Shanxi coal boss and female stars beautiful past: relying on a key figure

 Shanxi coal boss and female stars beautiful past: relying on a key figure

At that time, Taiyuan, Shanxi was the leader. Taiyuan is partial to the inland. The city is not big and the infrastructure is not very good. However, there is one kind of construction, which is well-known all over the country. This construction is not a coal mine, but tens of thousands of singing halls in the city.

Later, a leader in Shanxi was transferred, and the new official took office three fires. The first one was ready to make an example and catch a group of prostitutes. But somehow, the news leaked out, and the girls of the singing hall withdrew money and fled one after another, which brought about serious consequences - a bank could not bear it, and the deposit was withdrawn more than one billion yuan in one day!

Taiyuan is just the provincial capital, permanent population, not as many as some coastal prefecture level cities, who will pay for so many young ladies?

Answer: coal boss.

Some people may not believe itu2014u2014

Dont make the mine manager the boss!

How rich is the boss of coal? They buy houses one by one in Beijing. Can you look for a lady?

Coal boss is looking for female stars, OK?

Such a friend likes to use his brain and deserves praise. He must be a good student who likes to raise his hands when he goes to school. But a friend who said that must not know the coal boss.

People who know the coal owners know that in the 1980s and 1990s, when the coal owners were just starting, the coal market was not hot, everyone was struggling, and some coal enterprises were even losing money. In this case, it would be good for the coal owners to find the young lady.

As for finding female stars, thats the future.


As Millennium fireworks cut through the night sky, coal owners dont know whats going on.

First, at the end of 2001, with Chinas accession to the WTO, everything was updated, and the demand for coal increased significantly. Although the price of coal at that time was only 129 yuan per ton, the huge gap in raw coal export made some coal owners with a little foresight smell the smell of dawn.

In 2002, the state cancelled the guiding price of electric coal, and the coal price became market-oriented. The price of coal began to rise explosively. The golden decade of coal officially opened. As a symbol of wealth, the coal boss stepped on the historical stage.

In 2007, the price of coal has risen to 330 yuan per ton, and the price of steam coal has been fried to 1100 yuan per ton. By 2008, the first three quarters of coal had been as hot as gold, with different prices per hour.

Many coal owners in Shanxi still remember the madness they experienced at that time

There was a provincial surprise inspection, the trucks in the coal inspection station discharged dozens of kilometers. A bosss more than a dozen cars waiting for a day and a night to be released, did not expect to be a blessing in disguise - overnight, the price of coal rose 20%.

Many coal owners who have not graduated from primary schools are still heavily in debt and struggling in the past few years. Suddenly, they are entangled in thousands of dollars and thousands of them even show their faces frequently, making them on the Hurun energy rich list. The fate of the characters is just like that in a bad novel. Its so easy to change. Its unbelievable.

Perhaps it is because the money is too easy to come, and the fate is too easy to change. Coal owners, who have little culture, will inevitably indulge in enjoyment after getting rich overnight.

The red flag doesnt fall at home, but the colored flag flutters outside. Like BMW and Land Rover, it is the standard configuration of coal owners. The most famous one is a coal boss in Luliang City. There are only three wives in public, and each wife has a number of children, which is completely like a big family in feudal society.

Of course, its hard to work with too many wives. Therefore, it is said that the coal boss has been carrying Shenbao, Guilingji and Liuwei Dihuang Pill in his bag for a long time in case of emergency.

Fortune in the world is easy to come and easy to go. Its hard to tell the whole story.

The coal owners who have been reduced, holding a huge amount of compensation, withdrew from the historical stage and began various transformations.

There are those who do real estate business. If they are separated from each other, they will be compensated again and again. Some of them did group buying, but they were defeated bloody in the hundred regiment war. There are those who do micro credit. There are red wine sellers. There are supermarkets. There are hotels. Some do Internet.

There are also film and television!

In 2009, Jia Zhangkes company in Beijing is very busy, because there are often some Shanxi villagers. Most of the villagers were coal owners. When they saw him, they asked, what should we do? The coal mine wont be allowed to do. Theres cash in my hand! Among them, one entrepreneur is very young, and his strength is the weakest: the amount of money on hand is not much, only 300 million!

