The sheep are coming! Mongolia officially launched the donation process of 30000 sheep

 The sheep are coming! Mongolia officially launched the donation process of 30000 sheep

Mongolian sheep donation working group is headed by mendsaihan, Minister of food, agriculture, animal husbandry and light industry, and its members include representatives of the presidents office, the Ministry of foreign affairs, inspection and quarantine, customs, and representatives of local provinces such as donggobi, zhonggobi, Kent and sukhbater. Deputy Prime Minister soderbart said a few days ago that the Mongolian government intends to purchase 30000 sheep donated to China from herdsmen to ensure that the donated sheep meet the requirements of epidemic prevention, and at the same time ensure that all sheep are fat and strong.

30000 sheep has become a good story of China Mongolia friendship

In February this year, when Mongolian President battulega announced the donation of 30000 sheep to China, the herdsmen unanimously supported the presidents decision to donate sheep to help China fight the epidemic. The government of ubusu sent a letter to the president saying that the province was willing to donate 1000 sheep, and other provinces followed suit. Although the latest decision of the Mongolian government has made it unnecessary for herdsmen to donate sheep, the donation from the end of February this year has really moved the Chinese people.

On July 23, Chai Wenrui, Chinese ambassador to Mongolia, called on mendsaihan (left), Mongolias new minister of food, agriculture, animal husbandry and light industry, to discuss the handover of 30000 sheep. Photo source: website of Ministry of food, agriculture, animal husbandry and light industry of Mongolia

A Mongolian friend said in the circle of friends that more than 20000 sheep were donated in two days, and the goal of 30000 sheep is expected to be reached soon. This is the strength of unity. Long live the friendship between Mongolia and China.. Many netizens in Mongolia said that they should help when China is in trouble. The positive attitude of the Mongolian government and the people at the time of difficulties in China confirms the deep friendship between China and Mongolia.

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Mongolia officially confirmed that 30000 live sheep will be delivered to China in batches in September! The country has 32.3 million heads

On February 27, Mongolia announced that it would give 30000 sheep to China. This donation is equivalent to one thousandth of the countrys sheep. Statistics show that by the end of 2019, the total number of livestock in the country was 71 million, including 32.3 million sheep. However, due to many factors such as the sheep have not been fattened and inspection and quarantine, 30000 Mongolian sheep will not officially come to China until September.