Tiktok is stepping up lobbying in the United States, spending $500000 in the second quarter

 Tiktok is stepping up lobbying in the United States, spending $500000 in the second quarter

Tiktok is looking for lobbyists who can influence the decisions of decision makers in Washington, who can build relationships with politicians and keep in touch with congressmen, have a position to advocate the protection of tiktoks user community, be able to reach out to policymakers, and solve problems that may affect the company.

Microsoft has been in contact and negotiation with tiktok over the acquisition of tiktoks businesses in the United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, according to Bloomberg. According to reports, tiktok has more than 100 million users in the United States alone.

In fact, before trump began threatening to ban tiktok, the company had been stepping up its lobbying efforts. Its parent company, byte hopping, said it spent $500000 on federal level lobbying in the United States in the second quarter of 2020, a new record compared with $300000 in the first quarter of 2020.

Tiktok also hired a director of state affairs to strengthen contacts with specific officials. According to the daybook list, tiktok advertised for the position as early as February and July this year. Other positions recruited by tiktok include a Communications Coordinator, a public policy director and an intermediary Accountability Policy Director.

In the face of accusations from Trump and his government, byte hop denies that tiktok collects data for the Chinese government, and claims that all user data of tiktoks US business are stored in the United States and Singapore, not in China. (Tianmen Mountain)

Source: Wang Fengzhi, editor in charge of Netease science and Technology Report_ NT2541