Although busy, but after all, it is a fellow townsman. Jia Zhangke told them for a long time that they were interested in investing in film and television. Unfortunately, the coal owners could not understand the division of box office accounts in the film industry. But they still made it into the film industry.

Dont know what to fear. The coal boss has the plan of the coal boss and the pursuit of the coal boss.


The first person to connect coal with film and television is not from Shanxi, but from Northeast China, Zhao Benshan.

In 1993, Zhao Benshan started the business of coal + 20 years earlier than the Internet plus. At that time, he set up an art development company, mainly engaged in culture, advertising, film and television, and coal. The coal business seems to have nothing to do with art, but you have to admire uncle Benshans vision, because it was by selling coal that he dug up the first pot of gold. Only when culture, advertising, film and television did not make money, he supported his literary dream.

Different from Uncle Benshan, most of the coal owners who poured into the film and television industry after 2009 have no literary dream.

They just want to make money and have dinner with a female star. Of course, if its early after dinner, its better to do something else.

In the story of coal boss and female star, the first thing I think of is not movie star, but singer t. T and the coal bosss story, began before the coal bosses entered the film and television industry on a large scale. What needs to be explained is that no matter the coal owner or the female star, as long as they can mix together, they will have a good command of everything. Therefore, we can eat melons for the masses, and we dont have to worry about the brand. I will hide all my names, so as not to kill the cat by curiosity.

T started in the local song and dance troupe.

In the entertainment industry, if you have the ability, if you dont have a supporter, its very difficult to think of being popular. The reality is like the saying in the new king of Comedy - the destruction of the universe will not happen to you. This is a high probability event.

T is lucky to meet boss Zhang by chance. Zhang is a well-known coal boss. It is said that black and white take all, and his power is so powerful that even the local parents have to go to worship Zhangs mountain top first, otherwise they cant work in the local area.

When boss Zhang goes to work in Beijing, he will also bring t. However, boss Zhang never mentioned the real relationship between the two, let alone introduce her friends or business contacts. He just emphasized ts identity as a singer and put gold on his face, which made people admire him. Once in a high-end restaurant in Beijing, in the middle of the night, boss Zhang called t in the hotels sleep: come here, drink to your friends and shout.

After a long time, t finally found sadly: boss Zhang only sleeps with her, not her heart.

In the eyes of boss Zhang, t is just an actor. Actors, of course, can come and go as soon as they are called. Friends come, a phone call, come to the platform, give uncle two voice, Beier has face, wood has?

Once, t mothers mine by local ruffians rioting, t rushed to boss Zhangs office crying for help. Generally, boss Zhang would do this, but at that time, it seemed that the dog had died and he was in a bad mood, so he didnt give t a good face. T had no choice but to leave in tears. Of course, later, boss Zhang was in a good mood and did it, but through this incident, t understood that he had no position in boss Zhangs heart.

But what about that? After all, boss Zhang will still sponsor her concerts and spend millions of dollars. Good looking or advantage, ts face and waist are very good, and he is young - which official can not love? Boss Zhang cant do business without officials.

But now, in the new era, the anti-corruption has been very effective. Boss Zhang has built a high-rise building because of the officials, and naturally he will collapse because of the officials.

After the official incident, ts music on all major platforms was once taken off the shelves, but it has not been slowed down. And boss Zhang, it is said, has been locked in for several years. The clay Bodhisattva has crossed the river and is unable to protect himself.


In the most intense days, Hong Kong director Er Dongsheng said that he once met a coal boss with a whole box of cash to invest in making films for him, but he did not accept it. Er Dongsheng said that he was not short of money, but the coal bosss money, which he did not dare to ask for.

As we all know, the coal boss who invests in movies likes to cram people into the production team, which is commonly known as bringing money into the group.

The same deep experience, there may be Ning Hao.

