a successful redevelopment of the Australian villa. Today, circular 491 is still regarded as the most important guideline for redevelopment by Australian villa owners.

Review opinions of Luogang branch of Guangzhou Municipal Planning Bureau on planning scheme of Australian villa reconstruction

In March 2016, the land resources and Planning Bureau of Guangzhou Development Zone and Huangpu District, together with two development units and owners representatives, held a coordination meeting on the problems left over from the history of Australian villa project. All the participants agreed to start the construction of Australian villa according to the No. 140 plan, and agreed with Australia and the United States company as the main body of the first phase development and construction to start the development of plot 017.

According to the No. 140 document plan, the start-up area is the state-owned land use certificate [10 Guo Yong (05) Zi 000038, Zeng Guo Yong (1995) di te 017, 08 Guo Yong (05) 000049, Zeng Guo Yong (1995) di te 019 part], and most of the land used in the start-up area is above the land held by Wu Kaiming.

In May 2016, ausco reported the planning data of plot 017 to the planning authority. During this period, Hu Yaozhi and his staff went to Inner Mongolia to celebrate the progress of reconstruction work.

However, in August 2016, the land resources and Planning Bureau of Guangzhou Development Zone and Huangpu District said in the reply to reflect the opinions on the reconstruction of Australian villa that according to the judicial documents of Huangpu District Court, Aomei company has lost the land use right of plot 017 in the reconstruction start-up area, and its subject qualification for the development and construction of the plot has no legal basis and factual basis According to. The subject of application for construction in the start-up area can only be determined after the completion of the implementation procedures for the transfer of the use right of plot 017.

Originally, in May 2016, Wu Kaiming had applied to the court to resume the enforcement of the compulsory transfer of ownership of plot 017.

Hu Yaozhi said that he realized at this time that he was cheated by Wu Kaiming, who had previously promised not to transfer ownership of plot 017 during the reconstruction period.

Wu Kaiming told the daily economic news that the reason why he forced the transfer of ownership of plot 017 was that Hu Yaozhi had changed his mind. Agreed to suspend the transfer, but he (Hu Yaozhi) turned his face.

Introduction of Hongyu and Hu Yaozhis false arbitration

He left me behind. Of course, I have to transfer the ownership of the land according to the requirements of the 140 plan, and then apply for construction. The land belongs to you. You can apply for construction. It must not be in the name of him (Hu Yaozhi), only me. So I asked the court to resume enforcement. When the contract is executed, it is completely convenient. Wu Kaiming told the daily economic news.

According to qixinbao, Hong Kong auspicious Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hong Kong, Australia and the United States) is the parent company of Australian villa project company.

The daily economic news reporter found through the Hong Kong company search center that in March 2016, when all parties decided to start the development of plot 017, Hu Yaozhi had transferred 237500 shares of Hong Kong, Australia and the United States to a company named evertree global industrial limited, accounting for 25% of the total share capital.

The number of registered directors has been increased from one to two, and the name of the new director is Liang Tongcan. Through further inquiry of the ID card number, the reporter found that Asian Union Investment Co., Ltd. under the name of Liang Tongcan is the parent company of Suzhou Hongyu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.; while Hong Kong yongjue International Co., Ltd. under liang Tongcans name is the actual controller of Guangdong Hongyang Ceramics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hongyang ceramics).

According to qixinbao information, the ultimate beneficiary of Hongyang ceramics is Liang Tongcan, chairman of Foshan Guangdong Hongyu Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hongyu group), who is the new entrant of Hong Kong, Australia and the United States.

At the same time, Hu told Wu Kaiming that we are no longer brothers..

According to the minutes of the communication meeting provided by the owners, representatives of Hongyu group said at the communication meeting that they had stepped in as new investors and became the absolute controlling shareholder of 80% of Hong Kong, Australia and the United States in 2016. The US side of new Australia said that they have the financial strength to rebuild, but the focus of their work is to clarify the ownership of land.

When the equity of overseas companies changed, Hu Yaozhi was always the legal representative of domestic companies. Hu Yaozhi in response to Hongyu shares also stressed that I am a legal person, everything or listen to my command.

Daily economic news reporter repeatedly called Liang Tongcan and sent information to him to understand the relevant situation of Hongyus shareholding in Australia and the United States. As of the press release, Liang Tongcan himself did not reply to this.

New Australia and the United States want to recover lost land

What is Hu Yaozhis intention when he exposes his fraud?

In fact, since Hongyu became the actual controller of Aomei, the demand of new Australia and United States has been very clear, that is, to take back the land in the hands of Wu Kaiming in order to promote the reconstruction. Including Hu Yaozhi, the lawyers of new Australia and new America and the owners who support new Australia and America have expressed this fact frankly.

