Exploring night economy of Jinan

 Exploring night economy of Jinan

In Quancheng Jinan, Quancheng road is the most famous commercial golden street. In 2002, Quancheng road was widened and transformed into a quasi pedestrian street with commercial, cultural, tourism and leisure functions as well as traffic functions. However, in addition to the walking which has been implemented for a short period of time after the renovation, the quasi pedestrian street function of Quancheng road has been in name for 18 years.

A few days ago, Jinan municipal Party committee and municipal government announced that quanzheng Road Commercial Street will start to test time limited walking since August 7: 19:30-24:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, and from 10:00 a.m. to 24:00 a.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, all vehicles except buses and emergency vehicles are prohibited. In order to boost the night economy and restart the function of the pedestrian street of Quancheng Road, Jinan city also proposed that the shopping mall complex and supermarket on both sides of Quancheng road should be taken as the support, and the outside area should be set up within the red line standard, and the business and supermarket enterprises should be encouraged to extend their business hours, and organize Jinan characteristic products, Jinan Export to domestic products, non heritage creative exhibition and exhibition, etc., so as to promote the integration of business, tourism and culture of quanzheng road Exhibition.

From August 8 to 9, which coincided with the first weekend of Quancheng road as a limited time pedestrian street, Securities Daily reporter made a field visit to Quancheng road and its surrounding businesses. When the night fell, with the shops and supermarkets on both sides of the street, stalls were set up one after another, and performing singers started the street show mode, and the property of quanzheng road pedestrian street was really revealed. There are a lot of people on Quancheng Road, but the main road of Quancheng road without social vehicles has basically been realized. It has become a network red landscape avenue for citizens and tourists to punch in and take photos.

I think the transformation of Quancheng road into a limited time pedestrian street is of great significance, because it really connects the multiple functional areas of Quancheng road. Sun Zhiqiang, a Jinan citizen, told the Securities Daily that in the past, most of the shopping malls on Quancheng road were point-to-point and went straight to several commercial complexes or characteristic snack blocks. Now, it is felt that the commercial entities along Quancheng road are connected to each other. Sun Zhiqiang and his family unknowingly wandered from 7:00 p.m. to nearly 11:00 p.m., if you want to put it aside, you cant see many people on Quancheng road at 9:00 p.m., which is really lively. Its really like a walking street with wanghong in the latter half of the night.

Jiajiayue living port becomes a popular destination

During the visit, the reporter of Securities Daily noticed that jiajiayue, a leading listed company of Shandongs local chain store, launched a new format of jiajiayue living port on Quancheng road at the end of 2019, which has also become a popular destination after Quancheng road has been transformed into a pedestrian street.

Crayfish, abalone, seafood barbecue, etc. priced at 9.9 yuan a share, have become star products that rush out of stock in the outdoor stalls of Street merchants. The slogan of seafood on-site processing mainly played by jiajiayue living port has also become a gold lettered signboard for its drainage.

Tong Sufang, manager of mingfucheng branch of jiajiayue living port, told the Securities Daily that jiajiayue living port is a new business form of boutique supermarket + special catering + marketing new concept launched by jiajiayue in 2019, which is quite different from the general supermarket stores. Its settlement in Quancheng road also aims at the characteristics of light customer flow here, and it is necessary to create a convenient shopping mall in the commercial street Dining, leisure and other functions in one of the consumption space.

I didnt expect that the epidemic broke out within two months after we settled down on Quancheng road. Before people could understand our new business, we were forced to stop. Tong Sufang said that the new change of the limited time pedestrian street on Quancheng road has brought a rare development opportunity to the living port specially designed for commercial pedestrian street.

Wanghong pedestrian street should be unique

The limited time walking of Quancheng road is the first step to the advanced wanghong commercial pedestrian street. However, during the visit, the reporter also noticed that the limited time walking has brought about inconvenient transportation around and the weak connection between quanzheng road and the characteristics of quanzheng City, which is also the storm that can not be bypassed by the advanced network red of Quancheng road.

In response, Wang Chenguang, Professor of the school of economics of Shandong University and director of the culture and tourism research center of Shandong University, told the Securities Daily that the online Red pedestrian streets in popular cities, such as the Confucius Temple in Nanjing and the Tang night city in Xian, should not only meet peoples consumption and entertainment needs, but also undertake the function of publicizing the citys culture and displaying its charm. Therefore, Wang Chenguang suggested that to build wanghong commercial pedestrian street on Quancheng Road, it should be developed as a whole with the old urban area and organically integrated with the ancient city and scenic spots.

Liu Bing, founder and chairman of Beijing Guoyi Zhonglian Cultural Investment Technology Co., Ltd., who is responsible for building the commercial district of Datang never night city, said in an interview with Securities Daily that a successful pedestrian street should have five elements: profound cultural heritage, open and diversified business forms, typical folk characteristics, characteristic food space and innovative cultural and creative exhibition.

Source of this article: Yang Qian, editor in charge of Securities Daily_ NF4425