Ning Hao, a director who came out of Taiyuan, became popular with Crazy Stone. In 2012, he made a new film called golden robbery. When the film was released, the audience found that among the leading actors of Lei Jiayin, Tao Hong, Fan Wei and Guo Tao, there was also an 18 line actress named Cheng xyuan, who was very facial.

Later, it was reported on the Internet that Cheng was boss Lis new girlfriend.

Who is boss Li? Once the richest man in Shanxi, the famous second generation of coal!


Speaking of boss Li, thats a real talent.

In 2003, boss Lis father was assassinated and killed. Boss Li interrupted his studies and returned to China to take over his duties. In 2010, boss Li, who started his business in 1981, married Che Xiao, a Beijing actor born in 1982. There were 500 banquet tables, more than 200 luxury cars and red envelopes for 10000 employees of his company, each of whom was 500 yuan. This created the news No.1 of the combination of Chinese coal boss and female star.

Born in a literary and artistic family, Che Xiao graduated from the performance Department of Beijing Film Academy. He starred in the hit drama hard love with Deng Chao, and played the classic cold sex in the film if you are the one. He has been nominated for the best supporting actress in the Baihua award and the Golden Rooster Baihua Film Festival.

But two years later, in 2012, boss Li divorced Che Xiao for unknown reasons.

It is thought that the release time of the golden robbery was in April 2012, and the affair between the films face-to-face female star, Cheng Yiyuan, and boss Li was also spread out at this time, which is intriguing.

It was revealed that Che Xiao got 300 million yuan separation fee because of his divorce. However, Che Xiao later told the media: the other partys property is the land that others have worked hard to build. I dont want it. The implication is that he did not take the break up fee.

It has to be said that in the entertainment industry, Che Xiao is still affectionate and righteous.

In 2014, boss Li was exposed to debt crisis and faced bankruptcy and reorganization. Friends around Che Xiao were happy for her: thanks to your early departure, its so wise. Che Xiao felt strange: although I know that friends are good for me, I am disgusted. Because he has a setback, Im worried about him. Ill ask him how his situation is. He says that its very hard to deal with it. I cant do anything about it. Just give him some comfort.


Like boss Li, there is also a coal boss who is born in the 1980s and is infatuated with female stars.

That is the legendary figure of Shenmu, boss Liu. But Mr. Liu has a bigger hand and a bigger appetite.

When he was happy, boss Lius friends began to introduce his friend Lao a: this brother and I have a very hard relationship. Our strength is in our Shenmu. We dare not say that we are the best, but we are also in the front. The key person is very low-key. Do you believe me, brother Liu, they are still running Santana...

A few days later, boss Lius driver drove a car and stopped right down the stairs of old a. Its a brand new top equipped Range Rover, worth more than 2 million yuan.

Mr. Liu said, Mr. A, we Mr. Liu said that you cant drive the Santana at your price. This Land Rover has changed with you, and there is no condition. Old a is a little confused. In a trance, Santana key has been taken away.

After some time, Mr. a asked Mr. Liu back and offered to take 60 million yuan in cash to buy boss Liu.

In 2010, boss Liu got married, and the motorcade consisted of more than 20 extended Lincolns, with a total cost of more than 3 million yuan. A classmate of boss Liu said: attending boss Lius wedding ceremony gave a gift of 3000 yuan. I still felt very embarrassed at that time!

At that time, the FBB had not become what she called a powerful family. It is said that once she went to Shenmu to sing, boss Liu simply and rudely spent 12 million yuan on her night.

Later, boss Liu was involved in a fund-raising fraud of more than 4 billion yuan. After being arrested, the case handling organ investigated the whereabouts of the illegal fund-raising funds. At that time, the 12 million yuan package FBB was returned, and netizens made up a joke: a girl star played for nothing..


If it is said that boss Li, the boss of Shanxi coal industry, marries a female star in an open match, which is a little bit of a living; then boss Liu, the boss of Shanxi coal, spends 12 million bags of female stars, which is even worse, and it is just a playful feeling.

