Biden has just announced his deputy, and Trumps attack is coming: shes disgusting

 Biden has just announced his deputy, and Trumps attack is coming: shes disgusting

According to the US Capitol Hill report, trump was asked about the potential impact of Harris nomination on the election campaign at a briefing on the new crown epidemic held on Tuesday local time.

Shes my number one choice. I mean, she was My number one option, well see what shes like Trump said, as you know, she did poorly in the primary. She is expected to do well. As a result, she only got about 2% and spent a lot of money. A lot has happened to her. So I was a little surprised that he chose her

Ive been watching her for a long time. I was a little surprised, trump went on. her attitude to judge Kavanaugh was so disgusting Her attitude towards judge cavano was disgusting and shocking, and I wont forget it soon. So she did poorly in the primary, but now shes chosen, lets see whats going on

Trump also said Harris was disgusting with Biden in the primary. Shes very, very disgusting. For Joe Biden, she may be even more disgusting than Pocahontas, added trump, referring here to Senator Elizabeth Warren.

As for camara Harris, when announcing the decision on social media that day, Biden praised her as a fighter for the small and one of the best public servants in the United States. In addition, Bidens campaign team said Biden and Harris will make a joint appearance in Bidens hometown of Delaware on the 12th. Wei -infoa{text-d ecoration:none;color :#000;}# - infoa:hover {color:#d34747;}# -listli{ overflow:hidden;float :left;list- style:none;width :132px; height:118px;position :relative; margin:8px3px0px0px; I am sorry. -lista,# - lista:visited {text-d ecoration:none;color :#fff; I am sorry. - list.overlay {text- align:left;padding :0px6px;background-color:#313131;font- size:12px;width :120px; position:absolute;bottom :0px; left:0px;height :26px;line- height:26px;overflow :hidden;color:#fff;}# - list.on {border- bottom:8pxsolid#c4282b ; - { width:20px;height :20px; B ackground:url ( ); position:absolute;right :12px; top:62px;opacity :0.7;color:#fff; filter:alpha (opacity=70);_ B ackground:none;_ filter:progid : DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader (src= );}# - { opacity:1;filter :alpha(opacity=100);_ filter:progid : DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader (src= ; }if(1/*/(iPhone|iPad|iPod|Android|NETEASEBOBO|blackberry|bbd+)/ ig.test ( navigator.userAgent )||/safari|chrome|firefox/i.test( navigator.userAgent )*/){varstr1=; varstr2= your browser is temporarily unable to play this video Frequency. < / video > ; document.getElementById (FPlayer1404863609673). parentNode.innerHTML=str1 +Biden nominated US Senator Harris as his presidential running mate. Trump commented that she was very, very disgusting! (source: global network) window.NTES&&function (d){varf=function(c){varb=c.getAttribute(flashvars),a=c.getAttribute(repovideourl).replace(.flv,- mobile.mp4 );h=d(c. parentNode.parentNode.parentNode ) g=; if(1/*(iPhone|iPad|iPod|Android|NETEASEBOBO|blackberry|bbd+)/ ig.test ( navigator.userAgent uff09*/) {g = < videocontrols = controls preload = auto width = 100% height = 100% > < sourcetype = video / MP4 SRC + A + > your browser is temporarily unable to play this video. < / video >; ntES (. Video > )- ).attr(style,background:#000;);}h.$(.video)[0].innerHTML=g;}, e=function(b){vara=d(b. parentNode.parentNode.parentNode );a.$(li).removeCss(on),b.addCss(on),a.$(.video-title)[0].innerHTML=string== typeofb.textContent?b .te xtContent:b.innerText , A. $(. Video title) [0]. SetAttribute (URL), A. $(. Video from) [0]. InnerHTML = (source: + b.getattribute (source) ), f (b);}; window.continuePlay=function (){vara,b=d(d(.video- list.on )[0].nextSibling);3==b.nodeType&&(b=d(b.nextSibling));if(b&&d(.video-innerinput)[0].checked){e(b);}},function(){vara={ init:function (){if(d(.video-listli)[0]){d(d(.video-listli)[0]).addCss(on), this.eventBind ();}}, eventBind:function (){d(.video-listli).addEvent(click, function(b){e(d(this)),b.preventDefault();});}};a.init();}();}(NTES);

Previously reported:

Biden announced his running mate: a 55 year old black woman had run for president

Biden, a former vice president and Democratic presidential candidate, has chosen California Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate, CCTV News quoted the US media politician on August 11. Biden and Harris will formally accept nominations during the Democratic National Congress next week, and the nomination process will be conducted via video due to the new coronavirus pandemic.