Now I have to bring back my three pieces of land, Hu said. In an interview with the daily economic news, lawyer Liang weichi, who is mainly responsible for communicating with the owners of the new Australia US side, said in an interview with the daily economic news that the land obtained free of charge by Fangxing company should be returned to Aomei. All these actions have nothing to do with the reconstruction, but they are actually the preconditions for the reconstruction. Only by ensuring that the company gets back the property that should belong to it according to law, can it have the conditions to rebuild

The important reason for three pieces of land is that Hu Yaozhi has not much chips in his hands. Hu Yaozhi and Wu Kaiming all admit that it is not easy to start the development of the four plots of land under the name of Hu Yaozhi.

Hu Yaozhi said that four pieces of land under his name are covered with buildings, and it has been agreed in Document No. 491 that Wu Kaimings land is used as the starting area. With documents, you cant tear down the house before you build it. Wu Kaiming also believes that the remaining four plots of land in Australia and the United States need to accommodate more than 2000 owners. No one can earn money if they go in.

An Australian villa owner who has been engaged in real estate development for many years told the daily economic news that if new Australia and the United States only developed four plots under the name of Hu Yaozhi, the profit is estimated to be about 200 million to 300 million yuan, but it needs to invest about 2 billion yuan before and after, because of the high debt involved and the construction cost of resettlement housing.

Reply from Guangzhou Arbitration Commission to the owners representative of Australia Villa

In July 2019, a final ruling made by the Guangdong Higher Peoples court showed that Australia and the United States company applied to cancel or change the objection on the grounds of illegality and invalidity of the debt transfer agreement and malicious collusion between the two sides of the creditors rights transfer damaging the national interests. The court did not support the decision.

In November 2019, the owners representative of Australia villa also wrote to Guangzhou letters and calls bureau to submit the request for your commission to investigate and collect evidence from the parties to the arbitration case and thoroughly investigate the false arbitration to the Guangzhou Arbitration Commission.

On January 6, 2020, the Guangzhou Arbitration Commission replied that the cases No. 995, 3833 and 2829 mentioned in the materials were all subject to arbitration procedures such as filing, service, defense, proof, cross examination, hearing and debate, and the arbitration procedures were legal. Judging from the case materials and trial situation of the three cases, the arbitration tribunal made an award according to the settlement agreement between the two parties. At present, it is unable to conclude that the arbitration parties in the three cases have malicious collusion and false arbitration.

Even so, Hu Yaozhi still insisted that if the land was not taken back, there would be no possibility of reconstruction. The land I gave Wu Kaiming to cheat was taken back by legal means. If you cant get it back, you can only wait patiently.

Hu Yaozhi has expressed this view many times.

In February 2019, the Australian villa held a coordination meeting to promote the reconstruction of Australian villa. According to the minutes of the meeting provided by the owner, Hu Yaozhi said at the meeting, the three plots of land have now been transferred to Fangxing company, and I have lost my lawsuit. There is no legal way to fight back. But Im also fighting for land through other ways. I have to find a way to get all three pieces of land back before I can build a house and resettle the owners.

Buying creditors rights again, Fangxing sealed up 4 plots of land in Australia and the United States

While Hu Yao Zhifang intended to take back three pieces of land, Wu Kaiming made another move.

On August 1, 2018, Fangxing company took over the debt asset package of ausco and became the creditor of Aomei company.

In December 2013, Cinda Asset sold the non-performing asset package to Guangdong Zhihua Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangdong Zhihua). In August 2018, Guangdong Zhihua sold the asset package to Fangxing company again. As a result, Fangxing company has three creditors rights of Australia and the United States.

As the debt has not been paid off yet, Fangxing company applied to seal up the only four pieces of land under the company, that is to say, all the land under Hu Yaozhis name is frozen.

At this time, Wu Kaiming held the absolute initiative in the development of Australian villa.

On August 12, 2019, Fangxing company applied to Guangzhou intermediate court to declare the bankruptcy and liquidation of Aomei company, and the court accepted the case. Because he (Hu Yaozhi) doesnt go bankrupt, hes always standing in the way, refusing to rebuild or resettle you. Only when he goes bankrupt can the owners have a head start. Wu Kaiming said.

Wu Kaimings idea is, if ausco goes bankrupt, the court will have to liquidate, take out his (4 pieces) of land for auction, and then set a precondition. No matter who takes the land, the owner must be resettled first. If no one comes, Ill buy it and itll be all right.

But one of the bottom lines for new Australia and the United States is to ensure that it will not go bankrupt. Lawyer Liang weichi told the daily economic news that to ensure that Australia and the United States do not go bankrupt, from the perspective of Hongyu investors, you must first ensure that (Australia and the United States) can not enter the bankruptcy proceedings, otherwise nothing can be done.

In the end, Wu Kai Mings plan to apply for the bankruptcy of Australia and the United States was not supported by the law.