Compared with boss Li and boss Liu, who are born in the 1980s, there is another mysterious coal boss in Shanxi, who is more infatuated. How many years like a day, regardless of the cost of holding a female star, that is absolutely true love?

This female star is a famous sweet.

It is said that a sweet boyfriend is the boss of Shanxi coal road.

Boss Lu is very mysterious. He never shows up in public. He cant even find a photo on the Internet. During her study in Beijing Dance Academy, a sweet met a shareholder of Wanda Group and a boss of Shanxi coal mining industry. After a sweet was expelled from Beijing Dance Academy, boss Lu arranged for a sweet to be admitted to Beijing Film Academy.

However, some sweet successively cooperated with Zhao Wei, Liu Ye, Zhang Fengyi and other celebrities for many times, but none of them became popular.

Some sweet later said: now there are a lot of questions about me on the Internet. In fact, I am no different from others. I used to take the initiative to look for a director to audition in my costume, and I was also rejected. But now I have a good chance to meet many people who are willing to help me. Maybe its the virtue Ive accumulated in my eight lifetime. I can only say that Im very grateful now.

Sometimes, how bold a person is, how much production there is may be counterproductive.

Looking back on that time, Xiang Huaqiang held Zhang Min in high esteem. All the stars who came to work with her were first-line stars, such as Zhou Xingchi, Zhou Runfa, and Liu Dehua However, Zhang Min did not play any core characters. Frankly speaking, it was a vase beside the king of heaven. But later, didnt Zhang Min become an unforgettable generation of actresses in the Hong Kong film industry?


The same is to set up a company to hold his girlfriend, another coal boss born Internet tycoon, much smarter.

This big guy is Jia Yueting, who will return home next week..

After earning his first pot of gold, Jia Yueting registered a video business based company in Beijing in 2004, which is also the most controversial internet company in Chinas Internet history. In the same year, Jia Yueting and his current wife Gan Wei met.

Jia Yueting, like other coal owners, has a common hobby - flattering their female partners. His company has invested in two films. One is machine man directed by Liu Zhenwei. The main character is Sun Li, and the other is battle in Shama town. The protagonists are sun Honglei and Lin Zhiling. Gan Wei is a figure in both films.

But Jia Yueting opened a film and television company, which was obviously different from other coal owners such as Lu boss.

Finally, in 2010, Jia boss company became the first video website listed in a shares. Some investors said they cant understand: a video website ranked 17th, but it has the first financial indicators in the industry, juggling!

Of course, boss Jia has changed his mind, and he has gone abroad. The company has changed hands several times. Gan Wei also has some bitter words. But after all, no one has a long eye. Who could have expected that this is the case now and what will happen in the future?


Not all actresses can meet a boss surnamed Lu or Jia like Gan Wei or some sweet. However, in the film and television circles after the coal bosss entry, it is by no means an example.

As far as the circle knows, there is a media company in Beijing with the background of coal boss. The films produced include soldier general starring Jackie Chan and Wang Leehom, and anti war starring Xie Tingfeng and Jay Chou. The star grade and film quality are commendable. There is also one common point: there is an actress named Lin, who is a vase like female number one.

There is also the film Wangs Feast, in which he xujuan, a post-90s beauty who was killed in the middle of the road, plays Yu Ji, and netizens question that it is not beautiful enough. However, as the Divine Comedy little apple MV asks, is it important to look? In the most difficult time of Wangs feast, he took 20 million into the group to let the shooting continue. In the directors mind, is there anything more beautiful than this?

Talking about the coal bosss investment in the film and television industry and even saving the scene, Wang Hailin, a well-known screenwriter, was very moved. He once said, I miss the days when coal boss was an investor, and never interfered with our creation. Besides asking for actresses, he had no other requirements.

How crazy and common is coal boss looking for actresses?

In those days, Zhang shanmou is not good at choosing a beautiful girl and a handsome girl, so the more difficult it is to find a good-looking girl without money and a good-looking girl. Although it is a joke, it also reflects from the side that it is indeed a common phenomenon for coal owners to find actresses.

The transaction of money, power and money has been the same since ancient times.

