Details of Wang Zhenhuas indecent case exposed! Ask a friend to discuss a friends surprise clearance

 Details of Wang Zhenhuas indecent case exposed! Ask a friend to discuss a friends surprise clearance

Wang Zhenhua consulted with his friends before being detained

According to the above-mentioned administrative punishment decision, at noon on July 1, 2019, Wang Zhenhua was in the office on the 17th floor of Xincheng holding company, and asked sun Qiusheng to discuss how to deal with the alarm of the family members of the victims involved in child molestation.

At about 13 oclock on the same day, Zhang, Secretary of Wang Zhenhua, received four policemen from the police station of Shanghai Public Security Bureau in the VIP reception room on the 17th floor of the company. (when Wang Zhenhua was not in the office), sun Qiusheng met the police and was taken back to the police station for questioning. When sun Qiusheng came out of the police station that night, he saw that Wang Zhenhua was also being questioned at the police station.

Until about 9:30 on July 3, Wang Xiaosong informed director Lu Xiaoping, deputy general manager and director Liang Mou Cheng, vice president and director Chen Mali, financial director Guan Mou Dong and director Chen Mou Li, and scheduled to hold the meeting at about 13:00 on July 3, 2019. At the meeting, Wang Xiaosong orally informed all senior executives that Wang Zhenhua was cooperating with the investigation at the police station, requiring the companys directors and senior managers to assess the risks and make a risk prevention plan. The directors and senior executives attending the meeting asked Wang Xiaosong to obtain further confirmation documents for information disclosure.

At about 15:00 on July 3, Wang Xiaosong received a call from the police station and went to the police station. Later, at about 16:30, he went to the police station to get the written detention notice and returned to the company. According to the detention notice issued by Shanghai Public Security Bureau, our bureau has detained Wang Zhenhua suspected of child molestation at 16:58 on July 2, 2019.

At about 21:48 on July 3, Xincheng holdings uploaded information disclosure documents to the website of Shanghai Stock Exchange and published them on the designated information disclosure media on July 4.

According to the CSRC, Wang Zhenhua, the then chairman of Xincheng holding, was suspected of child molestation and was investigated by the public security organs as a major event. Before the information was disclosed, it belonged to inside information, which was formed on July 1, 2019 and released on July 4, 2019.

Friends sell 50000 shares in advance

On July 1, sun Qiusheng was taken to the police station for inquiry because of Wang Zhenhuas involvement in the case. After knowing the above information, sun Qiusheng used his own and his wife Qian xujuans account (the actual controller is sun Qiusheng) to sell Xincheng Holdings on July 2 and 3, with a total of 50000 shares sold. The transaction amount was 1.0362 million yuan and 1.0384 million yuan respectively, and the total amount of loss avoidance was 65.4 yuan 30000 yuan.

From the perspective of stock price performance, Xincheng holdings began to drop continuously on July 4, and then the stock price nearly fell within a month, hitting a low point of 21.29 yuan at one time.

Although sun Qiusheng pointed out in his plea, the transaction is a selling behavior, not an active purchase of shares for profit. At the same time, it is passively informed of insider information, and has not sold all the stocks of Xincheng Holdings in the sensitive period, and actively cooperated in the investigation stage. At the same time, sun Qiusheng stressed that as a private entrepreneur, he has always abided by discipline and law, and has made outstanding contributions to the society in terms of Taxation and employment. In addition, during the epidemic period, sun Qiusheng donated nearly 300000 yuan in cash and medical supplies to the epidemic area in Hubei Province.

However, the CSRC finally determined that sun Qiushengs above-mentioned acts constituted insider trading as mentioned in article 202 of the securities law of 2005, and decided to confiscate his illegal income of 654300 yuan and impose a fine of 1.387 million yuan.

Sun Ling, the companys main shareholder, was founded in 1993, and the main business of sunling Elevator Co., Ltd.

On July 10, 2019, Shanghai Putuo District Peoples Procuratorate approved the arrest of Wang Zhenhua and others on suspicion of child molestation according to law. The case lasted nearly one year. In the first instance judgment on June 17, this year, Wang Zhenhua was sentenced to five years imprisonment for child molestation. However, Wang Zhenhua did not accept the result and appealed.

Insider trading is applicable to people who illegally obtain inside information

Li Rui, associate professor of Law School of Shanghai University of Finance and economics, pointed out that insider trading as stipulated in Chinas Securities Law refers to the purchase and sale of securities before the disclosure of information involving the issuance, trading or other information that has a significant impact on the price of securities , or engage in futures trading related to the insider information, or divulge information, or suggest others to engage in the above-mentioned transactions. The applicable subject can be insider of securities insider information or person who illegally obtains insider information.

In addition to the insiders such as the issuers and their directors, supervisors, senior managers and other insiders clearly stipulated in Article 51 of the securities law, people who illegally obtain inside information should be understood from a broader perspective. In addition to theft, fraud, bribery, private transactions and other means, the illegal acquisition should be understood from the perspective of should not be obtained but obtained, and the relevant judicial interpretation also adopts this position. Sun Qiusheng, who was punished by the CSRC this time, belongs to the situation of illegally obtaining inside information and trading. If it is verified that other insiders and those who illegally obtain inside information have engaged in prohibited transactions, they should also be punished accordingly.

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According to the law, the factors of indecent sentence, the degree of indecent sentence to the victim, the degree of indecent sentence to the victim, the degree of indecent sentence to the victim, the degree of indecent sentence to the society, etc.

It is not likely to increase the sentence in the second instance

On June 18, after the verdict was announced, both the plaintiff and the defendant were dissatisfied with the result. Chen Youxi, Wang Zhenhuas defense lawyer, said in a statement that many experts have reviewed the outpatient records and judicial expertise opinions, and do not support the conclusion that the victims have fresh wounds, vaginal lacerations and secondary minor injuries.

During the trial, Wang Zhenhua always said that he was not guilty. According to the victims lawyer, Wang Zhenhua stated in court that he was only touching and holding the child, and did not admit that the rupture of the victims hymen was related to himself. Chen Youxi said in a subsequent statement that Wang Zhenhua has always denied molesting the young girl in the stages of investigation, examination and prosecution and court trial. He was only 13 minutes in and out of the room, and there was video evidence of the hotel. Its effective. Its probably five minutes. Chen Youxi also revealed that Wang Zhenhua has filed an appeal, hoping that he is not guilty in the second trial.

At the same time, in order to enable Wang Zhenhua to get a higher sentence, the victims family members gave up the compensation claim of criminal incidental civil action, and his lawyer said that he had applied to Putuo District procuratorate for protest.

He Bing, a professor at the Law School of China University of political science and law, said in an interview with China philanthropist,

Wang Zhenhuas appeal may only show the attitude of he didnt do it to the outside world, and it is also a remedy for personal artificial setup, which is a technical choice.

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