On April 28, 2020, the civil ruling (2020) Yue Po Zhong No. 14 of Guangdong Provincial Higher Peoples Court pointed out that the information provided by Aomei company shows that the company still has a number of properties to be executed, and the value is far beyond the debt amount claimed by Fangxing company. Therefore, it is impossible to judge whether the assets of Aomei company are insufficient to pay off all debts or obviously lack solvency until the above-mentioned executable properties are disposed of.

According to the Guangdong Provincial High Court, Fangxing companys application for bankruptcy liquidation of Australia and the United States lacks sufficient factual basis, and the court will not support it.

House without soil? The owner is involved in the dispute between the two parties

In this process, among more than 2000 owners, Wu Kaiming and Hu Yaozhi each have iron fans, and it is difficult for them to reach an agreement. Supporters of the company believe that only by restoring the original state (i.e. the three plots of land taken back by Australia and the United States) can the reconstruction be possible; the supporters of Fangxing company say that from a legal point of view, it is not possible for the company to take back the three pieces of land, which should be dominated by Fangxing company.

In order to restore the original state, ausco rented a property in the office building in downtown Guangzhou. The owner representative stationed here all year round, responsible for communicating with other owners about the Australian villa, responding to the owners demands and promoting relevant work.

The focus of this group of owners is that the land certificate of the plot where their houses are located has been cancelled, saying that the property has become a landless house. According to the daily economic news reporter investigation, the reason for the cancellation of land is still inseparable from the three arbitration cases of Hu Yaozhi and Wu Kaiming.

Ms. Zhang, the owners representative of Australian villa, told reporters that since October 2019, land 0021 was found to have been cancelled, and it was later found that plot 020 was also cancelled. These lands have been transferred to Fangxing company.

Guangzhou Development Zone Planning and natural resources bureau and other departments reply to the opinions of Australian villa owners

According to the owners reflection, at that time, a total of 279 owners bought 20 pre-sale houses built on plot 0021. Because the owner could not be found in the process of transfer, he simply cut out the 50 mu of land (which was covered above) and transferred the remaining 134 Mu to Fangxing company.

Wu Kaiming said that the 50 mu of land was cut off because of the common people and roads. Therefore, the land and Resources Bureau said that the land and Resources Bureau cut off the land and left 134 mu (transferred to Fangxings name). This 50 mu of land can no longer be put under the name of Australia and the United States company, nor can it be given to me. Then the 50 mu land will be lost.

Whats the problem? We have always said that we can accommodate the real owners of these lands. Wu Kaiming added that now they also asked the relevant departments to find ways to connect Fangxing company with the owners of Australian villa, let us have laws to follow and learn from others to replace houses with these owners, and we also promise a replacement ratio of 1:1.1.

According to the letter issued by the real estate management institute of Guangzhou Development Zone to Guangzhou intermediate peoples Court of Guangdong Province on September 10, 2009 obtained by the reporter of daily economic news, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of house buyers and Fangxing company and avoid property disputes in the future, we suggest to your court that the boundary and area of the parcel of land should be clarified if the procedures for land transfer are confirmed In the notice of assistance in execution, the boundary address (marking coordinates) and parcel area of the plot ownership division shall be specified, so that our office can assist in the enforcement of your courts judgment.

Photo source: every reporter Wu Shuying

However, the owners did not give up, their demands are very clear.

In an interview with reporters, Qiao Shu, the owners representative who participated in protecting the rights of the house without land, said that they hoped to ask a lawyer to deal with the matter and asked the land and Resources Bureau to restore its original state. I dont care who I give it to. Anyway, how can I take the land and return it back? Uncle Qiao said the demand for restoration was to restore the land to the state it had registered when they bought the house.

The owners of this group of Australian villa are still reporting the issue of land cancellation to the government. However, according to the official reply, the two cases of land cancellation belong to the transfer registration of according to law and regulations.

On July 17, 2020, Guangzhou Development Zone Planning and natural resources bureau and Huangpu District branch of Guangzhou Municipal Planning and natural resources bureau directly pointed out that our bureau will handle transfer registration in accordance with the rules and regulations in accordance with the notice of assistance in execution, the civil ruling and the award of Guangzhou Arbitration Commission issued by Guangzhou intermediate peoples court, and handle the increase of national use according to the procedures (1995) di te No. 020 and Zeng Guo Yong (1993) di te No. 0021 state owned land use certificate shall be cancelled registration.

Disputes remain unresolved and the reconstruction of uncompleted buildings is in deadlock

It is quite difficult to revitalize the Australian villa. On the one hand, the owners have different opinions on the reconstruction scheme; on the other hand, both the US side of new Australia and the Fangxing company have their own complaints and opinions on the reconstruction, and the conflict of interest cannot be reconciled, which seems to be a unsolved problem.