However, Yang Mi is not a beneficiary, but a victim.

In an interview with the media in his early years, Yang Mi took the initiative to disclose that: all the contracts have been signed, and the first payment has also been called, but before starting the machine, he suddenly receives a phone call saying that Im sorry, we have replaced you. At that time, I was still young, and it was a big blow when I came across such a thing. Later I heard that it was because I changed the girlfriend of an investor.

I have to say, the charm of coal boss is really invincible.

Even I most appreciate CCTV female host, hosting style intellectual generous, sweet appearance of Zhang, all married a coal boss in his 50s. It is said that the matchmaker who made up the two was Lao Bi, who came out of the star road.

In addition, Huang Mou, the star of huanzhu gege 3, is also said to have an affair with the famous boss he of Shanxi Province. They often date in Hong Kong and go in and out of the four seasons hotel together as if nobody else.

Whats more surprising is that Li, who is also a super girl, has always been focusing on the neutral style. However, it has been revealed that the boss of Yimei has been chasing her. She has not only customized millions of diamond rings for her abroad, but also invested in holding concerts for her.

In addition, some of the second generation of coal may have inherited their fathers genes and especially love female stars.

When hongxiaohua Yangs first exposed boyfriend Mr. He, his stepfather is the coal boss.

There is also Mr. Li, the boyfriend who kisses and takes photos all over the sky. His family is also a coal mine driver. There are several luxury cars. Song zumou only shows one of them and is pursued by fans as Bai Fumei.


For most female stars, the reason why they feel that the coal boss is invincible is that the coal boss is rich.

But there are always exceptions. Therefore, for the actresses and actresses who dont care about money so much, the charm of the boss of coal fails.

In 2011, Li Nian, a newcomer, became popular with the role of seaweed in the TV drama dwelling in a snails nest. Soon, a coal boss in Shanxi invited him to dinner, and the appearance fee was as high as seven figures. But she refused, because she had just become popular, and the agency wanted to establish a positive and pure image for her.

In 2013, actor Qin Hailu received an exclusive media interview for the promotion of the new film youth school and denounced the coal boss for investing in the entertainment industry only to eat with the female star and ask for what he wanted. Reporter asked: coal boss asked you to film? She said: Yes, but I didnt accept the meal. Of course, I refuse. Im not likely to do such a thing.

When Zhang Jiarui, a Sichuan born director, was asked about the topic of female stars accompany wine caused by Jin Qiaoqiaos mobile phone message when he was promoting the new film Lost City, he once confessed that this was a common phenomenon. He also took the initiative to say that when he and Zhang Jingchu cooperated, the investor asked Zhang Jingchu to accompany him. After Zhang Jingchu resolutely refused, the other party withdrew 30 million yuan of investment.

Meng Xi, who has played the role of Macao wind and cloud, once told herself in her blog that she had been in the business for more than two years and had a lot of social intercourse. Some people even went to my agent through hierarchical relations and said that they would give 500000 yuan for one meal. Im not stupid. I know what men think. There is no pie falling from the sky. I know what money can be made and what cant be made.


All the past, todays coal market is not what it used to be.

Even Xing Libin, the coal boss of Lvliang, who married 70 million women at that time, couldnt get out. In the film and television industry, he still had the ability to invest tens of millions of yuan just to have a close dinner with the female stars. Otherwise, it would not cause the high-profile nostalgia of famous screenwriters.

The heart has a tiger, sniff the rose, after the feast, tears streaming down his face.

Paragraph 1:

When Taiwan actress Lin meizhao was 60 years old, she was still in good condition. Her skin was tender, her voice was sweet, and her front convex and back warped. She often attracted young people. One day, she was invited to travel with her fans to the mainland. When she was having dinner with her friends in Xiamen, she was startled when she went to the restaurant. It turned out that there was a coal boss who came to the banquet in admiration. He claimed to be the number one fan, so he had to meet him. After dinner, he insisted on making a new stall in the East, and turned to the top-grade KTV in Xiamen, which scared Lin meizhao out of the door.

Paragraph 2:

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