Lai hanxuan, board chairman of Shenzhen runhengs 4 billion Dongguan land grabbing case

 Lai hanxuan, board chairman of Shenzhen runhengs 4 billion Dongguan land grabbing case

In addition to Zhonghai Yunlu mansion, there are many projects within two kilometers around the parcel, such as Yitian Dayun city-state, jiazhaoye Shuian mansion, etc., which are Fenggang residential center with strong living atmosphere.

According to the announcement, there are 6 R2 parcels around the parcel which will be planned into the market in the future. Therefore, the location of the parcel belongs to the CLD center of Fenggang in the future.

Runheng group, which has invested 4 billion yuan for land acquisition, is a small local developer in Shenzhen. This is the first time that runheng group has won land in the market outside Shenzhen, and it is the first time that runheng group has participated in the open land market auction.

According to public information, in 1992, runheng group was established in Baoan, Shenzhen, mainly engaged in real estate development, hotel management, property management and other diversified industries. Its enterprises include Shenzhen runheng Shangyuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Xinyuan Development Co., Ltd., Shenzhen runheng Investment Management Co., Ltd., Shenzhen duzhidu Property Management Co., Ltd Duda Hotel Co., Ltd.

Runheng group started from the hotel business, Shenzhen duzhidu hotel is runhengs first project. The hotel was rated as a foreign-related four-star tourist hotel by the National Tourism Administration in 1996. It is the first four-star hotel in Baoan city. At present, the hotel is in decoration state.

Runheng group has not developed many properties in Shenzhen, including runheng building in Futian District and runheng royal garden, runheng Shangyuan and urban Minghui garden in Baoan District.

Runheng building was first developed in 2004. Eight years later, runheng launched a new residential project, runheng royal garden. The newly launched project, urban Minghui Garden (phase I), was launched in mid June this year and sold in a low-key way through public lottery. The city Minghui Garden (phase II) is planned to enter the market next year. In addition, runheng group also has three industrial parks in Baoan District.

Industry insiders familiar with the Shenzhen market told the interface news: runheng has a small volume. In the past two years, there are two or three projects in Baoan. The location of the projects is good, but there is not much water splash in the market.

Runheng groups land acquisition in Dongguan is related to its limited development in Shenzhen market.

The market of land bidding, auction and listing in Shenzhen has become more and more fierce. Large real estate enterprises often participate in the form of joint bidding. The entry threshold of foreign real estate enterprises is higher, and the participation of runheng group with small volume is more difficult. In Shenzhens urban renewal project market, runheng groups projects are not many.

According to tianyancha app, runheng group participated in the bidding for the urban renewal project of plot 01-05 of Jiaotang Industrial Zone, Shajing street, Shenzhen this year, but failed to win the bid.

According to interface news, runheng group may have a certain relationship with hongrongyuan, a local real estate enterprise in Shenzhen. Lai hanxuan, chairman of runheng group, and Lai Haimin, chairman of hongrongyuan group, share the same surname. There are cross links between the two companies in terms of senior executives.

According to Tianyan check app, why Yuqin is the executive director, general manager and legal representative of runheng investment, which is wholly owned by runheng group, and the name of he Yuqin appears in the companies invested by hongrongyuan.

He Yuqin is currently a supervisor of Shenzhen Yifang Commercial Management Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Weston multimedia Co., Ltd., and the controlling shareholder of both companies is hongrongyuan. He Yuqins external employment record also includes Shenzhen Bolin Holding Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Bolin Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Bailin assets).

The former names of Bailin assets were Shenzhen hongrongxuan Asset Management Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen hongrongxuan Property Management Co., Ltd., while hongrongyuan real estate group (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of hongrongyuan group, was the sole shareholder of the company. In addition, Lai Bailin, who is on the list of directors of Bailin asset management, is also the son of Lai Haimin.

In addition, in the judgment of Zhou Zhenhong, former member of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong provincial Party committee and head of the United Front Work Department, which was disclosed on the website of Guizhou law society in early 2015, the chairman of five real estate enterprises bribed Zhou Zhenhong to seek the qualification of a member of the CPPCC of Guangdong Province. Involved in real estate enterprises in addition to Jingji group, and run Heng group. According to the judgment at that time, Lai hanxuan, chairman of runheng real estate, paid a bribe of HK $200000.

As the chairman of Shenzhen runheng Real Estate Development Group Co., Ltd., Lai hanxuan served as a member of the 10th CPPCC National Committee of Guangdong Province.

Source: editor in charge of interface news: Chen Hequn_ NB12679