Gomes resale of 4 billion commercial assets is still vacant for many years, and the real estate project remains to be overturned

 Gomes resale of 4 billion commercial assets is still vacant for many years, and the real estate project remains to be overturned

Guomeis well-known commercial real estate project yuexiucheng, photographed by reporter Wang Jiafei

The 4 billion transaction is expected to re-enter the market in 2-3 years

Although the overall facade of the building is as clean as new, it is difficult to find the traces of Yuexiu city. Most of the exposed billboards are mottled, which is out of keeping with the traffic. There are security personnel changing their posts to inspect the building from time to time.

Before the acquisition, yuexiuchengs life experience was quite rough.

However, in 2010, seven years later, it was reported that the United States wanted to transfer the project for 1.1 billion yuan, but the family did not appear in time. In February 2011, Dakang international shoe city announced the closure of business. Since then, Dakang international shoe city has been transformed into Gome life square, and many commercial formats have been introduced. Later, it was renamed u-show Yuexiu city, but it has never been warm or hot.

However, it is understood that although it has experienced many times of renaming and format changes, it has been cold and quiet since its opening to the end of business in 2019. Finally, after the withdrawal of Gome, there have been repeated reports of merchant disputes and rights protection.

Haoteng, the buyer of the contract, had previously purchased Beijing Dinghao building, a landmark building in Zhongguancun. This time, it announced that it had reached the transaction with RMB 4 billion.

Referring to the acquisition, Chi Miao, chairman of Haoteng investment, said: due to historical reasons, there are not many high-quality office properties in the South Railway Station area, and the vacancy rate is very low. The renovation of Yuexiu city will help to greatly improve the property quality and regional image around the South Railway Station.

We are optimistic about the domestic market, as well as Beijings development potential and attraction to foreign investment. Moreover, the geographical location of the project is superior, the surrounding traffic network is mature, and Beijings transportation network and commercial supporting facilities are also increasingly improved. Therefore, the project has great potential in the later stage, which is a rare investment opportunity.

Haoteng investment also told the daily economic news that it will carry out comprehensive renovation of the project, optimize the customer portfolio, and build the project into a new regional landmark of the South Railway Station as a transportation hub, attracting domestic and foreign excellent technology, finance, and modern service enterprises to settle in. It is expected to open up in 2-3 years after acquisition.

Gomes largest commercial real estate project: vacant for 11 years

Gomes poor operation of commercial real estate projects and Gome commercial capital, which is its largest commercial real estate flagship project.

Looking in from the outside, the building is still in a rough state. Its not decorated. Its been empty for several years. Ive been here for three years. Field staff said so.

The cordon around Gome commercial capital has faded. From time to time, security personnel patrol around to remind passers-by who are suspected of taking photos. The gray and white building, against the backdrop of lush green plants, is somewhat solemn, which is incompatible with the Nord center and Hanwei international office buildings along the way.

In 2005, Gome began to make a large-scale layout of commercial real estate. In the first battle, it won the plot 35-a1 of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park in Fengtai District with 805 million yuan, and named Gome commercial capital, which is also the largest commercial real estate flagship project of Gome. In 2006, the construction of Gome commercial capital was started and completed three years later.

According to public information, Gomes total construction area is 556000 square meters, including 344000 square meters for shopping centers, 54000 square meters for hotels and 34000 square meters for office buildings.

Gome commercial capital was said to have invested 3 billion yuan at that time. However, the newly established Gome commercial real estate team did not have the ability to handle such large-scale projects. Since then, the five principals changed in the following years: Gome commercial capital, Pengrun Times Square, Pengrun international fashion trading center, Gome Plaza were changed back to Gome commercial capital, and from high-tech experience center to clothing center In the swing positioning of the small commodity market, we can see one or two.

But 11 years on, everything has changed. In addition to its own operational capacity defects, the increasingly mature commercial real estate projects in the region have brought great pressure to Gome commercial capital. Wanda Plaza within 1 km and Yongwang mengle city within 2 km, supporting commercial office buildings and corresponding radiated residential areas, overlap with the positioning of Gome commercial capital. However, for Gome, the strength of the project is still there. After all, the land price of Gomes commercial capital is no longer the same as that at that time. The evidence of the data is that Wanda won the land price of the adjacent Wanda Plaza in 2015, with a total construction area of 240000 square meters and a land price of 2.55 billion yuan. According to this calculation, the area is less than half of that of Gome commercial capital, but the land price is more than three times. In July last year, the price of another 216000 square meter plot near Fengtai Science and Technology Park was nearly 8 billion yuan. Source: Daily Economic News Author: Wang Jiafei, editor in charge: Wang Xiaowu_ NF

However, for Gome, the strength of the project is still there. After all, the land price of Gomes commercial capital is no longer the same as that at that time.