Trend of public funds in the second quarter: 34 shares with market value exceeding 10 billion yuan

 Trend of public funds in the second quarter: 34 shares with market value exceeding 10 billion yuan

Four industries of adding warehouse

According to the statistics of the securities times and data treasure, compared with the end of the first quarter, four industries gained public fund positions in the second quarter, namely, electrical equipment, medical biology, leisure services and comprehensive industries. Among them, 516 million shares of electrical equipment and 303 million shares of medical biology were added.

Banks and architectural decoration ranked first in the number of reduced positions, with more than 1 billion shares reduced. In traditional industries such as public utilities, mining and mining, the number of reduced stocks exceeded 350 million.

Specifically, Guizhou Maotai, Wuliangye and Lixun precision have a market value of more than 50 billion yuan. Among them, Wuliangye, a public raised fund, has increased the warehouse of Wuliangye by 0.95 percentage points, with a shareholding ratio of 15.09%. Hengrui pharmaceutical, Ping An of China and Changchun hi tech have a market value of over 35 billion yuan.

15 shares raised by public funds

And the agencies are piling up ratings

From the perspective of individual stock positions, more than 500 shares were increased by public funds at the end of the second quarter. Among the top positions increased by the public funds, such as Pumen technology, Heshun petroleum, Xiangjia shares, etc., these companies have also obtained the rating of institutions.

According to the statistics of databao, there are 15 stocks with more than 0.1% month on month increase in positions of public funds, more than 10 rating agencies, and 15 stocks with a growth rate of more than 15% and a growth space of more than 20% in this year and next, which are mainly distributed in the three industries of electronics, media and public utilities.

From the perspective of institutions prediction of stock price rise space, century Huatong, Sichuang Yihui and other 6-share institutions predict the rising space of more than 30%. The results of the above 15 shares in the first half of the year maintain a stable growth. The net profits of Tianci materials and Dongshan precision are expected to double this year, and the net profit growth of ZhangYue technology and Sichuang Yihui is expected to exceed 35% in 2021.