For many years, the government has been hoping that Aussie and Fangxing can seek common ground while reserving differences and jointly promote the reconstruction of Australian villa. However, the US side of new Australia, Hu Yaozhi and Wu Kaiming all believe that after all the previous experiences, it is difficult for the two sides to shake hands and make peace.

In 2019, a deputy to the Guangzhou Municipal Peoples Congress wrote a letter to Xie Xiaodan, member of the Standing Committee of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee and Secretary of the political and Legal Committee of the Guangzhou municipal Party committee, on the issue of how Australias Shanzhuang was difficult to revive for many years, reflecting the relevant situation and problems.

In December 2019, Xie Xiaodan wrote back that the problem of uncompleted residential buildings in Australias mountain villa is a major problem left over from history. Guangzhou has been working hard to solve the problem by all means. However, due to various reasons such as commercial interests, Australia US company and Fangxing company have failed to reach a consensus, which makes the project application work slow to make progress.

Xie Xiaodan pointed out that Huangpu District has repeatedly coordinated the two developers to put down their prejudices and work together to promote the reconstruction of Australian villa as soon as possible, but the two companies have never reached an agreement on the application for construction of the project.

Xie Xiaodan also promised that he would continue to lead the political and Legal Committee of the municipal Party committee and coordinate with the Huangpu District Party committee and district government, increase efforts, fulfill their responsibilities according to law, and spare no effort to promote the effective solution of the problems related to Australian villa. As always, the Huangpu District government will continue to do a good job in communication service follow-up, coordinate relevant developers and relevant project construction subjects, and accelerate the revitalization and reconstruction of Australian villa in accordance with laws and regulations.

At present, although plot 017, as the start-up area, is under the name of Fangxing company, it can not be used as the main body of application for reconstruction. Because all the owners of Australia villa have signed house purchase and loan contracts with ausco, Fangxing company has no legal contact with the owners.

In 2014 and 2018, Fangxing company publicly called on the owners of Australian villa to register, but it failed because of the relationship with the owners and the trust of some owners. Without the government as a notary, it is really difficult to achieve any results. Wu Kaiming said.

Screenshot of Xie Xiaodan, member of the Standing Committee of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee and Secretary of the political and Legal Committee of the CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee, to the NPC deputies

First, he agreed that Fangxing should build part of the resettlement houses on plot 017, and then Aomei would build houses of the same area on the four plots under its name, saying, I will do it even if I dont have money all the way; second, if Aomei company promises to install a real estate owner on the four plots under its name, he can immediately lift the four plots; third, Aomei company will take Fangxing company as soon as possible Fangxing company is also willing to buy 4 plots of land from Australia and the United States, or introduce an enterprise to take over the plots under the names of Fangxing company and auspicious company. We have to find a way. We cant stop here all the time. We are old.

Hu Yaozhi did not approve of Wu Kaimings proposals and said that there was no possibility of cooperation. He said he did not believe in Wu Kaiming. Its impossible now. Now this opportunity is gone. Id rather not. I dont believe anything he said.

In the struggle between the two developers, many owners have no expectations for new houses. The more you realize the truth, the more disappointed you may be. Lao Liu, the owner of the Australian villa, told the daily economic news. He was in his 30s when he bought the Australian villa. Now he is over 50 years old. Many of his neighbors are waiting to die. He is the youngest group of owners of the villa.

To this day, Hu Yaozhi still lives in the Australian villa. He has been sticking to it for more than 20 years. Wu Kaimings wechat avatar is the scene he and Hu Yaozhi took when they were drinking and having a good time in Australia.

Hu Yaozhi and Wu Kaiming may not know or want to know that the owners of more than 2000 Australian mountain resorts are also attracted by this landscape. They once reposed their dream of poetry and distance, but now, the differences still exist, all of which have become a bubble.

Reporters note: wish more than 2000 owners to live in new houses as soon as possible

It has been more than 22 years since the end of the Australian villa. For the owners who have not lived in the new house for a long time, this is a protracted tug of war.

Over the past 20 years, the government has attached great importance to it. It has not only published documents, held many communication meetings, but also replied to numerous letters from owners. However, it has not been able to promote the reconstruction of Australian villa.

Many of the owners contacted by the reporter during the interview have lost their confidence. They are not optimistic about revitalizing the Australian villa. They think that this is not only a matter of money. Even if there is a capital injection from the gold owner, it will not hit the key point for a while.

Many owners of Australian villa are too old to fight for their own interests. They can only listen to the arrangement of opinion leaders among the owners. This group of owners are good at expressing themselves. In the past, only a single aspect of this incident was presented to the public. The starting point and end point of this investigation is to let all owners of Australian villa understand the truth, unify opinions and promote reconstruction.

Finally, I wish more than 2000 owners of Australia villa to live in their new houses as soon as possible, because they have been waiting for a long time on this day.

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