I was accosted three times when I went out with eyelid makeup!

 I was accosted three times when I went out with eyelid makeup!

In the past two days, a new round of chasing drama has started again. In the name of family, starring Tan songyun, song Weilong and Zhang Xincheng, has finally started broadcasting~

In the latest episode, Li Jianjian, played by Tan songyun, solemnly announces in front of everyone that he has come to a period of holiday, so that they can congratulate their own fragments and rush to hot search

I felt the embarrassment of four great men across the screen

When I watch a play, I can get to tan songyun. Her eyes are very smart, round and big, and exude childlike innocence.

Although everyones eye foundation is not necessarily star spicy, but we can also have the same lovely innocent big by makeup!

Today, Im here to talk with nimeng. I can change the eyelids of innocent eyes into makeup. The cubs are all ready to take notes~

The name of eyelid down to make-up originated in Japan.

Because the principle of make-up is similar to surgery, which is to improve the eye shape by pulling down the eyelid, so I chose this name.

At the fashion ceremony at the end of last year, song zuqiu made a surprise with this make-up, which also triggered a wave of eyelid down to make-up imitation boom~

Lets look at Zus routine makeup and eyelid down to make-up, the gap is super obvious der!

After meticulously modifying the lower eyelid, the eye enlarges twice, and the temperament also changes - the original upward eye tails aggressiveness is weakened, and there is a little more sense of innocence.

Although Zue gooses eyelids down to the makeup seller show looks very PIU bright, but not everyone is suitable for painting.

Under eyelid to makeup, it is more suitable for eyes with short eyes and short eyes. Finely processed eye shadow can help them to modify the eye type very well.

Zhou Dongyu with drooping eyes is not suitable

Some pups may ask questions: there are many blemishes on the face.

I like to use the concealer to fix the foundation before I love it. This not only can guarantee the light makeup feeling, but also can cover the black eye circles, acne, spots and other defects.

It is also a necessary step to make up. Many of the kids who just started to learn make-up like to cast a shadow on their faces as if they didnt want to.

In this way, the makeup will not be natural and clean. It is suggested that the cubs should focus on the highlight: gently sweep the brow bone, mountain root, nose tip, lacrimal groove and law lines to increase facial fullness and three-dimensional feeling.

The shadow on both sides of the mountain root will be OK. Zygomatic bone and mandible can be hit and cast more shadow.

The most outstanding eyelid to make-up temperament is wild eyebrow: from eyebrow peak to eyebrow tail, gentle girl herself~

According to my usual experience of eyebrow painting, I use cotton swab to dye the upper and lower edges slightly, which will be more natural.

Wild eyebrow also has a key point to create a hairy flu. It is recommended that the pups should spray the eyebrow comb on the eyebrow comb and brush the eyebrows up a few times.

In this way, you can create a clear root effect~

The essence of eyelid down to make-up is eye makeup, so this step will be more, cubs listen carefully~

Step 1: light ground color, darker color, lengthen eye tail, enlarge eyes.

Picture source :@Pony

The second step: use the darkest eye shadow instead of eyeliner to pick up the outer eyeliner, which will be more natural and soft.

The third step: find the edge of the vertical black pupil edge, use the dark eye shadow to diffuse outward to form a triangle. The upper eyeliner is parallel to the lower eyeliner.

The fourth step: use the powder or red brown eye shadow to draw the silkworm thread, and then use the light pearl eye shadow to brighten the front half of the silkworm and the eye head.

The fifth step: put the eyelash on the eyelash, then use the mascara to brush the upper and lower eyelashes.