Pharmacist starts broadcasting, Ishiharas chicken soup is boring

 Pharmacist starts broadcasting, Ishiharas chicken soup is boring

Unnatural death in 2018 gives goblin rimei Ishihara a sweet taste of transformation. She gives up her make-up and dressing, and excellently performs a forensic doctor with excellent professional ability. Since then, Rimi Ishihara has starred in the two plays of flowers of kaolin and restaurant of heaven, but the ratings and word-of-mouth are not satisfactory.

In Japan, where the starring responsibility system is adopted, the failure of two consecutive plays undoubtedly brings great pressure to rimei Ishihara. It is not difficult to see that she tried to reproduce the success of unnatural death with Cinderella pharmacist: a wide range of medical subjects, a new and unpopular profession, a simple image of tearing off the inherent label, and timely professional chicken soup However, with these elements together, can the show succeed?

Fresh angle to show pharmacists difficulties

Like unnatural death, rimei Ishihara in Cinderella pharmacist is simple and pragmatic. She combed the ball head, wore work clothes, tied a waist bag with small items for work, and put on sports shoes, constantly shuttling around the hospital.

Pharmacists are a mysterious profession for the audience. In real life, pharmacists rarely have direct contact with patients, and this profession rarely appears in film and television works. In the first episode of the play, the pharmacists name is righted: pharmacists are the last barrier to protect patients. The play also popularized to the audience what doubt confirmation: when pharmacists have doubts about the type or dosage of drugs prescribed by doctors, pharmacists have the right and obligation to reconfirm with doctors to ensure that patients get the right drugs.

Pharmacists are very important, but they have been neglected for a long time. It takes a lot of space to show the weak position of pharmacists in hospitals: the elevators in hospitals are given priority to patients, doctors and nurses, and pharmacists can only climb stairs; pharmacists have no decision-making power, can not interfere in treatment, and can only listen to the doctors command; in order to reduce costs, the pharmacy minister is in a state of shortage of manpower, so that pharmacists can not stop when new people are welcome to join The only way to start is to stamp your feet instead of clapping; the pharmacy department is a non core Department of the hospital, which is likely to be cut down the next time the structure is streamlined

After the first episode of the play was aired, netizens working as pharmacists left a message on the social platform: more patients smile at pharmacists. However, for the general audience, Cinderella pharmacist does not make clear the real responsibilities of pharmacists. There are clinical pharmacists, emergency room pharmacists, formula pharmacists, licensed pharmacists in cosmetic stores, etc., but there is no explanation for the differences between these positions. In the play, Rimi Ishihara plays Kuiyu, who not only dispenses drugs in dispensaries, but also inspects wards, communicates with patients, and even tries the taste of each medicine in person. Kui LVI should be a clinical pharmacist. She is responsible for guiding patients to take medicine and assisting doctors in medication. However, due to the shortage of staff in the pharmacy department, she must also be a prescription pharmacist.

The story is rough, and the doctors are villains

Cinderella pharmacist can be said to be a good time, place and people drama. First of all, the play was broadcast in Fuji TVs theater on Thursday, which is famous for broadcasting medical dramas, and has produced classic works such as white tower, medical dragon and emergency codeblue; secondly, the profession of pharmacist is full of freshness for the audience, and there are few dramas related to the profession in the past; as for the actor, rimei Ishihara owns unnatural death In addition, there are two flow to join in, including Tanaka Kei and saino qilai; the production team includes screenwriter Kuriyama Mian (Tokyo Hotel) and Director Tian Zhongliang (medical dragon, Part 3 and 4, emergency codeblue 3). Medical themes are popular in Japanese dramas, but unfortunately, the details of Cinderella pharmacist are rather rough.

In order to highlight the role of pharmacists, the play magnifies the unequal power relationship between pharmacists and doctors. Almost every doctor who appears on the scene gets a villain script. They are arrogant and lack due respect for pharmacists. They cant even name them. In the first episode, Kui Lu first discovered that a pregnant woman developed HELLP syndrome, but the attending doctor spoke ill of Kui green. Under Kui Greens insistence, the doctor finally changed the treatment plan and saved the pregnant womans life, but Kui Lu was accused of interfering with the doctors prescription right In the face of doctors unreasonable pressure, colleagues sarcasm and superiors standing by, Kui green is helpless, and the only way to vent is to stamp vigorously on the notebook crazily.

Cinderella pharmacist has a core theme throughout the play: at the gate of the hospital, everyone has their own valuable daily life, and they will have their own future. Its the job of our pharmacists to guard these things. Each episode tells the story of two or three patients. For example, two young girls with diabetes become friends in the ward, and primary school teachers who need regular kidney dialysis do not forget to make sports meeting flags for students in the ward However, due to the lack of details, these stories have become insipid chicken soup.