Spend nearly 20 billion! Ningde times to invest in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain (with shares)

 Spend nearly 20 billion! Ningde times to invest in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain (with shares)

If the total amount of investment in upstream and overseas companies does not exceed RMB 19.8 billion at the end of 2019, the total amount of investment in the upstream and overseas companies is not more than RMB 19.8 billion at the end of 2019. The total amount of overseas investment shall not exceed 2.5 billion US dollars.

In terms of investment scope, Ningde Times said that it includes stocks, convertible bonds and other equity investment varieties of relevant listed companies in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain at home and abroad. The specific investment methods include but are not limited to the subscription of new shares, the purchase of securities in the secondary market, call auction, agreement transfer, block trading, participation in private placement, etc.

Ningde times plans to invest nearly 20 billion yuan this time, with a high scale. For the purpose of this investment, the company said that with the promotion of global energy reform, transformation and upgrading, and the gradual improvement of environmental protection standards, the new energy vehicle and energy storage industry has developed rapidly in recent years, but the supporting facilities of the industrial chain are still imperfect and the supply of key resources is insufficient, which may restrict the long-term development of the industry. As a leading enterprise in the new energy industry, considering the long-term strategic development, the company plans to further strengthen the cooperation and coordination of the industrial chain, improve the efficiency of resource utilization, and enhance the market competitiveness of the company by investing in the upstream and downstream high-quality listed companies of the industrial chain.

As for the source of funds, the company said that it was its own or self raised funds, and it did not involve the funds raised from the initial public offering and the non-public offering of stocks in 2020.


Ningde Times said in the announcement that the investment implementation subject of this investment in China is the company or domestic wholly-owned subsidiary or holding subsidiary, and the overseas investment implementation subject is the companys existing or newly established overseas equity investment platform. As for the specific subject of investment, it is still unknown.

According to Tianyan data, the company is named Ningde Times New Energy Industry Investment Co., Ltd., which was established on July 21 this year with a registered capital of RMB 50 million and is 100% owned by Ningde times, a listed company. According to industrial and commercial data, the registered business scope of the investment company is wide, including investment activities with its own funds.

In fact, Ningde times has been investing in recent years, but it is not stock speculation. The investment is mainly around its industrial chain.

Ningde times also said that this investment is to meet the long-term business needs of the company, focusing on the core business to carry out the investment of high-quality enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, which is conducive to strengthening the cooperation and coordination of the industrial chain, ensuring the supply of key resources, and conforming to the companys strategic plan for global development.

According to the statistical data of tianyancha, Ningde era had at least dozens of foreign investment records before, and there were no less than 10 enterprises with 100% shareholding ratio, most of which were enterprises related to new energy and new materials.

In addition, in terms of business, Ningde times has been close to Mercedes Benz and other international well-known multinational enterprises in recent years.

For example, at the beginning of this month, according to the official micro of Ningde times, Ningde era became the leading supplier of Mercedes Benz battery field. The company and Mercedes Benz will jointly develop leading battery technology to support the large-scale electrification of Mercedes Benz models.

Mercedes Benz is speeding up its electric first strategy. Ningde era will provide advanced cells, modules and battery packs that meet the carbon neutral standard.

The strategic agreement covers various fields of power battery technology, including battery cells and modules for Mercedes Benz passenger car products, and the overall battery pack for its light commercial vehicle products, such as the CTP product design of Ningde era. This design saves the traditional module and integrates the cell directly into the battery pack.

In addition, Ningde times has recently reached a strategic partnership with Schneider Electric. According to the agreement, Ningde times and Schneider Electric will cooperate in the fields of green intelligent factory, new energy power generation, safe power consumption and energy storage. Ningde era will help Schneider Electric achieve the strategic goal of replacing lead acid with lithium battery, and jointly expand the emerging lithium battery application market; Schneider Electric will provide comprehensive services for the planning and implementation of green intelligent manufacturing projects of Ningde era, and help Ningde era build an advanced green intelligent factory.


It is worth noting that Ningde times has experienced a number of important shareholders to reduce their holdings since this year, but its share price has continued to hit new highs after experiencing a short-term impact. For example, this year, the reduction scale of Zhaoyin system and Ningbo Lianchuang reached more than 1 billion yuan, but this failed to stop the pace of their share price rising.

In fact, Ningde times has been the king of GEM market value since this year. So far, the companys market value has reached 462.214 billion yuan, nearly 80 billion yuan higher than Mindray medical, the second largest in GEM market value.

The stock price of Ningde Times rose significantly during the year, up 86.48%.

According to the data, in terms of revenue scale, the revenue of Ningde times reached 9.031 billion yuan in the first quarter of this year, ranking second among more than 800 companies on the gem, second only to Wenshi shares.


What listed company stocks may be invested in?

Since Ningde times has specified in the announcement that the investment scope specifically includes the stocks, convertible bonds and other equity investment varieties of relevant listed companies in the upstream and downstream of domestic and foreign industrial chain, it means that the companies corresponding to the securities invested in this time are listed companies.

Combined with the companys investment purpose and previous investment preference, the probability of investment in new energy automobile industry chain listed companies is large.

According to Ifind data, there are more than 80 A-share new energy vehicle concept companies.

Source: Securities Times net editor in charge: Yang Bin_ NF4368